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Chapter 17 – Magic beast mountain range

These past few days, in Magnolia City the most popular topic was without a doubt Feng Hao's matter.

The Feng Clan, naturally attached great importance to Feng Hao, because even if three years later Feng Hao loses his challenge; he can unconditionally can become a powerful Grand Martial Master.

As for the Wan Clan, the first thing Wan Shuo did when he returned to the Wan residence was send a person to the Yun Clan. Without a doubt, after knowing about the matter, Yun Ying did not have a reply..

Her talent was not bad, in a span of thirteen years, she already broke through to the Martial Practitioner realm. In addition, she was a ice attribute martial warrior!

If Wan Shuo had not mentioned the matter, she basically would have forgotten about it.

It was night time, the Clan Masters and Elders of the two families Yang and Hu Clan gathered.

"The situation in Magnolia City, presumably all you sirs already have a clear picture!"

Yang Chong with a cold calm appearance deeply spoke.

In the Wan Clan appeared an attributed martial warrior, seeing it abruptly rising in status towering over everyone. The Feng Clan, possibly had a high level yellow rank secret skill and a black rank martial skill. In the event that no misfortune happens, it is certain the strong families will take over the others.

The root cause is exactly because of the high level yellow rank secret skill!

"Tell me what you think."

He presented the topic.

"The Wan Clan should not be touched!"

Hu Li directly spoke.

"That's right!"

His words got the approval of everyone. The Wan Clan recently has obtained the protection of the Yun Clan, basically their small families cannot touch them.

"As for the Feng Clan…"

Mentioning the Feng Clan, Hu Li's eyebrows deeply crowded together. The events in the Elegant Auction Pavilion, they were unable to forget.

"Who was that black robed man? What does he have to do with the Feng Clan?"

This is the problem that was giving them a headache.

"The Feng Clan should not be touched first."

Hu Li sighed.

For such characters, to be able to take out a black rank martial skill for exchanged in the Elegant Auction Pavilion; also the manner of Ouyang Peng, all this caused them to feel fear to the bone.

"Do not make a move, also do not dare touch, don't tell me that we are only waiting to be swallowed up?"

The Yang Clan First Elder groaned with dissatisfaction.

"That’s not it!"

Hu Li shook his head, slowly saying: "The Feng Clan does not have enough strength to be feared, even having the two rare books, without a few more decades they cannot surmount us. For the next few days, if the black robed man does not make a move, we can set about attacking without delay."

"That's good!"

Yang Chong nodded.


Hu Li's eyes narrowed, flashing with light, "That person, absolutely cannot remain, else he will cause no end of problems!"

"Feng Hao?"


Evidently, Feng Hao's growth speed has already caused their nerves to stretch out. They could no longer ignore his existence.

"That child will certainly be a big worry!"

Yang Chong's eyes also flashed.

"Heihei, it will be easy to kill him." he said.

Hu Li said with a smile, "I heard someone say that every evening, the kid would go out of the city, then…"

"Good! It is settled!"

The people in the room soon agreed, after that the man power were sent out.

As one day continued, Feng Hao did not stop to practice the Tiger Movement Chapter. He did not waste any time, as usual, he would see the sky gradually turn black in color. He wiped the sweat on his cheek that was filled with perspiration, he started walking towards outside the city.

Under the red leaf tree, Feng Hao threw out a dozen punches, skillfully releasing power in succession. Everytime a fist was sent out, there was a distinct sound coming from the tree.


He turned around to see a man wearing black clothes rapidly approaching him.

"Heihei, the reaction is quick."

The black dressed person spoke with a hoarse voice, his pacing did not stop. His eyes flashed, his body galloped in the air with momentum. In the pitch black, a bright light started to appear.

"Martial Practitioner!"

Feng Hao's heart shook, the color of his face visibly became pale.

The flashing of lights is precisely the manifestation of Martial Yuan. In other words, the black clothed person is a true Martial Practitioner!

"Who are you?"

His eyes locked at the black clothed man, watching him warily.

"Heihei, what did you say?"

The black clothed man continued to approach with malicious intent.


Hearing this, Feng Hao had only one thought in his mind and that is to turn around to run to the magic beast mountain range.

In the presence of a Martial Practitioner, he did not have the ability to resist.

"Still thinking to run!"

The black clothed man harrumphed with disdain, his figure leaped like a bird throwing itself at Feng Hao.


The black clothed man issued out a palm, causing a strong gale straight to Feng Hao's back. This caused him to fly out and spray out a lot of blood as he fell.


Looking at Feng Hao fall to the ground, the black clothed man did not have any regret. To think that such a genius would die in his hands, his complexion started to warp.

The pain the came from his back, Feng Hao suspected that his internal organs and bones were shattered. He did not hesitate to mobilize the medicine essence on the Shen Nong Medicine Canon. It spread throughout his whole body, its coolness passed and he jumped up. He listened to the wind, he did not turn back as he went towards the beastly mountain range.


Looking at the agile figure, the black clothed man stared blankly. Soon after the Wu Yuan within his body started to rise, he rapidly chased.

How could he have not inflict serious damage to the youth, unexpectedly it was as if nothing happened. Looking at the speed, basically he looked like a person who did not sustain any injuries.

Shua! Shua!

Feng Hao never entered the magic beast mountain range, looking at a direction,he fiercely entered. Hearing the sound of a voice behind him, his mind was extremely anxious. His foot started to accelerate, every muscle in his body began to display all its strength without restraint.

"Damn it!"

The black clothed man looked at the figure with hate, his footsteps slowly stopped.

The fearful name of the magic beast mountain range was spread far and wide, for a small Martial Practitioner like him to enter, surely he would have thrown his life away.

Unwillingly glancing at the moon, he waited for a while until he decided to go out.

"Hu… hu…"

Feeling the ground under him, the figure did not know how deep he was into the magic beast mountain range. Feng Hao could not hear the one chasing behind him so he slowed down.

Where is this?"

Sweeping his gaze around the forest, Feng Hao's heart shivered. "This is bad, this the the magic beast mountain range!"

His originally pale face became even more white.

Magic beast mountain range, this was forbidden area. Inside it possessed endless magic beasts. If a Martial Practitioner entered alone, without a doubt he would be dead meat. Due to being chased, Feng Hao already did not know how deeply he entered.

No wonder the black clothed man did not catch up.

The current circumstance, it can't be said how much better it is from being chased to be killed. Because this way, Feng Hao has already used the Shen Nong Medicine Canon three times. In other words, he has already entered the magic beast mountain range.


Feng Hao's heart turned bitter.

This situation really is escaping the mouth of the wolf, only to enter the cave of a devil.

He walked cautiously, nervously scanning the environment around him for fear that a magic beast would rush out.

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