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 Chapter 92 - See you later Hua Menghan

Perhaps this level of strength was not too conspicuous in the Main Sect, but for many sub-schools, it was already very scary.

All of these disciples were undoubtedly very talented and after entering into the Main Sect, they would start to cultivate vigorously. In the future, they would most likely enter into the Zhen dao realm and become true disciples.

Peak of Xiantian third stage? Ye Xiwen turned again to look at the three strongest disciples and noticed that they were probably only a step away from reaching the Xiantian fourth stage and right now, he was not a match for any of them.

But Ye Xiwen was not worried about these three geniuses because he was confident that he would eventually be able to catch up with them.

“Junior sister apprentice, take a look, these are this year’s disciples!” Ye Xiwen's eyes were closed when suddenly a loud voice reached his ears.

Accompanied with the sound of flapping wings, two demon birds flew down from the sky. On top of a large eagle, stood a man with an appearance of about twenty-seven-year-old, clad in traditional Chinese clothes dancing in the wind and there was a smile on his face.

The other bird was snow-white crane carrying a black-clothed beautiful woman who had a pair of black curved eyebrows and pure-white skin. Looking at her, it seemed as if a celestial beauty had just descended into the mortal world.

Everyone’s eyes were attracted to both of them, even Ye Xiwen was no exception, but his eyes were not on the man but on the woman atop the crane.

Hua Menghan!

Ye Xiwen was determined that this was definitely the girl he had rescued in the cave. Compared to the slightly awkward girl he had seen last time, this time when he saw Hua Menghan, she was really like a fairy having an unparalleled grace and elegance. Her appearance was truly pleasing to the eyes.

Hua Menghan seemed to have noticed Ye Xiwen's gaze and turned to look at him.

After seeing Ye Xiwen, Hua Menghan was somewhat surprised as she did not expect to meet him so soon. Moreover, his current strength had really surprised her because when the last time she had met him, he was only a Houtian realm master, although while rescuing her, he had beheaded Luo Tian, but at that time, she had seriously injured Luo Tian. But now, Ye Xiwen had not just broken through to the Xiantian realm and was already at the peak of Xiantian first stage.

Hua Menghan slowly descended from her crane, and step by step, walked towards Ye Xiwen while simply ignoring the Chinese-robed youth, who was constantly trying to talk to her.

“You came.” Hua Menghan said.

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded.

“I still haven't thanked you for the last time.” Hua Menghan said as she was in a hurry last time and had left without thanking him personally which could be considered a very rude behavior.

“It doesn't matter, that was as easy as lifting a hand.” Ye Xiwen shook his head and said as he had benefited a lot from that incident and couldn't ask for more.

“Junior sister apprentice.” At this time, the Chinese-robed youth also came over, “Who are you?”

The Chinese-robed youth frowned and shouted in a low tone. He had instinctively felt some threat from Ye Xiwen.

Seeing the youth questioning Ye Xiwen, Hua Menghan wrinkled her black eyebrow. But right then, Ye Xiwen said: “Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, Ye Xiwen!”

Ye Xiwen could see arrogance and a look of disdain in the eyes of that Chinese-robed youth. The Main Sect disciples always looked down on the disciples from sub-schools as there was a huge difference between their strengths.

But that Chinese-robed youth forced a smile on his face and said: “Hello junior disciple, I’m Hu Yanghang, a core disciple.”

When Ye Xiwen heard that Hu Yanghang was a core disciple, adding to his arrogant tone, the meaning was clear that he was obviously pursuing Hua Menghan and was one of her suitors. And this was a method of warning him to stay away.

Just like Hua Menghan, Ye Xiwen also neglected Hu Yanghang. He took out a phoenix shaped jade pendant then put it before Hua Menghan and said: “I give this Jade rare treasure back to you."

There was a shocked look in Hu Yanghang's eyes and his gaze was continuously swinging between Hua Menghan and Ye Xiwen. How could he not know that this jade pendant was very precious to Hua Menghan and she would never allow others to even take a look at it? And now, it actually appeared in the hands of Ye Xiwen. Exactly what had happened between the two of them that Hua Menghan had actually given her precious jade pendant to someone else?

Thinking of all sorts of possibilities, suddenly, Hu Yanghang looked at Ye Xiwen with a killing look flashing in his eyes.

“Since you already have it, just keep it.” Hua Menghan lightly said, “In comparison to what you did for me, this jade pendant is simply not enough.”

When many disciples standing around in the crowd of heard Hua Menghan, they could secretly make a guess that Ye Xiwen must have handled some major matter that had actually led to his friendship with this fairy.

Ye Xiwen did not want to explain anything to anyone as this secret belonged to the two of them and he wanted to keep this thing a secret between just the two of them!

“Assessment is about to start, I won't take your time anymore.”

After saying a few words to Ye Xiwen, she didn't stay there for too long and flew into the sky on her crane and soon disappeared from the eyes of everyone.

When Hu Yanghang saw Hua Menghan leaving, he was also not in a mood to stay there. He first gave gloomy glances to Ye Xiwen then mounted his eagle and left.

After the two of them left, many disciples of various sub-schools started to give curious looks to Ye Xiwen because they didn't know how he had come to know a disciple from Full moon peak.

Even Shangguan Xuanyi, Yan Chiling and Zhangsun Yuyin had turned back and were looking curiously at Ye Xiwen.

Although they did not have to be specific, but anyone could make a guess that those two were definitely the disciples of Full moon peak because except the true disciples and elder-class people, as well as some characters with special permissions, only the disciples of this peak were allowed to fly over the Full moon peak.

The people of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school were especially very curious. They couldn't understand how Hua Menghan was on such friendly terms with Ye Xiwen and it seemed that she owed him a great debt as well, otherwise, why would she be willing to give her personal jade pendant to him.

Although they did not know the specific effects of that jade pendant, but with just one look, anyone could see that the jade pendant was really extraordinary.

Faced with so many curious gazes, Ye Xiwen directly closed his eyes.

Ye Xiwen had killed Luo Tian and people of his clan so he didn't want to get in trouble by getting a new formidable enemy.

Ye Xiwen also did not want to develop a habit of 'stirring up trouble wherever he goes'!

The crowd did not continue to look at Ye Xiwen because assessement examination had finally started.


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