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Chapter 12 – Body Skill

Not long, on the hands of Ouyang Peng was a ring that was flickering.

"Sir, all the spirit medicine you need is in the ring."

He respectfully handed the ring to Feng Hao, "This ring is my Elegant Pavilion's gift to sir."

Dimensional ring, even the cheapest kind costs a great number of gold. It is also hard to find one, however Ouyang Peng was willing to give it away.


From how he was called first to change now, Feng Hao already expected to be identified as a Medicine Master.

"Very well!"

Hearing the husky voice from the blacked clothed man, Ouyang Peng was happy.

It seems that this person was easy to talk to. Not only did he accept the ring, he also gave a black rank martial skill and gained the friendship of a Medicine Master.

"Then, that’s it!"

Feng Hao stood up to leave.

"Good, sir do not forget to attend the auction three days later."

"En, if I have the time I will come!"

Feng Hao answered.

The other people nearby looked on with shock. Ouyang Peng from the Elegant Pavilion Auction in Magnolia City went out of his way to see off the mysterious man.

As he left, Ouyang Peng immediately handled two matters. First is to give it publicity, and second is to write a letter to deliver to the Elegant Pavilion headquarters.After turning multiple times to different alley confirming that there was no one around, Feng Hao threw the black robe into a sewer. Unhurriedly he walked out towards the Feng residence.

Half an hour later, the news of a black rank martial skill appearing in the Elegant Pavilion Auction in three days was spread out. In Magnolia City, all the influences started to gather money for the event.

Naturally, these affairs did not affect Feng Hao's cultivation.

Back in his room, he took out  spirit medicines and placed it in his mouth with his eyes closed. Within his body, the Shen Nong Medicine Canon slowly opened.

Bitter, Hot, Sour, Sweet.

In one day Feng Hao experienced all these flavours, the result was that there appeared a concentrated medicine mist.

When the final spirit medicine was swallowed, he opened his eyes and lept out the bed. He began to practice.

He was becoming more and more aware of the advantages of the Tiger Movement Chapter. Just like in the market square, he felt that his strength abruptly broke out. Afterwards he was able to beat the 3th level Martial Apprentice Yang Kui.

"Is this a martial skill?"

Feng hao could not help but doubt. He made up his mind, tonight he will ask Old Fen.

During the afternoon, the whole time he was practicing not caring about anything else. At the side Yun Su was very worried, only Feng Hao looked like a tiger that was relaxed so she did not obstruct him.

She knew how huge the pressure her son is under right now.

At last it was nighttime, Feng Hao left to go under the Red Autumn Tree.

"Did you see it?"

Old Fen caressed his beard, "Yes, this in fact is a black rank martial skill, both for body forging and practicing a skill. Once you unite all four diagrams, you will understand the beauty of it."

"Four diagrams to unite?"

Feng Hao scrunched his eyebrows, the four diagrams of the Tiger Movement Chapter appeared in his mind.


He punched directly forward.


He was like a concealed beast, ready to bite. However, halfway through he stopped moving, like he was forcibly interrupted. He fell on the ground and his body began to twitch.


Four limbs of the body, the chest, every muscle received the same amount of strain. Aching throughout his body, Feng Hao's complexion turned greenish blue. At once, the medicinal property on the Shen Nong Medicine Canon moved as it slowly restored the body.

"Hei hei."

Old Fen looked at the slowly standing up Feng Hao with banter.

"Why is this?"

Feng Hao felt that he had a pretty good perception on the movement contained in the Tiger Movement Chapter, however punching out he felt that he could not continue on.

"Chi! You are not thinking, black rank martial skill, how can your weak constitution bear its strength?"

Old Fen gave him one look.

This boy's perception is not low, he is just impatient.

"That's it!"

Feng Hao at once tested the second diagram, however halfway through he could not persevere any longer as his body could not keep up. It was no good.

Hence, he honestly went down to do the crawling motion beginning to temper himself.

Three days is not long, it passes in an instant.

For this period of three days of cultivating, it felt instead like it was six days as he did not need to wait long to recover. Furthermore, yesterday he already knew how to practice the second posture.

Breakthrough is imminent!

Feng Hao felt that he would breakthrough at any time, that is why he did not slack off in the least.

The color of the sky change as dawn broke, inside the courtyard Feng Hao was inclined like a beast that was ready to pounce. At any time, he was ready to attack the prey.

Hu … Hu…

His body slowly trembled, every bit of slow movement brought him endless pain. It was like all the muscles in his body was being torn apart, all his bones were squeaking in protest.

This juvenile in order to succeed with his pledge, tightly clenched his jaw to persevere with effort.

There is not short cut in forging the body. If you want to do it faster, you must endure the pain.This is not something a regular person can do.

Feng Chen came and he saw Feng Hao's current monstrous posture.


Observing for a while, Feng Chen's mind trembled.

He felt that this posture possessed a connection with the previous one.


As he was thinking, a sound was transmitted to his ear. After that, he saw the the body of Feng Hao trembled.


Feng Chen opened his mouth, he looked at the body of his son with an inconceivable look.

Three days after breaking through to the peak of the 3rd level, he ranked up by one level!

Feng Chen could not believe it, however the truth was right in front of his eyes.


Pressing both hands down, Feng Hao rose up to experience the benefits of his advancement.


Three days to breakthrough, he naturally was not dissatisfied.


He turned and saw that Feng Chen was standing there.


Feng Chen slowly came over and looked at his son from head to toe. "Not bad!"

He patted the youth on the shoulder.

Feng Hao looked at him with amazement.

This was the first time Feng Hao was praised, his mind experienced something different, was this happiness?

He loves it!

"I will go out to go to the Elegant Pavilion Auction today, stay here at home and cultivate well!"

Today is the auction, naturally Feng Chen will attend.

"The auction?"

Looking at the back of the leaving figure, Feng hap remembered.

"That's right, i have to take a look if there are spirit medicines."

After freshening up and changing his clothes, Feng Hao also went out.

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