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Chapter 61 Going on a Patrol

"Senior Brother Lin Yi, demonic cults are inciting trouble within the Northern Hengshan's area of influence, and all the elite disciples have gone to exterminate the demonic cult members. That is why I'm the only one who came to Lanzhou City."

Little Nun Yiqing tilted her head in thought for a moment, slightly revealing the baldness of her head, before raising her head in reply.

"It is the same for Songshan."

"Southern Hengshan also encountered trouble from demonic cult members."

"Within the borders of Taishan, demonic cult members are running rampant. Our Sect Master was infuriated and personally led the disciples to wipe them out."

Songshan Lu Buping, Southern Hengshan Mo Yu and Taishan Yun Taizi replied subsequently.

All their sects had encountered the same thing: trouble from demonic cults.

"I see, looks like it's the same for Huashan as well." Lin Yi nodded pensively.

A wave of anxiety arose in his heart.

It seemed that the era of chaos was on the cusp of arriving, but right now, he had only managed to clear the second standard meridian.

As a third-rate expert, he could only barely defend himself.

He felt that time was running out, and he no longer had much time left to grow stronger in peace!

Once the great war started, the Five Mountain Sword Sects would be the first to bear the brunt.

Not because there was great enmity between Five Mountain Sword Sects and the demonic cults, but because of where these five sects were located.

They occupied the four corners of Shenzhou, and if the demonic cults wanted to enter the Central Plains, the Five Mountain Sword Sects were their first obstacle.

All along, Five Mountain Sword Sects had been the first line of defense against the demonic cults.

Among them, Western Huashan and Northern Hengshan had it the worst as they faced the two giants of the demonic cults: Ming Cult and Sun Moon Holy Cult.

This was also why Huashan and Northern Hengshan were on much better relations compared to the remaining three sects.

It was not only because Linghu Chong had once been the Sect Master of Northern Hengshan 600 years ago.

Any favor or feelings would have long faded after 600 years.

Their location was still the most important factor tying the two sects together.

In the face of great adversity, they had no choice but to form an alliance.

Due to the shortage of time, Lin Yi could no longer afford to take his time in growing stronger.

He needed vast amounts of battle experience in a short amount of time!

Lin Yi's eyes twinkled and he suddenly asked: "What is the duty of our Great Constables Corps?"

"What duty is there to speak of? We just need to patrol the area. If a murder has occurred somewhere, we need to investigate and hunt down the criminals. It's basically the same as other constables, just that the Great Constables Corps have it much easier. There are no hard rules, and we can patrol whenever we feel like it. Those that do not wish to do it can wait here for missions."

"If any large event occurs, such as trouble from demonic cult members, Liushanmen will gather everyone in the organization to exterminate them."

Lu Buping of Songshan lazily placed both hands behind his head and said in a relaxed manner.

The other three nodded in agreement. All of them had passed the last seven days in this way.

In fact, they never even stepped out of the place they were stationed at.

If not for that, Monk Jueyuan wouldn't have been able to find an opportunity to duel Little Nun Yiqing in the arena.

"That wouldn't do!" Lin Yi frowned and said solemnly: "Liushanmen represents the dignity of our major sects. If we don't do a good job and allow the local order to be seriously challenged, wouldn't that be disgracing ourselves in front of everyone?"

"We need to go out and patrol the area even if nothing has happened. It might not seem to produce any effect, but in actual fact, just by showing ourselves in the area is sufficient to intimidate many demonic cult members and prevent them from causing trouble!"

Upon hearing these words, Little Nun Yiqing nodded repeatedly and her eyes shone brightly: "Senior Brother Lin Yi is right, our purpose is to intimidate the bad guys and prevent them from causing trouble, not to fight the fire after it has occurred. That is no different from mending the fence after the sheep have been lost, and is an inferior way of doing things."

Seeing that Little Nun Yiqing was so full of approval, the other three disciples all nodded and asked: "Then let's go on a patrol right now?"

"Let's go!" Lin Yi led the way right away, riding on his white horse, and headed outside Liushanmen.

The four of them followed closely behind him on their own horses.

The other disciples were all puzzled by the behavior of these five people from Five Mountain Sects.

Wasn't it much better to stay comfortably within Liushanmen and move out to exterminate the troublemakers when something big occurred? That way, one could obtain fame in an easy and relaxed manner.

Going on a patrol?

Who was going to see it if one made the effort to patrol the area?

The upper echelon of Liushanmen?

What a joke, major sect disciples such as they could easily ignore the existence of Liushanmen.

The only thing they were interested in was raising their status in their own sects. As for a high position in Liushanmen? Forget it.


Under the puzzled looks of many people, Lin Yi led the five of them out of Liushanmen onto the streets of Lanzhou City.

The attire they wore and the Liushanmen tokens on their waist indicated their identity as Great Constables from the Five Mountain Sword Sects.

Many people looked at them in a mix of respect and fear, and they quickly scattered.

