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Chapter 16 – Change of title

"Feng Hao wins!"

Following Ouyang Peng's shout, Feng Hao loosened his palm then pushed Yang Kui.

"Hu… hu…"

Yang Kui powerlessly collapsed on the ground, with fright he looked at Feng Hao. His hand after being crushed was now deformed, his bones were also broken into pieces. It was as if his hand was completely destroyed.

"Very ruthless!"

Looking at the youth without any change in expression at all, the whole crowd shivered.

Sure enough, a fierce person truly ruthless!

However, even more shocking to them is the 4th level Martial Apprentice Yang Kui, unexpectedly had no strength to struggle in his hands.

"God, how can that be?"

A month ago, this mediocrity was only at the middle stage of the 3rd level. How is it that he already broke through the 4th level?

At this time, all of the younger generation from the Feng Clan thought of that strange posture from the martial arts field.

Their minds rolled, this mediocrity is no longer a mediocre person, rather a genius!

"I will come teach you!"

Following the voice, the eldest young master from the Hu Clan, Hu Ku, jumped and arrived on top of the stage.

"Hu Ku unexpectedly went up."

"I heard not long ago he already broke through the 5th level of Martial Apprentice!"

"Feng Hao is definitely is not his opponent!"

The people were talking as such one after another because Hu Ku is known to be the number one person in the New Blood Competition. Also in the last few years, every time there is the competition, he would seize the win. When in it came to cultivation, he was ahead by a wide margin in the younger generation. Now that he has reached fourteen years of age and promoted to the 5th level of Martial Apprentice, him reaching the Martial Grand Master realm is entirely possible.

"You dare to agree?"

Hu Ku raised one of his eyebrows, feigning his disdain while provokingly spoke.

Off the stage, Feng Chen's eyebrows also crowded, in his gaze was Feng Hao waiting for his response.

"Why not?"

The corner of Feng Hao's mouth bent, showing a faint countenance.

Cultivating the power of the second move in the Tiger Movement, there was a lot of change. He prepared as much as he did exactly because of the person in front of him. This is due to beforehand, wherein Feng Hao was always humiliated by this person basically every year.

"He unexpectedly agreed!"

Everyone including Hu Ku thought in their hearts.

The youth showed a peaceful expression, facing a 5th level Martial Apprentice, he did not have the slightest amount of rush.

"It's impossible!"

To think such a thing happened, everyone's heart were howling. Even the people from the Feng Clan were also not convinced.

Feng Hao's strength in the Feng Clan was no longer clear. How cold it be possible to break through two levels in half a month?

"Very good, the let us start!"

Ouyang Peng's gaze concentrated with attention, his voice spread widely to everyone.


Confronting the 5th level Martial Apprentice Hu Ku, Feng Hao also did not dare to show the slightest of carelessness. Both legs strode forward, the whole body's flesh stretch out like a cheetah stalking it prey before its eyes.

In the Martial Apprentice realm, aside from strength, there is also an emphasis in being skilled and quick-witted. Feng Hao already thought fast as he grasped the second stance of the Tiger Movement Chapter. It clearly surpassed Hu Ku by far.


Hu Ku also did not think much. With cohesive qi he faced the quickly rushing Feng Hao. His clenched fist screamed as it faced Feng Hao's chest smashing out.

He naturally was not convinced that Feng Hao already had entered the 5th level.


Body slightly leaning over, once again arching treading forward, all of Feng Hao's strength condensed on his left hand.


The two fists striked together, there was a resonating noise the sounded out.

Deng Deng Deng!

Retreating back, was unexpectedly the 5th level Martial Apprentice Hu Ku!

Under the numerous amazed eyes, Feng Hao changed to be the dominating person taking advantage of his body. Raising his fist, he pursued and attacked sending out fist after fist, causing Hu Ku to not be able to gather his qi.

Off the stage, everyone looking on what was happening on the stage were shocked.

That is right, what they were seeing is Hu Ku not having the strength to strike back. He could only be passive to resist.

"How can it be, Feng Hao was unexpectedly a 5th level Martial Apprentice!"

They were well-acquainted with mediocrity, now showing off this pace, they could not believe what they were seeing with their eyes.

The large and small heads of different powers recalled what happened in the Wan Clan hall, the youth vowed that day.

"I am not mediocre!"

Seeing the intangible gap, everyone's faces became feverish, which also included Wan Shuo.

If, in half a month the mediocre person can advance two levels, then what were they?

He's not mediocre!

However, everyone did not understand how this youth suddenly soared. In forging the body, it was improbable to have a shortcut. The reason for him progressing, it is certain that he ate a lot of sufferings.

The heart of Feng Chen shivered, the unceasing youth within the courtyard appeared in his mind.

In the end, how much pain did he endure?

Feng Chen's lips and body trembled.


Hu Ku's heart was sullen, he began to sense that the youth in front of him certainly did not break through the 5th level. However, at this moment his body was flipped over without end, fist after fist, his clenched fist was already basically numbed.


Feng Hao lightly breathed out, the muscle on his lower back stretched with taut, all his strength was brought forth. All of which was released by his exploding clenched fist.


A huge impact passed on, leading Hu Ku to stagger. Meeting a fist caused his arm to tremble. Looking at the clenched fist closing in, he no longer had the strength to receive it. He only felt a bust of an acute pain on his chest, his body was flew out leading him to lose consciousness.


Everyone present sucked in cold air, all their pupils expanded.

The number one person of the Four Clan New Blood Competition, to ones surprise was defeated under the hands of the mediocrity.

Sitting at the high stage the four clan masters, all conveyed different expressions. Apart from Feng Lie who showed an excited expression, all the other three did not show a good look.

"That agreement, can he do it?"

People could not help but think of the youth's oath.

The reputation as a mediocre, without a doubt, is not impossible to place over his head.

"Feng Hao wins!"。

Ouyang Peng loudly declared.

"Is there any other person who was to issue a challenge?"

For a long time, no person from the four big clans dared to come out. Everyone from the younger generation lowered their heads.

The 5th level Martial Apprentice Hu Ku was defeated, how can they dare to be tyrannical?

He repeated it three times, no one spoke.

"Well, I proclaim, the outstanding winner is Feng Hao!"

Ouyang Peng's loud voice resounded throughout the city, from then on, Feng Hao was no longer mediocre!

Feng Hao raised the corners of his mouth, he did not really feel excited. That is because all this, he merely did what should have been done, nothing more.

He nodded towards Feng Chen. He leaped of the stage, then he walked over the area of the Feng Clan. He did not pay attention to the gazes he was receiving.

Have the strength, then you can possess everything!

This competition to Feng Hao, is merely the start, nothing more. At present he had a clear goal, he wanted to in one breath be a Martial Practitioner!

Until he reaches Martial Practitioner, then everything was useless.

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