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Chapter 59 Helping a Nun to Defeat a Monk

The nun was from Northern Hengshan, roughly 15 years of age.

The monk was from Shaolin, 20 years old and had four scars on his bald head.

There were disciples from various sects among the spectators, and they were aged 15 years old and above, with the majority being more than 20 years old.

The attire that they wore indicated their origin.

Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Qingcheng, Taishan, Songshan, Southern Hengshan...

The most prominent ones were disciples from the major sects, with the largest numbers from Shaolin and Wudang, followed by Emei and Qingcheng.

Whereas the sects Taishan, Songshan, Southern Hengshan and Northern Hengshan which belonged to the Five Mountain Sword Sects only had one disciple each.

Besides them, there were also disciples from former major sects which had declined in status, for example, Quanzhen Sect and Beggar Sect. These sects were ranked at an awkward position between minor sects and major sects.

Due to their illustrious history and the fact that they still possessed superior martial arts, the major sects categorized them as renowned sects.

The core criteria for becoming a renowned sect was to possess superior martial arts, while the criteria for becoming a major sect was strength.

Only by becoming the overlord of a region would a sect be considered a major sect.

As of now, only Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Qingcheng and the Five Mountain Sword Sects were major sects.

Shaolin and Wudang were the two giants of the righteous sects.

Emei and Qingcheng were the sovereigns of Shuchuan.

The Five Mountain Sword Sects was an alliance second only to Shaolin and Wudang.

Besides various sects, there were also other martial clans and forces which were considered in the same vein as renowned sects.

For example, the Murong Clan of Gusu, the Duan Clan of Dali...

These forces also sent one or two disciples and were few in numbers.

But due to the large numbers of sects and clans, they numbered several hundred in total.

That was the entire Great Constables Corps.

Right now, these people were shouting as they watched the fight.

"Master Jueyuan, hold back a little, don't bully Little Nun Yiqing too much!"

"Little Nun Yiqing, go ahead and dodge, why aren't you dodging? Your Northern Hengshan Sword Art is still not up to par yet, haha!"

"A monk bullying a nun, what a great show this is!"

"Monk Jueyuan is bullying the Five Mountain Sword Sects simply because they have so few people here. If he was fighting a Wudang disciple, would he still dare to play with his opponent like that?"

The majority of the voices supported Shaolin and Monk Jueyuan, while Yiqing of Northern Hengshan was constantly being teased as a "little nun".

The three disciples from Songshan, Taishan and Southern Hengshan had unsightly expressions on their faces, but they were helpless about the situation due as they were greatly outnumbered.

Their voices were drowned out easily.

At the sight of this situation, Lin Yi frowned.

After obtaining the location of his residence from the official, he dismissed the official and made his way slowly to the arena.

He pushed his way through the crowd and approached the side of the arena.

The people who got pushed by him looked at him in anger.

But when they saw the cold look on Lin Yi's face and an aura of killing intent emanating from his body, they all remained silent.

A Huashan disciple.

Everyone knew that Huashan currently enjoyed great reputation and fame.

Linghu Feng of Huashan had made a great name for himself in Jianghu by killing countless demonic cult members.

Although Huashan was still inferior to Shaolin and Wudang, these people from renowned sects still couldn't afford to offend Huashan.

Thus they all watched silently as Lin Yi walked nearer and nearer to the arena, their eyes revealing expressions of excitement.

Looking at Lin Yi's behavior, could it be that he was going to seek revenge for Little Nun Yiqing?

The clash of Huashan and Shaolin!

The spectators all burned with anticipation.

Who didn't know that Huashan was full of madmen?

If swordsmen were said to be crazy and paranoid, then Huashan would be the holy land of these crazy swordsmen.

In Jianghu, one could afford to offend anyone but Huashan.

Huashan had established the upper and lower courtyard.

The vast majority of upper courtyard disciples made it there from the lower courtyard.

All of them were battle maniacs, and the crazy manner with which they fought was comparable to the demonic cult members.

More importantly, there were many sword arts from Huashan which were even more vicious than some of the martial arts of demonic cults.

Lin Yi looked at the two people fighting in the arena and realized that the monk was indeed stronger than the little nun, but only by a small margin.

All the monk had done was to pressure the little nun with various vicious moves.

The little nun was only 15 years old and she was already a third-rate expert. From this, one could tell that she was also a rare talent.

However, due to her kind-hearted nature, she did not dare to use any vicious moves in the fight.

And when she saw the vicious moves made by the monk, she was intimidated and was unable to do much in response.

It would be a miracle if she did not lose fighting in this manner.

But even though Monk Jueyuan's victory was certain, he did not directly go for the win. Instead, he played around his opponent to his heart's content and there was even a lecherous look in his eyes.

