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Chapter 60 Repelling Shaolin with a Reply

"Who are you?"

Monk Jueyuan angrily asked in a hoarse voice while his bloodshot eyes continued staring at the youth viciously.

If not for the appearance of this youth, how could he have lost to a little nun from Northern Hengshan?

And end up completely disgracing himself in front of all the disciples from other sects.

When Monk Jueyuan thought of the shameful news of his defeat at the hands of a little nun spreading in Jianghu before he could become famous, he felt his face burning up painfully.

His hands were shaped into the form of claws and he stared daggers at the youth.

He wanted this youth to pay the price!

"Who am I?" The youth smiled in response to Jueyuan's question. Then he raised his sword and placed his arms across his chest before replying: "Huashan upper courtyard disciple Lin Yi."

"Lin Yi...!"

"That Deadly Celestial Sword Lin Yi?"

"My god, it's actually him! I heard that he took on ten third-rate experts all by himself, seven of them being the notorious Black-Robed Seven from Sun Moon Holy Cult, and managed to slay them all!"

"Ah! Is this person human? I've heard of the Black-Robed Seven. Last year, this seven brothers appeared in Lanzhou City. Back then, they overpowered many geniuses, and quite a few geniuses from our righteous sects were killed by them. To think that such powerful people would be killed by Lin Yi alone? Couldn't they have fled? That Sky Soaring Black-Robe had learned the skills of Sky Soaring Divine Demon and was said to be extremely fast!

"Heh heh, if it had been in Lanzhou City, these seven brothers might have escaped. But they just had to enter the territory of Huashan and even extort the family of Lin Yi while they were there. Coincidentally, they ran into Lin Yi who was on his way home. In a fit of anger, Lin Yi chased them all the way to their hiding place in Crouching Tiger Hill and slew hundreds of bandits before finally fighting the brothers in a bloody finale and killing them all. Among those who were slain were the three bandit chiefs of Crouching Tiger Hill who were also third-rate experts."

"Wow, what a Deadly Celestial Sword he is, he's definitely worthy of his name! The feats that he has accomplished are exactly the kind of things our generation should be doing!"

"Thinking about it, to kill ten similarly classed experts all by oneself, that's truly the kind of realm everyone should aspire to reach!"

Upon hearing Lin Yi's name, nearly everyone excitedly burst out in loud chatter.

They were all awestruck by the name of Deadly Celestial Sword and the expressions in the eyes looking at Lin Yi changed completely.

The several disciples who were pushed by Lin Yi earlier were secretly relieved that they did not respond to his pushing in anger, otherwise, they would just be seeking their own downfall.

Many female disciples started looking at Lin Yi with seductive gazes, and even the disciples from the all-female Emei Sect had provocative looks in their eyes.

Lin Yi had a gentle bearing with a hint of pride and his young face had a calm expression, revealing his indifference to the huge reactions around him.

With his achievements as a Huashan upper courtyard disciple, it wouldn't be hard for him to become a core disciple in the future. He was truly a young rising star in Jianghu!

Obviously one would look for someone like him to be their other half.


Huashan Lin Yi, Deadly Celestial Sword!

Upon hearing this name, Monk Jueyuan's face darkened!

He had no choice but to restrain his anger forcefully and put on the appearance of a benevolent monk, while secretly bleeding in his heart.

He could never have expected this mild and frail-looking youth in white would be the famous Deadly Celestial Sword!

Naturally, he had heard of Deadly Celestial Sword.

In Lanzhou City where the vast majority of the people of Jianghu were third-rate experts, they were most concerned about other geniuses in the same class as themselves.

A few days ago, there had been a great sensation in the entire Lanzhou City when news of Deadly Celestial Sword arrived.

Among all the third-rate experts, who would be capable of killing ten third-rate experts at the same time!

Not to mention, seven of the ten were the notorious Black-Robed Seven!

Even just defeating one of the Black-Robed Seven was sufficient to achieve no small amount of fame.

Thinking of this, Monk Jueyuan started to feel afraid and did not dare to be haughty in front of Lin Yi.

Swallowing his rage and putting on a smile, Monk Jueyuan greeted Lin Yi.

"So it's the resoundingly famous Deadly Celestial Sword from Huashan, Young Hero Lin Yi. Amitabha, Monk Jueyuan greets Young Hero."

All the while maintaining the image of a benevolent and enlightened monk.

Lin Yi nearly laughed at the sight.

It was completely different compared to the lustful gaze the monk had in the arena and the fiery stare he had when he asked for his name.

As for enlightened, he needed to ponder on it for a moment.

What kind of enlightenment had this monk achieved?

If it was the enlightenment in the ways of being overbearing, then this Monk Jueyuan was indeed an "enlightened" monk.

The monks of Shaolin in Great Jianghu were very different from what people remembered of Shaolin in his previous life.

