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Chapter 93 - Huanmo's surprise attack

The assessment examination had finally begun and this was going to be a turning point in their lives.

Ye Xiwen also did not have many thoughts about Hua Menghan, because at the moment, one could say that he was still very far away from her.

A purple-clothed old man flew from a distant place and arrived in front of the disciples. He was an elder of Full moon peak and without any idle talk, he just looked at the crowd then said: “This entry assessment examination, begins!”

The purple-clothed elder conveniently waved his hand and suddenly, the space began to violently fluctuate. A mysterious streak of light appeared out of nowhere and it seemed that the whole space had been ripped open and a gate formed which slowly opened with a loud rumble.

Suddenly a large amount of Lingqi, mixed with disgusting gas, spewed out from the gate.

Fortunately, the Houtian realm disciples had not yet opened up the world bridge and so they couldn't feel the sudden discharge of Lingqi from the gate.

However those Xiantian realm disciples suddenly felt the presence of this disgusting gas and frowned with a clear displeasure on their faces. However, it was not surprising for everyone because they had already been informed by their elders that there were large number of Huanmo devils present in the Huanmo territory, so of course, there would be a large amount of magic present in the atmosphere.

In fact, so far, it was found that only devil race could biologically adapt to moqi. Even the most violent and powerful demon beasts couldn't withstand the direct instill of moqi. (NT: 'moqi' can mean 'devil qi' or 'magical qi')

However Ye Xiwen's eyes had brightened when he discovered that the 'Special Space' in his mind was able to absorb the moqi. He already knew that he could absorb the Lingqi present in the atmosphere in the mysterious space, but had never done it before because the absorption effectiveness of Lingqi from the atmosphere was too slow. Even in the Lingqi enriched environment of Yi Yuan School, the absorption rate of Lingqi was very less compared to that of the Lingqi present in the Spirit stones, after all, formation of these spirit stones would take innumerable years of absorption of Lingqi, so it was natural that it would be easy to extract Lingqi from spirit stones.

Ye Xiwen thought, since he could absorb the moqi in the 'Special Space', then he might also be able to absorb Yaoqi or other energy forms of qi as well! (NT: 'Yaoqi' means 'evil qi')

But Ye Xiwen didn't have enough time to think of this matter as the sub-school teams had started entering the Huanmo territory one by one according to their ranks.

The team of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school also walked towards the entrance of Huanmo territory. The purple-clothed elder waved his hand and a huge bubble formed and they were wrapped inside it and the team quickly disappeared from the eyes of the crowd.

No one knew after how long, the team of Qingfeng mountain sub-school finally appeared in the Huanmo territory and everywhere, they could see a devastated scenary. The ground was withered and from time to time, magical fire was coming out of the fissures in the ground and the air containing the mixture of Lingqi and moqi was blowing on their faces. The environment here was quite harsh, and originally, this territory belonged to the devil race which was once destroyed and they had already left, not to mention those Huanmo devils were the remaining part of the lost devil civilization.

It was similar to situation where a modern man would leave the city to live in the forest for decades.

“Is this Huanmo territory? It is even more desolate than expected.” One of the disciples sighed and said.

“Yes.” Zhang Yang nodded, “It seems like the random transportation like the last time and without a map, we do not even know our location.”

“There's no need to hurry. Once we find a Huanmo city, we will naturally get a map from there.” Ye Feng said as in the Huanmo territory, Huanmo race should be considered the indigenous and it was not surprising if they had a map. Moreover, Huanmo belonged to the devil race but they certainly were intelligent creatures, therefore they also had small towns in the Huanmo territory, but these towns were simply just a prototype and couldn't be regarded as real towns.

Suddenly the air distorted and the surrounding scenery instantly changed and in a flash, numerous tall buildings and a bustling metropolis took shape in front of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt nostalgic about this scenery. For a long time he had not seen such scenery which used to be so common for him. That very common scenery containing the reinforced concrete buildings of the city, but at this moment, seemed so friendly. This scene was buried deep inside his heart but he did not know when it would disappear.

Ye Xiwen suddenly sneered and punched forward containing the terrifying might of a tornado which swept clean the scene instantly.

At this time, the nostalgic scene disappeared and returned back into the scene of Huanmo territory. As he had expected, this was really the illusion magic, although he was well prepared before coming as Lin Zhantian had reminded everyone to be attentive in the Huanmo territory. Huanmo excelled at using illusion magic to confuse people, and once someone fell into the trap, he will be quickly defeated or even eaten.

Sure enough, when Ye Xiwen opened his eyes, he saw hundreds of Huanmo heading towards them. Their bodies were very small, only two feet tall, four arms and the size of their head was almost more than their whole body, two huge red eyes were flickering with ominous rays of light and their big bloody mouths were open and were rushing towards the team of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school. A Huanmo had already rushed to the front of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen sneered and shot his palm producing a thunderstorm rumbling sound, pass like thunder and move like the wind, and his palm directly shot into the big mouth of the Huanmo.

“Boom!” The Houtian ninth stage Huanmo immediately exploded in a single blow.

Almost in a flash, half of the body of that Huanmo turned into moqi. The bodies of these Huanmo devils were mostly made up of energy, coupled with the unusually large brain which they specially used to send out illusion magic with ease.

In an instant, the moqi that passed through the body of Ye Xiwen was absorbed by the mysterious space and deepened his comprehension of various martial arts.

In fact, Ye Xiwen's martial arts practice never stopped in the 'Special Space', but when he fully immersed himself in practicing then the efficiency also increased.

And after absorbing the moqi from the dead Huanmo, he realized that the comprehension speed in the mysterious space was a little faster compared to when he absorbed the Lingqi from spirit stones.

But at this time, he didn't have much time to think. He instantly drew his long blade and chopped out a brilliant Bladeqi in the shape of several meters long Bladeqi which instantly arrived in front of several Huanmo and they were split in half.

At this time, Ye Feng, Zhang Yang and Ye Ruxue, the other three Xiantian masters, also shattered their illusions and rushed towards the attacking Huanmo. After a while, the other disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school also shattered their respective illusions and joined the fight.


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