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Chapter 9 – Market

The fragrance of the medicine assailed his nose. Feng Hao's body felt light, his exhaustion was gone.

"This is the Shen Nong Medicine Canon made by Shen Nong.  It can cure numerous illnesses and poisons!"

Old Fen's face was serene as he explained in detail.

"Take the canon!"

The Shen Nong Medicine Canon was launched from the hands of Old Fen. Feng Hao  reached out his hand to catch it.

"Drip your blood!"


Feng Hao did not hesitate to bite his finger for blood to come out. A drop of his red blood started to fall on the Shen Nong Medicine Canon until it was absorbed. When the blood finally permeated, the medicine canon scattered within his body like starlight.

"Sure enough, with your Void Wu constitution you are able to control the Shen Nong Medicine Canon!"

Old Fen calmly looked at the situation in front of him.

Not long after, on his suffering face, Feng Hao opened his eyes.

Thinking of the medicine pellets recorded in the Shen Nong Medicine Canon, he wanted to cry.

There truly was a massive amount of spirit medicine, looking at it made his skull feel numbed.

"How can this be?"

He remembered that his father Feng Chen once said that, for a Medicine Master to condense a medicine pellet, hundreds of kinds spirit medicine is needed. However, written in the Shen Nong Medicine Canon, one does not need to use numerous kinds.

"Chi! You truly live comfortably without appreciating it."

Old Fen scoffed, "If you were to spread the Shen Nong Medicine Canon, you will see how big of a storm it would make. Besides, tens of thousands of illnesses and poison, what if there is no direct cure? What's to be done?"

In fact, Feng Hao knew that the medicine canon had a high level which can help condense thousands of medicine pellets. However, all those thousands of spirit medicine, how is he to collect all?


Feng Hao anxiously looked at the old man.

"Don't look at me like that, you expect me to have spirit medicine?"

Old Fen rolled his eyes.

Thinking of all those years when he was condensing medicine pellets. He worked arduously to not only create medicine pellets, but also perfect them. How will it be possible to have excess lying around?

"That's no use at all."

Feng Hao wailed.

He expressed his annoyance.

"Boy you just need to regain your strength, eating spirit medicine is more than enough. Trying to condense Void Dan right away, that is truly stupid!"

Old Fen with a resentful voice berated.


Regarding this matter, Feng Hao naturally had no knowledge in. He angrily looked at the old man, he smiled with embarrassment.

"Look at yourself, remember your three year vow!"

Old Fen grunted, his transparent body flashed like the stars in the sky as he entered the ring.


Breathing in heavily, Feng Hao stood up. It was already midnight, not thinking too much he went on his way back to the Feng residence.

Lying down, he absent mindlessly thought letting him quickly fall asleep.

On the second day, Feng Hao did not participate in the morning exercise. He was in the small courtyard doing thirty repetitions of the Tiger Movement Chapter. As he stood up, he went back to his room to take the money he saved the past few years. Placing three hundred gold coins in a pouch, he went out to go to the market square.

"Take a look, rhino panther animal skin, completely intact for only 300 gold coins!"

"Fifty catty heavy hammer made with metal essence, only for 70 gold coins!"

"Top notch spirit medicine, only 50 gold coins!"

Arriving at the market square entrance, Feng Hao could hear and see the bustling atmosphere.

On one of the stalls owned by an ordinary old man, there laid out numerous stalks of spirit medicine. Above it lingered a sweet fragrance.

Carefully looking, Feng Hao noticed that two of the spirit medicine on the stand was recorded in the Shen Nong Medicine Canon.

"These pure spirit grass and Fire Cloud Vine, how are you selling it?"

He pointed at a strain of Water Yi Ripple and a root of a blood red spirit medicine as he looked at the old man.

The old man took a glance directly saying, "45 gold coins for one stump of Pure spirit medicine, 120 coins for one foot of Fire Cloud Vine!"

As he heard the price, Feng Hao's brows clustered.

All together, he only had 352 gold coins in his savings, which is sadly wasn't enough.

No money. Feng Hao for the first time in his life suffered the pain of having no money. He also knew that back when he enjoyed spirit medicines everyday, a lot of capital was spent.

"Old man, I only have 352 gold coins, three beads of pure spirit grass, two feet of fire cloud vines, is that enough?"

Feng Hao took out all his savings in front of the old man.

"Well this…"

The old man seemed a bit hesitant, but he saw Feng Hao was genuine. He bit his lower lip and said, "Okay, it's a deal!"

"Thank you, old man!”

Feng Hao had a tiny amount of happiness, then proceeded to give all the gold coins to the old man.

He placed the spirit medicine in his pouch and heard a voice by his ear.

"Yo! Isn't this our young master Feng?"

Hearing the famous line, Feng Hao looked over to see a handsome young man wearing luxurious clothes. Surrounded by his four guards he came over.

"What? The Feng Clan has stopped giving you medicine and now you have to buy for yourself?"

The man looked at Feng Hao with ridicule written on his face, his voice was very sharp attracting the attention of the people around them.

"It is indeed the Feng Clan's eldest young master and the Yang Clan's young master Yang Kui."

"It was said that the eldest young master of the Feng Clan vowed in the Wan Clan hall that in three years, he wanted to defeat a high level Martial Grand Master from the Wind Moon Academy."

"I heard that he is not the Big young master of the Feng Clan anymore."

Other people started to talk about Feng Hao, some even pointed at him.

Since the matter of the Wan Clan, Feng Hao's name spread across Magnolia City. Everyone wanted to see, if this mediocre Feng Clan young master in three years can reach the Martial Grand Master from the 3rd level Martial Apprentice.

Of course, more people looked at it as a joke. Three years time, it was not long nor short, however reaching that level from Martial Apprentice is nothing but a lunatic's raving.

"Step aside!"

Feng Hao stared at him coldly.

Yang Clan is one of the four big families in Magnolia City. Yang Kui was a man of the Yang Clan, and he had the cultivation and strength of the 4th level Martial Apprentice.

"You said let go ah? You mediocre!"

Yang Kui took a step closer to Feng Hao, his eyes full of hatred.

"Not allowed?"

Feng Hao's eyes narrowed, looking dangerously at him.

"What? You wanna fight?"

Yang Kui is naturally not afraid of him. He directly reached out for the spirit medicine in Feng Hao's bag.


Feng Hao extended his fist and punched Yang Kui near the chest area so he staggered.

"You dare hit me?"

Stroking the pain in his chest, Yang Kui is stunned by Feng Hao. Apparently, he did not expect that a 3rd level Martial Apprentice would dare to start a fight with him.

"You punk!"

He faced towards Feng Hao as he rushed to him.

The people noticed that the situation far away from them was not good.


Feng Hao slightly leaned over, bent his waist and jumped towards Yang Kui like a flying tiger.

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