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Chapter 11 – Black Rank Medicine Master

In the room, noise can be heard from the other side of the door.

"Please wait a moment!"

Feng Hao proceeded to sit on the cushioned leather chair. The elegant attendant swayed her beautiful body as she went up the building.


Feng Hao lightly took a breath, reclining in the chair.

This is the Elegant Pavilion Auction. It was a great influence, in the West Mist Country, it was the biggest auction house. Everytime it is heard, everyone is intimidated, also, their reputation is highly praised. Therefore, Feng Hao chose this place.

By this time, it became chaotic outside.

A mysterious man auctioned a black rank martial skill in the Elegant Auction Pavilion

After such a message was spread by dozens of people, it was immediately spread throughout Magnolia City. All the forces were alarmed.

Black rank martial skill, in a small place like Magnolia City, it was absolutely unique!

After all, everyone is talking about how sacred it is. Unexpectedly, a black rank martial skill was being auctioned.

However, this certain person is definitely a force that people from Magnolia City will have a hard time dealing with.

No one said anything, but all the sizable forces dispatched their spies.


With a burst of laughter, Ouyang Peng, the head of the Elegant Auction Pavilion in Magnolia went downstairs.

As the head of the Elegant Auction Pavilion, his identity is higher than the clan masters of the four big families.

"I, Ouyang Peng, welcomes the guest."

He had a smile on his face as he cupped his hands towards Feng Hao

He naturally knows what kind of storm the mysterious person will make in Magnolia City since he brought a black rank martial skill. He could not help but think that he would be able to ascend his duty if he accomplished such a thing.

Thinking about it, Ouyang Peng slightly smiled and looked with concentration.

Feng Hao did not make any noise. He sat there quietly.

"Friend, you want to auction a black rank martial skill?"

Ouyang Peng did not have any misgivings when there was no reply, instead he became even more polite.

A capable man, naturally he has his own way of doing things.

"That's right!"

A husky voice came from under the black robe. The age could not be discerned, Ouyang Peng scrunched his eyebrows.

"Friend you should be relieved, my Elegant Auction Pavilion will definitely give you a satisfying price."

He guaranteed directly, "Three days, for three days we will publicize the matter then auction after that period. What does friend think?"

If the publicity is in place, he was afraid that the families of several nearby cities will come. In that case, the competition will be more intense.

"Three days?"

Feng Hao frowned. He didn't want to waste any more time.

"How come?"

Ouyang Peng heard his voice and thought something was amiss. "Friend, are you lacking money?"

"That's right!"

Feng Hao directly admitted.

"That's it."

Ouyang Peng slightly pondered and said: "How much does a friend need? I'd be able to give some."

He made up his mind to please the mysterious man in front of him.

"10,000 gold coins!"

Feng Hao was not polite at all, he knew in his heart how much a black rank martial skill is worth. 10,000, that was just a fraction of it.

"You can!"

Ouyang Peng pulled out 10,000 gold coins and a golden ticket from his arms and handed it over.

"Thanks a lot!"

The black robe man lifted his arms to receive the golden ticket, he placed his coarse hands on the table as he stood up.

"Oh that's right. Does your business sell spirit medicine?

He turned again and asked.

"Spirit medicine? There is, what kind of spirit medicine does friend need?"

Ouyang Peng's thoughts started to stir. Apparently, he unconsciously seems to identify the mysterious person. His breathing is somewhat hasty.

Medicine Master!

Conveniently coming up with a black rank martial skill, needs spirit medicine, how can he not be a Medicine Master!

However, why would a Medicine Master come to a small place like Magnolia City.

"Can you show me the bill? I need more spirit medicine!"

Feng Hao suddenly thought of a good idea.

Tens of thousands of spirit medicine types, relying on himself how many years and months it would take to find them all. However, with the Elegant Auction Pavilion, they have the influence to do so.

It's so much easier to find.


Ouyang Peng turned around with his heart trembling, "Xiao Hua, go get the accounts."


The beautiful attendant responded, then she went upstairs.

"Sir, please sit down!"

The invisible gap, Ouyang Peng who addressed him from friend change into sir.

The more spirit medicine required, the higher the chance the Medicine Master's level.

In one's eyes the sight of the black robed man became even more mysterious, his eyes widened.

Not too long, Xiao Hua went down with the accounts.

Feng Hao held it and flipped the pages one by one. On the spirit medicines recorded in the Shen Nong Medicine Canon, more than ten pages were present within the accounts accounting to more than a hundred plants.

"Is that all?"

Feng Hao was slightly disappointed.


Ouyang Peng  immediately choked, the mysterious man on his eyes already saw a hundred eighty kinds of spirit medicines. There were still more to see but in total it was around two hundred kinds, however he was asking for more!

This represents something, that the mysterious person before his eyes must be a Medicine Master of the black rank.

Black rank Medicine Master!

Such a person, even to the king of West Mist Country he would have status.

"Sir, you need more? I can help you take note, please trust in the ability of the Elegant Auction Pavilion!"

He could only imagine if he was able to rope in this black rank Medicine Master, how big of a contribution it would be to the Elegant Auction Pavilion.

While his mind was racing, Feng Hao thought, "That also works."

As a result, he wrote three hundred types of spirit medicine names, "Start with these."

Ouyang Peng was shocked as he looked through the paper list.

More than five hundred types of spirit medicine!

To surpass a hundred, one would be at the black rank. To surpass a thousand, then one would be at the earth rank Medicine Master. In Heaven Martial Continent, an earth rank Medicine Master would be ranked at the top.

This mysterious person right in front of him is absolutely a black rank Medicine Master!

"Sir, the Elegant Auction Pavilion will definitely help you find all these spirit medicine!"

He guaranteed without hesitation, only to win the favor of the buyer.

He is anticipating what storm it would cause once this matter is reported.

That's because the status of a black rank Medicine Master in West Mist Country is no lower than that of royalty!

"En, thanks a lot. In addition, the 10,000 gold coins from the start change it to spirit medicines."

Feng Hao did not know that he unintentionally caused such a matter.

"Sir, please wait!"

Ouyang Peng took the list and hurriedly rushed to the warehouse.

He personally was going to pick them up himself.

For this kind of character, the supply must be good or in the case that the spirit medicine is bad, he might get offended. Once that happens the gains will not make up for the losses.

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