The martial art that he used was the Dragon Claw Hands, one of the Shaolin 72 Consummate Skills.

This art was well-known in Jianghu for its power but right now, it was being used by Monk Jueyuan in a somewhat lecherous manner.

Making the spectators' blood grow hot and shout in excitement.

Although there were quite a few female disciples present, including nuns from Emei, the great power and status of Shaolin as the number one force in Jianghu caused them to look on in anger silently.

Only the three disciples from Songshan, Taishan and Southern Hengshan dared to curse the monk loudly.

But it was insignificant in comparison to the overwhelming support for Shaolin.

When he was sufficiently near, Lin Yi channeled his internal strength to his mouth.

"Wield your sword forward, cut downwards with force, then make a sweeping attack followed by slashing upwards..."

Using a minor technique from Thousand Li Transmission, he transmitted his voice into the ears of Little Nun Yiqing.

Of course, the name of Thousand Li Transmission was vastly exaggerated.

In fact, to even transmit one's voice over a distance of a hundred meters already required a great amount of internal strength.

Right now, Lin Yi was only capable of transmitting his voice over a distance of ten meters.

That was why he walked to the side of the arena in order to get closer to Little Nun Yiqing.


Monk Jueyuan was full of himself and enjoying the fight.

This was the first time that he felt he had made the right choice in learning Dragon Claw Hands.

He could finally put it to good use.

The first time he saw Little Nun Yiqing and realized that she was able to become a third-rate expert at the age of 15 years old, jealousy arose in his heart.

How could a mere Northern Hengshan disciple be so talented?

To think that he, a great disciple of Shaolin, could only manage to acquire internal arts after he had passed the age of 20.

Shaolin was supposed to be the greatest existence under the heavens.

Geniuses should not exist in other sects!

Especially ones who were more talented than himself.

When he arrived at the Great Constable Corps, he was instantly the center of attraction and praise.

But when he encountered the disciples from Five Mountain Sword Sects, he was disgruntled.

These damn Five Mountain Sword Sects actually did not come to fawn on me and there's even such a talented little nun among them!

Jueyuan was enraged and consumed with jealousy, thus he decided to teach this little nun an unforgettable lesson!

It was best if he could leave a shadow in her heart and make her give up on martial arts.

Immediately he made up some excuses to provoke the Five Mountain Sword Sects and taunted the little nun into a duel.

Jueyuan couldn't help but laugh happily when he saw the little nun enter the arena.

As he started making his moves, the powerful Dragon Claw Hands became a lewd Dragon Claw Hands.

His hands were constantly trying to grab at the little nun's chest.

Although the little nun was still young, her appearance was very attractive and she was well-endowed.

Jueyuan thus harbored lustful thoughts and kept using vicious moves while aiming at her chest.

Seeing the little nun's pale-white face, Jueyuan could not help feeling proud of himself.

It was still early and he intended to slowly play with his opponent.

Right at this moment, it seemed that someone was saying something to the little nun.

As she nodded her head, her facial expression changed from a shy blush to a hateful look then to an eager expression.

What happened next confirmed the monk's suspicions.

The little nun's manner of fighting changed abruptly from flustered and stiff to sharp and aggressive.

The first move was a chop towards his right hand.

And from the shiny luster glittering from the sword, the little nun had apparently used her internal strength in the attack!

Monk Jueyuan was taken aback.

Even practicing Dragon Claw Hands had made his hands as tough as steel,  Monk Jueyuan did not dare to tackle the sword infused with internal strength head-on.

Even if the sword was unable to sever his hand, it could still cause severe injury.

All his abilities required his hands to utilize, so his hands were to be severely harmed or disabled, his future would be done for.

He still aspired to achieve fame and glory in Jianghu and eventually surpass all the geniuses in both righteous sects and demonic cults.

How could he afford to take the risk for the sake of playing around a little nun?

It was not worth it at all.

Thus, he backed off.

However, the little nun did not let up one bit and continued to aim at his hands with her sword.

Jueyuan was depressed and angry.

Who was it that had given her the idea to constantly attack his weak point?

He could only continue to retreat.

When he reached the border of the arena, the little nun seemed to be inspired, suddenly putting all her strength into her next move and stabbed towards Monk Jueyuan while abandoning all her defense.

Who's going to die together with you?

Monk Jueyuan cursed in his heart and was forced to evade by leaving the arena.

He lost.

The little nun cheered in joy and turned her face towards the side of the arena.

A youth dressed in the white attire of Huashan upper courtyard was standing there.

At the sight of the youth, Monk Jueyuan's eyes were bloodshot and he stared at the youth in fury.

The youth seemed to have noticed it and raised his head to look at Monk Jueyuan.

He broke into a smile which revealed his white teeth, while his face was full of ridicule.

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