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Chapter 94 - Masters intercept

Ye Xiwen heaved a sigh of relief. He knew that Huanmo itself was not a strong creature but the problem was their raid. They would first release an illusion magic and people would unknowingly fall into the illusion, although most of the experts had firm minds and wouldn't take long to break out of the illusion, but even if they took a couple of seconds to break out, these two seconds would often decide their fate, because for ordinary people, two seconds were nothing, but that was not the case for a warrior facing Huanmo raid.

Sure enough, Ye Xiwen had not expected but the disciples of Qingfeng Mountain disciples would so easily escape from Huanmo's illusion. Even if the numbers of Huanmo were five times more than their own, under the leadership of Ye Xiwen and the others, killing those Huanmo had become child's play for the team. Everyone easily killed one or more Huanmo and completed the assessment without any fundamental difficulty.

But, even after quickly slaughtering these Huanmo, they were not relaxed, because clearance was not their main goal. Clearing the assessment was easy, unless someone had a severe bad luck.

Passing with extraordinary scores was their actual goal.

Anyway, this test had a full month’s time and everyone had plenty of time to hone their skills, but also kill more Huanmo for better performance.

Everyone knew that their actions inside the Huanmo territory were being observed by high-level school personnel, so they just needed to give a good performance to catch their attention.

“Now that we are inside the Huanmo territory, we may encounter danger at any time, and those Huanmo may appear anywhere so we have to be careful at all time.” Ye Feng said.

“Yes!” The disciples said in unison. Before coming here, the goal for these disciples was to pass the assessement and then only they would think about getting good results, but since Ye Xiwen was with them, their morale had increased. In their hearts, Ye Xiwen had completely replaced Ye Feng, although Ye Xiwen was younger in age, but to them, he was just like their spiritual leader.

Ye Xiwen's strength was still not comparable to that of Shangguan Xuanyi, but his strength was still among the group of disciples with their strengths right below the three strongest disciples. And being led by such a strong master was very assuring for them as anyway they won't die in the Huanmo territory.

However, Ye Feng was keeping silent and was not talking much after coming to the Huanmo territory because he was little anxious as Huanmo were not their only opponents. Even excluding the three major sub-schools, there still were a lot of strong sub-schools with many Xiantian masters. These Xiantian masters from various sub-schools had come from all over the Great Yue State to enter into Yi Yuan School and possessed different kinds of martial arts and unknown killing techniques and skills. So far, they had not yet encountered another team, but sooner or later, they might encounter a very formidable opponent. Although they won't die in the Huanmo territory but they would still be thrown outside after dying.

Days passed, and shortly, the Qingfeng Mountain crowd had spent more than three days in the Huanmo territory. In three days, they faced Huanmo raid several times, but the crowd had already become experienced in fighting off the Huanmo and had at least beheaded fifty-six Huanmo, and with that, they had extraordinarily completed the assessment.

Wu Hao and Qian Wanru were on the verge of having a breakthrough and it seemed that they might have it in the Huanmo territory. It was a good thing for them that they were going to enter into the Xiantian realm before joining the Main Sect.

On this day, they approached a mountain and were thinking about exploring it when suddenly seven figures jumped out and intercepted them. They were, in every respect, releasing an extremely terrifying aura and were definitely very powerful Xiantian masters.

The complexion of the disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school suddenly changed. Seven powerful Xiantian masters had actually come out of nowhere and intercepted them. One must know that even a moderate rank sub-school had less than seven Xiantian masters and Qingfeng Mountain sub-school had only four.

And each of these seven Xiantian masters had a strong Xiantian aura and the weakest of them was at least the master of Xiantian second stage which had totally startled them.

“Who are you people, why are you blocking our way?” Ye Xiwen came forward and asked. He had noticed three of these seven masters in the plaza. He was paying attention to the strong masters in the plaza and had made a mental note of the top players from various sub-schools. He knew that these people were one of the strongest Xiantian masters of this year.

But he had not seen the other four masters and it was possible that they didn't belong to any sub-schools and were definitely newcomers, after all, Yi Yuan School was one of the four great sects and held a huge influence in the Great Yue Stat, so during the triennial examination, the aspiring disciples were not only from the respective sub-schools but from all parts of the state. Various powerful clans from all over the Great Yue State would also send their elite disciples to join the Main Sect and bring glory to their clans.

Although the number of disciples who had entered the Huanmo territory to participate in the assessment exam was very large, but Huanmo territory was very huge, much larger compared to Blood Yuan territory and therefore, they had not encountered other disciples for these many days, but as the days would pass, the number of encounters would continue to grow more and more.

These people were not very old and seemed around the age of twenty, but all of them had a dignified appearance and presumably were top masters in the younger generation of their clans.

“You are Ye Xiwen?” The Chinese-robed young man who was standing in the middle and seemed like the leader of these seven masters asked. All the sub-school disciples had heard about the recent exploits of Ye Xiwen because the rumors had made him quite famous among the disciples as the undefeated sub-school disciple.

The disciples from other schools or clans, who didn't belong to any sub-schools were generally very talented, after all, they were not stupid. If they tried to enter into the Main Sect with poor strength then they would only become handyman disciples. That is the reason why only strong masters of Xiantian realm would come to join the Yi Yuan School's Main Sect.

Ye Xiwen's heart sank when he heard that they had actually come for him. He looked towards the Chinese-robed man and replied: “It's me, what do you want?”


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