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Chapter 15  – One grasp, one clench

Day after day has passed, the annual New Blood Great Competition was imminent.

The so-called New Blood Great Competition, is in fact for the younger generation of the big families. There are no more than twenty competitors, and each clan had to provide the first prize. In the end, whichever person wins, will receive all these prizes.

Without a doubt, the first prize was expensive, the main purpose is to evaluate the strength of the next generation!

Several days have passed, Feng Hao's progress was considerable. His works these past ten days were comparable to the hardships he suffered the past few years.

All of this is due to the contribution of the Tiger Movement Chapter. In addition, without a doubt the Shen Nong Medicine Canon was also invaluable.

The past few days, Feng Hao aside from eating and sleeping, spent all his time cultivating. At last, today he already is at the pinnacle stage of 4th level Martial Apprentice. Furthermore, the distance to the 5th level only was small, only a small opportunity was needed to breakthrough.

The Tiger Movement Chapter's second force, Feng Hao could already barely accomplish. At least his movement was not as miserable as before.

The color of the sky was imbued by the moon, under the red leafed tree his body was arched. Like a ferocious beast, he was ready to pounce any time, giving his state a fierce visual impact.

"Hu… Hu…"

The muscles within the body were slowly squirming, he interchanged his body from crawling to arching. After doing this several times, his body fell paralyzed on the ground.


Feng Hao was gasping for air, he was extremely tired but his face was filled with joy. In his core the medicine essence was spreading. He plainly stood straight up.


Accepting the vigor in his body, from head to toe his flesh was tense. He looked straight at the red leafed tree, his gaze was resolute.


With an imposing outburst, he raised his clenched fist pounding it on the red leafed tree life a ferocious beast ready to bite.


Feng Hao retreated a few steps back, he determinedly looked at the obvious fist mark left on the red leafed tree. His mind was boiling with ecstasy showing in his appearance.


Although he did not grasp the entirety of the Tiger Movement Chapter, however he was convinced that even a 5th level Martial Apprentice cannot receive his fist.


Inside the city halls there was a sound creating a ruckus. Feng Hao turned around and quickly left.

Everything he has done so far was for today, he wanted to thoroughly break away from the title of mediocrity in front of everyone. He also wanted to show his father, that he can once again stand straight up and restores his former prestige!

In the center of Magnolia City, there already was a well built elevated stage. The slabs and stake were built with exceedingly strong trees as the foundation. Ordinary Martial Practitioners were unable to break it, so for the use of the younger generation there was no need for change.

Around the elevated stage, at each side were the party of the four big families. The small powers can only stay at a distance to watch.

Seeing Feng Hao arrive, Feng Chen waved indicating him to stand beside him.

With his arrival, he caught the attention of a few people who sneered at him with ridicule.

In their view, this youngster unexpectedly challenge the beautiful teacher from the academy.If he was not crazy, then he must be foolish.

Regarding these gazes, looking at Feng Hao one could see that there was not the slightest change in expression. His fist quietly tightened.

All these years, he had to spend his life under this type of looks. However, today, he will change everything!


A figure leaped out. With a straight posture, there was an imposing aura.

This was precisely Yang Kui!

"Feng Hao, do you dare come up?!"

He extended his hands and directly pointed at Feng Hao.

"Why would I not dare?"

With a concentrated gaze, Feng Hao took a stride towards the elevated stage.

Feng Chen was not discouraged. He knew, the with Feng Hao's cultivation, he has long passed Yang Kui!


He snorted, he swept his gaze at those who taunted. He sneered while looking at them. He could not help but think, when Feng Hao shows off on the elevated stage, will there eyes fall out their sockets.

Feng Hao step by step on the stage went in front of Yang Kui. At this time, the whole audience concentrated their eyes on the matter.

"I must make you kneel in front of me and beg!"

Yang Kui's face looked ruthless, he spoke with an evil tone.

"Is that so?"


Feng Hao replied, on his cold eyes flashed a look of disdain.


With Ouyang Peng's order, Yang Kui immediately moved.

"Go die!"

He raised his fist, with all his strength he targeted the head of Feng Hao. At the same time, Feng Hao did not make any movement, apparently he was too sacred to move.

Seeing this scene, most of the younger generation form the Feng Clan closed their eyes, as they could not bare to look. Aside from Feng Lie, all the other three clan masters exposed a look of disdain. As for Ouyang Peng, his eye was full of doubt, he was puzzled.

That is because, he discovered that the mediocre youth was different from before. It seems that from his previous cowardice, he changed into having self-confidence?

Where did he get his confidence?

While he was puzzled, Yang Kui's fist was already approaching Feng Hao.


A muffled sound echoed out the elevated stage.

"How can it be?"

The Yang Clan Master Yang Chong directly stood up, he spoke with alarm.


Then everyone present clamored issuing out noise.

The scene in front of everyone shook their hearts.


Sweat lined the cheeks of Yang Kui, his face was flushed deep red. His face showed amazement, his previous arrogance has already changed into alarm.



With a flash on his eyes, Feng Hao's palm slowly began to push out on Yang Kui's clenched fist. This caused an ear piercing sound of bones being crushed.

With Feng Hao's palm slowly gripping the fist, he let out an ever more tragic scream. It was as if he was a pig being slaughtered.

"Stop! He admits his defeat!"

Yang Chong's corner of the mouth trashed, he had no choice but to shout.

He knew that if this continued, Yang Kui will be crippled.

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