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(NT: Chapter 95 is Sunday’s regular chapter. I will try to release regular Chapter 96 in few hours otherwise, it will come in Tuesday’s Grand release along with sponsored chapters 97,98,99 and 100)


Chapter 95 - Your family members are bugs

“It's me, what do you want?”

Ye Xiwen looked at the seven people and almost all of them looked dignified and seemed like the elite disciples from their respective clans or schools, but this time, they had actually come to join the Main Sect.

“Your journey ends here.” The Chinese-robed young man coldly said, “You should know that you must never offend people you can't resist.”

Among these seven people, not even one of them had a lower cultivation than Ye Xiwen. All of them had a terrifying presence, not to mention, they had come together for him so it was going to get rough.

The four of them standing on the sides were amazingly at the peak of Xiantian second stage with 40% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi. The three in the middle were at the Xiantian third stage with 50% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi.

Chinese-robed young man standing in the middle had an amazing aura and was staring coldly at Ye Xiwen as if he was looking at a bug.

On his left was a diminutive young youth with a sinister look on his face and his expression resembled that of a poisonous snake.

On his right was an extremely seductive woman dressed in purple Chinese dress exposing her nice figure, but there was a cold expression on her face.

Ye Xiwen noticed that this trio would prove to be very tough opponents for him and it would be very difficult to deal with any of them. He needed to be very careful while fighting them.

He could easily take on each of these seven masters in a one on one battle and Huanmo territory was best for battles like this, but right now, the situation was a little perilous for him because all seven of them had come together for his life and he didn't even know how he had offended them or exactly whom he had offended. In the end, he might not have enough energy left to fight all of them.

“How can there be so many strong Xiantian masters.” Ye Feng's heart sunk down, because he was only at the peak of Xiantian first stage and except Ye Xiwen, no one else in the team was more powerful than him. Because of this, he could clearly feel the terrifying aura of these seven masters and knew that they very strong.

“It’s scary.” Ye Ruxue muttered.

“Ye Xiwen, you will die today without even getting a chance to fight back. That senior said to teach you a lesson to make you understand your own status, so that you know whom you should get close to, and with whom you should not.” The diminutive youth licked his lips and a killing intent flashed in his eyes.

Hu Yanghang, in Ye Xiwen's mind, that name immediately cropped up. That diminutive youth had already given him enough hints that it was easy to guess the enemy’s identity.

This Hu Yanghang was really very insidious and ruthless! Just to make him understand to not get close to Hua Menghan, he had planned all this to teach him a lesson in Huanmo territory.

Ye Xiwen heart was filled with anger and hatred for that arrogant bastard who thought he was superior to others and couldn't mind his own damn business.

“Let me teach him a lesson.” A blue-robed youth came forward and said.

“We are not your enemies but you still must intercept us, this is really going too far.” Qian Wanru said with indignation.

“You all leave right now.” Ye Xiwen suddenly said.

“How can we just go and leave you alone.” Ye Ruxue said in a worried tone.

“These people are the top players and even if you stay, you won't be of much help.” Ye Xiwen said like a true leader because he knew that sometimes, quantity could not make up for strength.

Except Ye Xiwen, the strongest among them was Ye Feng who was only at the peak of Xiantian first stage and most of other disciples were still the masters of the Houtian realm. If they stayed, it would be totally meaningless to fight a hopeless battle, so they might as well leave in advance.

“Hey, you are quite knowledgeable.” The diminutive young people sneered and since their main goal was just Ye Xiwen, they didn't care about other weaklings.

Everyone thought the same, because that was the truth. Under the siege of so many strong Xiantian masters, their presence would only prove to be an obstacle for Ye Xiwen.

Qingfeng Mountain people quickly made their decisions and so did Ye Xiwen and most importantly, in the Huanmo territory, even if someone died inside, they would immediately be thrown outside, so it was not that Ye Xiwen was really in a life-threatening danger.

After thinking a lot and making their decisions, soon, the Qingfeng Mountain crowd left leaving only Ye Xiwen and the seven masters on the scene. Ye Xiwen was relieved, because now, he could display his full strength and go all out without caring about anything.

“Good, those bugs are gone, hey, it seems that you are quite famous among the disciples of your sub-school.” The blue-robed youth sneered and said.


A killing intent flashed in Ye Xiwen's eyes!

The blue-robed youth took a step and like a tornado, he rushed towards Ye Xiwen, with his fist forming a huge storm and a terrifying twisting Quanjin suddenly arrived in front of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen sneered and shot his palm, Rushing thunder hand, Pass like thunder and move like the wind, and with a rumbling sound of thunder, his palm wrapped in lightning-like Zhen Qi instantly greeted the coming fist.

“Boom!” The collision produced a loud sound accompanied with layer by layer of shockwaves rushing in all directions, as if, the mighty waves were running on the surface of the sea. These waves became a huge twisting storm and swept off the scene.

The fights between Xiantian and Houtian realm masters would always be on entirely different levels because Xiantian masters could directly stimulate the Lingqi fluctuations in the atmosphere, making these fights highly destructive.

Ye Xiwen's terrifying palm attack had easily blocked off and wiped out the storm created by the Blue-robed youth's attack.

There was a surprised look on his face as he did not expect his attack to be effortlessly blocked off by Ye Xiwen.

“Bugs …”

Ye Xiwen sneered: “Your family members are bugs!”

Ye Xiwen instantly rushed towards him, as if a celestial being was talking a stroll, and with a group of thundercloud like Zhen Qi covering his right hand, he shoved it towards the body of that blue-robed youth.

He didn't even have a chance to react.

The three powerful masters suddenly shouted: “Stop!”

“You dare!”


Ye Xiwen didn't care about these people and instantly shot his palm.

“Boom!” The thunder-like Zhen Qi blasted into the chest that Blue-robed youth and instantly blasted him away. He was sent flying into the sky but suddenly his stature turned into a streamer and directly disappeared.


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