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Chapter 10 – Going to the Elegant Pavilion Auction


Striking with both fists, a crisp sound echoed out.

Deng Deng Deng

Feng Hao retreated three steps back, however as for the 4th level Martial Apprentice Yang Kui, after the collision he fell back five to six steps.

He was already eighteen year olds in the 4th level Martial Apprentice, unexpectedly he was defeated by an ordinary boy.

"Damn it!"

On his fist there was sharp pain, Yang Kui felt that it was not good. However, he was extremely angered.

If he was defeated by this mediocre kid, he could not raise his head ever gain.

"Go die!"

At this moment, his handsome face has already become twisted. He used all the strength in his body to throw at Feng Hao.


A cold voice sounded out, Yang Kui's body was directly blown away. As he fell, his luxurious clothing has now been covered by dust.

It turned out that the person who came was Feng Chen.

The four guards of the Yang Clan used their bodies to cover Yang Kui as they nervously looked at the strong expert from Magnolia City.


Seeing Feng Chen, Feng Hao relaxed his mind.


Feng Chen did not say anything, he just coldly regarded Yang Kui, bringing Feng Hao with him to walk away.

"Feng Hao!"

Hearing the roar, Feng Hao looked over.

"Half a month from now in the Four Families New Blood Competition, I will make you kneel!"

Behind the four guards, Yang Kui ferociously glared at Feng Hao. His mouth spouting his evil intentions.

"Is that so?"

Feng Hao faintly raised the corner of his mouth no longer looking at him as he walked away.

Evidently, Feng Hao did not pay any more attention to the 4th level Martial Apprentice Yang Kui. That is because with his control in strength, Feng Hao was undoubtedly many times stronger.

With the difference in time being small, empty strength is not enough.

Moreover, within the period of half a month, Feng Hao was unconditionally confident he would breakthrough to the 4th level Martial Apprentice.

Back in the courtyard, Feng Hao has yet to cultivate the Tiger Movement Chapter. Instead he directly entered his room.

After properly closing the door behind him, he went on top of the bed as he carefully took out the spirit medicine.


He softly called towards the ring.

"What is it?"

Old Fen's voice came out from the ring, he spoke with no patience.

"I bought the spirit medicine, how do I use it?"

Feng Hao meekly asked.

"Oh, just directly eat it."

"Eat it? This…"

"The medicine canon will absorb it by itself.

Old Fen naturally knew what he wanted to ask.


With his response, Feng Hao picked up the the stalk of spirit plant. He hesitated a bit, he closed his eyes then stuffed the spirit medicine into his mouth. In a state of confusion, he started to chew then swallow.

A refreshing sensation entered from the throat to the body, Feng Hao was in a daze as the Shen Nong Medicine Canon slowly began to issue an attracting force. The spirit essence was attracted as one can clearly see that a green mist started to linger above the medicine canon.

"Just this little?"

Feng Hao opened his mouth, with no hesitation he placed the two remaining stalk of spirit plants inside his mouth. He urgently chewed breaking it down allowing him to swallow.

After that, above the medicine canon revolved more qi flow.

"Is this useful?"

Feng Hao could not help but doubt, he turned his eyes towards the ring.

"You try it and you will know!"

Old Fen unhappily shouted at him.


Feng Hao was not foolish, he leapt from the bed and opened the door to go the the inner courtyard.

"Hu… Hu…"

He skillfully practiced the Tiger Movement Chapter, in just a moment he was sweating like a pig.

"Twenty nine, thirty…"

After reaching the thirtieth repetition, he exhausted all the strength in his body to stand up.

"Try it!"

With one thought, the revolving qi on top of the Shen Nong Medicine Canon began to move and dissipate. Fang Hao felt that his body was cooled and refreshed, in an instant his whole body was brimming with strength.

"Truly useful!"

His mind was filled with joy, he propped up both his hands. At once, he began practicing the movement.

However the feeling of happiness did not last for long. Feng Hao discovered that the revolving qi on top of the Shen Nong Medicine Canon is already gone.

"No way, I just used it twice!"

Lying on the ground, Feng Hao was crying without tears like there was a funeral. More than ten years of his savings, all wasted just to regain his strength twice.

The money! He has never been this worried regarding money ever since he was born.

If there is enough money and sufficient spirit medicine, then he can practice endlessly, and one can only imagine how fast that would be.

"How to get money?”

Feng Hao exerted everything in his brain to think of a way to earn money quickly. His mind was basically a blank space.


There is no other way, he had no choice but to request help from Old Fen.

"What's wrong?"

Being disturbed once again, Old Fen's voice was awfully poor.

"Eh…I have no money to purchase medicine."

Feng Hao meekly said.

"No money?"

Old Fen clearly spoke, "Why ask me if you don’t have money?"


It was silent.

"Also, with your small family it is impossible to support your need of medicine jars."

Old Fen anticipated the current situation of Feng Hao.

"Take it, exchange it yourself!"

Three scrolls fell out of the ring.


Feng Hao picked the things up.

The first scroll was a low grade black level martial skill called Winding Hoarse Palm. The second scroll was the low grade black level martial skill Earth Shaking Fist. The third scroll was a high grade yellow level secret art called Cloud Movement Art.

Seeing all these three, Feng Hao only had one thought in his mind.

Come here money!

When he releases these things, won't all the four big families go crazy?

After reinstating himself for a bit, he madly ran out of the Feng residence. Residing in the middle of the city was the Elegant Auction Pavilion, he directly walked over its direction.

On the way, he saw a cloth store. He pulled a piece of black cloth and wrapped his whole body. Without slowing down he entered the Elegant Pavillion Auction.

Feng Hao once came with Feng Chen, so he knew the rules within. Therefore as he came in, he went walked straight towards the service desk.

"Excuse me, how may I help you?"

There was a beautiful attendant, using her sweet voice she asked.

Although the way Feng Hao dressed up was strange, the bearing of the beautiful attendant did not change. Providing good service, she did not ignore him.

"I want to auction something!"

Feng Hao deliberately spoke with a husky voice, he slowly spoke.

"What do you want to auction?"

The attendant as before asked.


Reaching out his palms, Feng Hao handed over a scroll.

"My god! Black level martial skill!"

Looking at the words on the scroll, the attendant cried out in fear then rapidly covered her small mouth.

However, Black level martial skill, these four words attracted the attention of those already within the hall.

"Back level martial skill?"

They all looked at the scroll on the attendant's hands, their eyes flickered.

"Sorry, sorry!"

The attendant apologized repeatedly.

"No problem!"

This way, there will be increase in interest. How can Feng Hao get mad.

"Thank you for your tolerance, please come in with me."

After speaking, she led Feng Hao inside.

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