After maintaining the number one rank in Jianghu for hundreds of years, the monks of Shaolin had long since changed their attitudes.

They were no longer interested in guiding mortal men towards enlightenment.

Rather, their minds were filled with thoughts of squeezing as much benefit as possible out of their believers and ordinary people, while domineering the righteous sects in Jianghu.

All they wanted was to maintain their top position forever.

Shaolin was full of monks like Jueyuan, who only schemed for their personal interests and bullied the weak while fearing the strong.

In his previous life, the arrival of the era of chaos was partially due to Shaolin turning a blind eye to the trouble incited by the demonic sects, eventually culminating in a great war.

One of the main reasons why the later period of the era of chaos was so devastating was because Shaolin conceitedly believed that they were capable of keeping the demonic cults under control, thinking that they were no different from a wild wolf.

They never expected that the demonic cults had already transformed into a ferocious tiger, and they were mauled by the tiger.

As a result, countless people lost their lives, families, and homes.

Even a major sect like Huashan was exterminated by the demonic cults.

Shaolin definitely had to be held responsible for such an outcome.

Unfortunately, by that time, even though the various major sects were well aware of the fact, there wasn't anything they could do about it.

Although Shaolin was dealt a heavy blow by the demonic sects, they managed to maintain their top position due to their solid foundation.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi slightly squinted his eyes and started to radiate a threatening aura.

Upon sensing it, Monk Jueyuan was frightened and hastily bade goodbye.

When he left, an insulted and hateful expression flashed in his eyes.

Looking at Monk Jueyuan's hasty retreat, Lin Yi laughed coldly in his heart: "Bullying the weak and fearing the strong, hiding in the dark and plotting shady schemes? People from Shaolin are still the same. But I, Lin Yi, do not fear these."

Smiling gently, he now turned towards the little nun approaching him.

The eyes of the little nun were lively and full of spirit, but there was a hint of timidity.

She blushed and placed her palms together in front of her chest while softly saying: "Northern Hengshan Yiqing thanks Senior Brother Lin Yi for your assistance."

Little Nun Yiqing scrutinized the famous Deadly Celestial Sword Lin Yi in front of her with wide eyes, secretly thinking: I wonder how Senior Brother Lin Yi managed to become so strong to be able to kill ten similarly classed experts?

He was like a mysterious puzzle in the little nun's heart, evoking her curiosity and desire to solve it.

"As part of the Five Mountain Sword Sects, we are like branches of the same tree so there's no need to stand on ceremony, Junior Sister Yiqing." Lin Yi replied with a radiant smile.

His words felt very soothing and comforting to the little nun.

"Senior Brother Lin Yi is right, Huashan and Northern Hengshan are like martial siblings, Yiqing shouldn't have stood on ceremony with Senior Brother." The little nun stuck out her tongue and nodded her head cutely.

Seeing Lin Yi's look of satisfaction, she felt encouraged and hurriedly beckoned the other disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects to come over.

"Songshan Lu Buping greets Senior Brother Lin Yi."

"Taishan Yun Taizi greets Senior Brother Lin Yi."

"Southern Hengshan Mo Yu greets Senior Brother Lin Yi."

Three male disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects approached Lin Yi and greeted him politely.

Although they were all past the age of twenty, they did not dare to address Lin Yi as Junior Brother.

When Little Nun Yiqing was being bullied by Monk Jueyuan, nobody paid any heed to what they said no matter how loudly they shouted.

But once Lin Yi arrived, he was able to assist Yiqing in turning defeat into victory.

After that, he was able to compel the furious Monk Jueyuan into beating a hasty retreat after simply stating his name and shocking the disciples present.

No matter how shameless they were, they wouldn't dare to address Lin Yi as Junior Brother just because they were older.

Age was meaningless to people of Jianghu!

Strength was the only thing that counted.

Within the same generation, only those who were stronger could be considered the senior brothers.

Within the same sect, it might not be that obvious due to the confusing relationships with one another, but outside of the sect, strength was the most important factor.

Without sufficient ability, even if you are the senior brother of a sect master with a certain amount of age, you would just be a useless old man.

The term old man would still be considered polite, while terms like old fogey and old bastard were considered normal.

Lin Yi returned their greetings without any hint of arrogance and spoke to them cordially.

This gave the three disciples an even better impression of Lin Yi, and soon the five of them became familiar with each other.

"Could it be that there's only the five of us from Five Mountain Sword Sects?" After conversing for some time, Lin Yi stated his doubts to the other four disciples.

After some observation, he found that among other major sects, the sect with the least amount of people, Qingcheng, also had at least seven people.

Emei and Wudang had more than ten each while Shaolin had more than twenty.

Only the Five Mountain Sword Sects had sent one disciple from each sect.

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