The streets of Lanzhou City was bustling with activity.

The lone wolves of Jianghu and the disciples sent by minor sects and minor schools to widen their experience...

Gossiping and chattering could be heard everywhere, and the majority of them were about the great exploits of some famous figure in Jianghu.

Many people gasped in wonder and their eyes shone brightly in anticipation.

They also wished to be the protagonist in the stories, suppressing the strong and aiding the weak in Jianghu with their sword.

To cut down the evil and wicked like slaughtering chickens and dogs.

Some of them even shouted loudly and demanded a fight due to differences in opinions.

The rest of the people around them were all here to watch a good show and couldn't be bothered about the chaos that ensued.

Lin Yi shook his head at the sight of this.

These were the people of Jianghu.

They were all crazy for the chance to become famous.

They did not care if they would get injured or lose their life as a result of fighting.

All they had in their mind was how much fame could they attain by defeating their opponent, and how much their fame would spread into Jianghu.

Upon seeing Lin Yi and company slowly making their way towards them on their horses, the group of people who were about to fight scattered immediately.

"The people from Liushanmen are here, and they are even from the Great Constables Corp!"

Once these words were spoken, countless people started to flee the scene in a frenzy.

All of them were extremely fast and nimble, jumping into windows or onto rooftops.

Little Nun Yiqing and the three others were dumbfounded.

They never expected themselves to be that scary.

So scary that these bunch of people would run away as if their lives depended on it.

In nearly a blink of an eye, the streets which were still crowded a moment ago became almost empty.

Only Lin Yi did not find it strange at all, having witnessed similar scenes countless times in his previous life.

And most of the time, he was the one doing the running.

Although Liushanmen wasn't much of an issue, the Great Constables Corps was comprised of well-known geniuses from various major sects who had outstanding fighting abilities.

If the great masters from this Great Constable Corps did not find them to their liking and captured them, that was it.

They could only blame it on their luck and stay in the prisons of Liushanmen for a few months.

The crime?

Just the crime of disrupting social order was sufficient.

Lin Yi laughed to himself as he thought of the interesting things in his previous life.

While the other four had incredulous looks on their faces.

"Senior Brother Lin Yi, are we that scary?" The little nun asked in wonder.

"That's right, Senior Brother Lin Yi, why are they so afraid of us?" Yun Taizi and the other two were similarly confused.

Lin Yi glanced at the little nun and a mischievous thought came to his mind. He said with a serious tone: "It's because Junior Sister's looks are too fearsome, that is why they all ran away in fear!"

The four of them were speechless.

The little nun even started touching her face and muttered to herself: "I look too fearsome?"

After a moment of delay, she rebuked in anger: "Senior Brother Lin Yi, you are so wicked. This nun looks so cute and lovely, how is it fearsome?"

The angry expression of the little nun looked so cute that Lin Yi and the other three could not help but laugh loudly.

The five of them continued to press on, aimlessly wandering about in Lanzhou City.

The little nun stayed at the rear and kept taking out a mirror secretly to look at her face while touching it and muttering to herself: "Do I really look fearsome? Why did Senior Brother Lin Yi say that about me?"

Lin Yi had no idea that a little joke that he played had made the little nun fall in love with her mirror.

Northern Hengshan now had a little nun who loved looking into a mirror and talking to herself.


The five of them had gone round Lanzhou City multiple times and Lin Yi was about to suggest patrolling outside the city.

At this moment, the noisy sounds of a commotion could be heard.

Lin Yi frowned and looked towards the direction where the noise came from.

He spotted several drunk men of Jianghu beating up a middle-aged man who was dressed like an ordinary person. The sight of them fiercely raining punches and kicks on the man made the ordinary people standing nearby back away in fear.

A woman who seemed to be the middle-aged man's wife was kneeling on the ground with full of tears and begging for mercy.

But she was kicked down by one of the men and bruises appeared on her elegant face instantly while her eyes were filled with despair.

The men then continued beating up the middle-aged man while cursing: "This peon dares to block this great one's path! I will beat you to death today!"

"Just a mere peon and you dare to argue with this great one after blocking our way!"

"Hmph, you deserve to be beaten to death!"

"Blame yourself for being blind!"

A child aged 5 to 6 years old who seemed to be the couple's son grabbed hold of the leg of one of the men and begged: "Uncle, please stop hitting Father, stop hitting him!"

"Hmph, who's your uncle? Little rascal, don't try to act close with me!"

"Let go of my leg quickly, or I will beat you as well!"

The man frowned and looked at the child with disdain. He tried shaking his leg to get rid of the child but failed to do so and was infuriated.

Raising his palm, he was about to hit the child's head.

If it was a solid hit, the child was sure to die.

The ordinary people nearby cried out and closed their eyes, as they could not bear to witness the brutality.

At this instant, an arrow shot through the air.

It squarely hit the man's palm and nailed it to the ground.

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