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Chapter 91 -  The gathering of geniuses

Within the premises of Yi Yuan School Main Sect, one could see demon birds flying everywhere, carrying the disciples. The crowd of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school responded with curiosity in their eyes, looking excitingly at this scene.

But soon, the demon birds flew towards the foot of the Full moon mountain peak. Only the elders and true disciples were allowed to fly over the Full moon peak and others could only go up from the foot of the mountain.

Lin Zhantian did not go with them, but directly jumped off from his demon bird and vanished in front of everyone.

Everyone went towards the plaza of Full moon peak where disciples from over a hundred sub-schools were arriving one after another.

Over a hundred sub-schools, even if each sub-school had only a few dozens of people, but after adding them up, the total number would go up to thousands of people. The good thing was that the plaza was very wide, and at the moment, it was filled with many shadows. These were the masters of the Houtian ninth stage, who were once the core disciples of their respective sub-schools.

This gathering was truly magnificent and spectacular, far more than the gathering of competitions held at various sub-schools.

And, of course, compared to the geniuses present in the gathering for the competitions, the quality of talent here was undoubtedly much higher.

Each of these sub-schools had elite disciples and all of them had dignified appearance, especially the Xiantian level disciples. All of them were upright, and very conceited, after all, they had already entered into the Xiantian realm before joining the Main Sect. To be able to become a Xiantian master was an incredible achievement for the sub-school disciples and they were considered elite among the elites.

Ye Ruxue was the latest addition to the group of Xiantian masters of the Qingfeng Mountain sub-schools. Including her, now there were a total of four Xiantian masters, which was an unforeseen achievement in the history of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school. Although there were a lot of strong opponents with many strong sub-schools, but some sub-schools were quite miserable with only a single Xiantian master.

With over a hundred sub-schools arrived for the assessment, the strength of each sub-schools was not the same. The strength of some was almost comparable to the three major sub-schools!

“It's truly spectacular!” Wu Hao sighed with emotion and said.

Now these disciples had truly realized that their own road to practice, in the Main Sect, was finally going to begin and that there were several stronger people in the world.

This scenery was going to encourage their unceasing progress!

At this time, Ye Xiwen saw the people of three major sub-schools standing in front. Standing on the left were the people of Bingdao sub-school, led by a man with an extraordinary temperament. Ye Xiwen did not know but this guy was the well-known, Shangguan Xuanyi, one of the strongest three disciples of this year, with an unfathomable strength.

Next to the group of Bingdao sub-school, was also a large group of people with each one of their disciples in the Xiantian realm. The group belonged to one of the three major sub-schools, Shen Huoshan sub-school. It was located in the southern part of the State, next to a volcano, and its disciples practiced fire attribute power techniques, making them a stark contrast with the disciples of Bingdao sub-school. (NT: 'Shen Huoshan sub-school' can also be called 'Divine Volcano sub-school')

These two sub-schools had always been consistent rivals thanks to their ranks as one of the major sub-schools and also the opposing nature of their power techniques. In short, these two sub-schools were inherently hostile towards each other and also held mutual hatred.

In front of the group of Divine volcano sub-school, there was a man, standing proudly with an appearance of approximately twenty-five-year-old. He was an abnormally burly man and Ye Xiwen found out that this man was named Yan Chiling. Similar to Shangguan Xuanyi, he also had an unfathomable strength.

On the other side of the group of Divine Volcano sub-school, the group of third major sub-school was standing. This group belonged to the Yunu sub-school. As the name suggested, all the disciples in this major sub-school were females. The group consisted of many beautiful young female students and all of them looked very attractive and they had also grabbed the attraction of most of the male disciples. (NT: 'Yunu sub-school' can also be called 'Jade Lady sub-school')

Their leader looked roughly 18-19 year old, dressed in yellow clothes flapping in the wind, long hair, and had a delicate jade-like skin. Two strands of hair were gently flowing by the wind over her cheeks which were complementing her seductive appearance even more.

This was the genius female disciple of Jade Lady sub-school and was named Zhangsun Yuyin. It was said that few years ago, she had easily stepped into the Xiantian realm and no one knew what her cultivation level was now.

Zhangsun Yuyin, Yan Chiling and Shangguan Xuanyi were said to be the three strongest disciples of this year and each of them had unfathomable strength.

Although, other disciples would have to wait as they did not know which vein they might join but that was not the case for the disciples of Jade Lady sub-school, because it was already fixed for them. Jade Lady Sub-school was a subsidiary of Yi Yuan School's Jade Lady Mountain peak, so all the disciples were going to join the Jade Lady Mountain peak in the future.

And the reason was that, Jade Lady Mountain peak only accepted female disciples, while Jade Lady sub-school had been established by a previous senior of Jade Lady Mountain peak, so it was only obvious for the disciples of the Jade Lady sub-school to join Jade Lady Mountain peak.

So relatively speaking, they didn't need to participate in this assessment.

In addition to these three sub-schools, there were some other first class sub-schools having more than ten disciples, who had already entered into the Xiantian realm. And then, there were middle level sub-schools like Qingfeng Mountain sub-school. Lastly, there were sub-schools with only one or two sub- Xiantian masters.

In this world, where strength was the supreme law and truth, only strong could command respect.

“Zhangsun Yuyin is just like an angel. She is the not only beautiful but is also this year's strongest disciple of Jade Lady sub-school. I heard that it has already been decided that she is going be the leader of the disciples at Jade Lady Mountain peak and will also become the senior of the mountain peak someday!”

“No wonder, it's really extraordinary how Jade Lady sub-school accepts only female disciples and turns them into such strong masters!”

“Shangguan Xuanyi, Yan Chiling and Zhangsun Yuyin are this year's strongest among all of us and no one even knows what their true strengths are!”

“I have heard from some people that the three of them are already at the peak of Xiantian third stage, or may even have reached the Xiantian fourth stage!”

When the disciples standing in the surrounding heard this, they could help but hold their breaths. Peak of Xiantian third stage or Xiantian fourth stage? To them, masters of such strengths were simply god-like existences.


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