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Chapter 18 – The Determination of the Strong

Pitch black during the night, the clouds covered the silver moon causing the world to be dim. Inside the endless mountain magic beast mountain range, every corner was filled with the noise magic beasts.

Rattle! Rattle!

A solitary figure was walking in the midst of the mountain range, slowly stirring the surroundings making slight noise.

The surrounding darkness caused Feng Hao to have strained nerves, he did not dare to be careless in the slightest. That's because at any time, a viper might attack with no warning. Thankfully he possessed the Shen Nong Medicine Canon, else he would have been long dead.

His clothes were damaged in many places as it was scratched by the bushes. His legs also possessed multiple holes, due to the bites of snakes.

"Cannot go any further."

The footsteps of Feng Hao stopped.

He could not tell the direction he was going, nor could he remember the way he used.

Climbing a big tree, in the dim moonlight Feng Hao observed his surroundings. He found that the mountains were endless, there fundamentally was no glimmer of fire.

"It truly is awfully deep."

He was bitter inwardly.


Looking at the simple ring on his finger, Feng Hao's eyes became bright as he softly spoke.


The unadorned ring let out a light like a luster of gems, out came the voice of Old Fen.

"I entered the magic beast mountain range."

"Magic beast mountain range? Good place, you can cultivate here!"

Old Fen casually spoke, the magic beast mountain range seemed simply like a garden behind his home.


Feng Hao stared blankly, "Cultivate here?"

"Why? You do not dare?"

Old Fen's voice somewhat sank, "Boy, do you want to live your whole life as a flower in a greenhouse? You have not experienced the test of life and death. Without external pressure, only immersing in hard practice, you want to be strong that way? You want to break away from Void Wu? I will tell you now, you will die!"

Old Fen's words were like a knife that stabbed mercilessly into the heart of Feng Hao.

Feng Hao was silent, his mood was tense. He thought of the cause and effect of his situation, it was because he had insufficient strength.

A martial warrior to be forced in such a situation, how could he dream of facing a martial spirit three years later?

The gaze of the youth gradually concentrated, his face looked determined. Slowly he spoke: "I want to turn into a genuine expert!"

"That's how it should be."

The vice of Old Fen softened, "Take the night off, then start practicing tomorrow!"


The light from the ring slowly dissipated. Feng Hao sat on the treetop, his eyebrows were clustered together.

"Who the hell was that guy? Why did he want to kill me?"

A martial practitioner wanting to kill him was an easy task, if not for the Shen Nong Medicine Canon he would have already died tragically on the spot. He felt fear at the moment.

He was not vigilant enough.

"The Wan Clan? Yang Clan? Hu Clan?"

His mind turned thinking of the possibilities, his eyes gradually turned cold, "No matter who you are, if you dare make a move on the Feng Clan I will bury you with your whole family!"

A faint baleful look appeared in the eyes of the youth.

At this time, Feng Hao was feeling an unprecedented sense of urgency. He did not have a lot of time. To dare attempt killing him, surely sooner or later the Feng Clan will be next.

"I wish that the Elegant Pavilion can extend its help!"

In the auction that day, he deliberately made a move in front of Ouyang Peng. He was convinced, if by any chance there was an emergency, Ouyang Peng will surely speak out.

Of course, he could not only put his hopes on other people. When in a long time the black robed person does not appear, Ouyang Peng might be afraid to continue carrying on.

"Starting tomorrow."

Feng Hao tightened his fist. Tomorrow, he will be alone in this mountain range cultivating!

"What? Ran away?"

Hu Li abruptly stood up, momentum came crushing out from his body causing the black clothed person kneeling to feel tremors.

He too felt wronged, a martial apprentice received an attack from him. Was this not simply a fantasy?

"Waste! You can't even make a move on a 5th level Martial Apprentice, why don't you just drop dead?"

A roar stormed out from the dense room. While there was agitation, Hu Li suddenly hacked out with his palm downwards causing the the blacked clothed person to fly knocking him to the wall of the corner in the room. His stomach caved in, the corner of his mouth let out a trickle of blood. In a moment he would live no longer.


Hu Li just took a glance and stepped out hurriedly. He did not know that shortly after he left, the originally dying man opened his eyes and staggered out of the room.

The next day, as the people of Magnolia City stepped out of the the door, they found out that there was something wrong with the atmosphere. The Hu and Yang Clan guards were everywhere in the city looking at every passerby, apparently seeking out someone.

In the Hu Clan hall, Hu Li was currently piecing up the situation. That is because, after he consulted with Yang Chong, he returned to the room just to discover that the body of the dead blacked clothed man unexpectedly disappeared.


His face was gloomy and angry.

"You were extremely careless!"

Yang Chong's face also did not look good.

"What's the use of saying that now?"

Being berated by Yang Chong, Hu Li's heart was naturally uncomfortable, "Now is not the time to quarrel, if we let him run to the Feng Clan, all this effort will tantamount into a waste!"

"I have already arranged manpower close to the Feng Clan to make sure he does not get into the residence!"

One of the elders replied with a sentence.

"This won't do."

Hu Li's eyes flashed for a moment, directing at one of the elders: "Notify everyone to be on guard, always pay attention to the movements of the Feng Clan!"


One of the Hu Clan elders issued a reply and walked out quickly.

After all this did Hu Li only feel relieved.

"We can only pray that the black robed man is not affiliated with the Feng Clan."

Saying this, his mouth showed some bitterness.

100,00 gold coins to give a black rank martial skill, high grade yellow rank secret art, was this not practically a gift? To just provide it to Feng Chen, there must be an underlying reason.

Within the Feng Clan hall, Feng Lie, the four elders, Feng Chen, Feng Ren, all seven were looking at the black clothed man on the floor who looked like he has died for some time now.

Do you believe what he said?"

Feng Lie was frowning, his gaze looked at the gloomy face of Feng Chen.

"Hu Clan! Yang Clan!"

Feng Chen's eyes became red, his fist tightened. A baleful aura slowly soared from his body as he walked out.

"Brother Chen, you must not be impulsive!"

Feng Ren went in front of him.


The grandeur of a Martial Grand Master exploded out, Feng Ren was directly swept aside as Feng Chen took big stride towards the exit.

"Not good!"

The face of Feng Lie changed, "Gather all the clansmen, we will go kill the Hu Clan!"


The gate of the Feng Clan opened, Feng Chen walked out in an imposing manner. Behind him followed were all the younger generation of the Feng Clan who had the strength of Martial Practitioner or higher. Walking like a torrential flood, they moved towards the Hu residence.

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