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Chapter 90 - Assessment begins

Lin Zhantian, undoubtedly had cast a shadow of an unknown enemy in the hearts of the disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, but they were not too worried about it, after all, they were too keen to enter into the Main Sect.

Everyone’s thoughts were fully focused on the assessment examination which was going to take place a few days later, although it was not supposed to be difficult and basically everyone could pass, but this assessment was directly related to their future treatments and positions in the Sect. Those who performed outstandingly could earn a lot of rewards.

Ye Xiwen was only a little worried in his heart about the future, after all, there were some powerful hostile forces lurking out there, so all of them needed to be careful in future.

But he didn't think about this matter for too long because it was a thing in the future, and right now, the most important matter was to perform well in the assessment!

Time passed day by day and three days had quickly passed. It was time to finally participate in the assessment examination.

Early in the morning, all of the Qingfeng Mountain’s disciples got up early and assembled in the courtyard entrance. Lin Zhantian looked at the crowd and said: “Today we’re going to the Full moon peak.”

Full moon peak was one of the ten main peaks of Yi Yuan School and was home to the leaders of the vein disciples who were the direct descendants of Yi Yuan School's inheritance and held the direct command over the doctrines of the School. For ages, these leaders would generally come from the Full moon peak.

Everyone was excited because they all wanted to be able to join the Full moon peak as the disciples of Full moon peak were considered as the most noble and honorable.

But whether they would be able to enter into the Full moon peak depended on their performance during the assessment examination.

“This assessment will be conducted on the Full moon peak.” Lin Zhantian said, “The ancient masters of the Yi Yuan School came forth in large numbers to create many small worlds. This time, we are going to a small world located on the Full moon peak, called Huanmo territory. This small world was created when an ancestor from previous generations of Yi Yuan School used his extraordinary magical powers to open the many spaces from the devil world and captured a lot of Huanmo and again used his magical powers to open up this small world.”

Huanmo was a low-level devil, and was good at using magic to confuse the people, but even if it was at the lowest level among the devils, but also very tough. Ye Xiwen had read about them in some records, but in those records, devil world was treated just as a kind of myth and looked like an ancient mythology, but here, he actually heard that devils were real?

“Although it's only a small world, but it is hundred times larger than our Qingfeng Mountain sub-school's Blood Yuan Territory.” Lin Zhantian said, “Here, the danger is also higher, but this small world's most important characteristic is its transformation between real and imaginary world. Even if someone dies inside this world, he wouldn't actually die and will be sent out immediately, but the things you all will see inside are deemed to be true. Other than this feature of no one dying inside this world, the rest is similar to other small worlds”

The disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school were in uproar, because if that was the case then they really did not need to worry. They could just go all out, but at the same time, the competition would become more intense because everyone would have no scruples as they knew that they wouldn't die no matter what.

“This is a protective measure to protect the newly arrived disciples.” Lin Zhantian said, “But you shouldn't think that you will not die. Those Huanmo are not humans and they are very good at mind control magic. Some people got their minds controlled by Huanmo and those creatures attached themselves onto the body of these people and they have since become their puppets.”

All of the disciples trembled in fear because if that was the case then it was really too scary. People could become zombies after being controlled by those Huanmo, and after that, even if they survived, it would be worse than death.

“In the past, such a thing has happened when some of the disciples were being controlled and no one knew about it and it had nearly caused a calamity. I am telling all of this to remind you to always pay attention to your surroundings and be careful at all times.” Lin Zhantian said.

“The assessment requirements are very simple. So long as each of you kills one Huanmo, you can pass!” Lin Zhantian said, “This assessment will be observed by many high-level personnel of the Sect, so if you give a splendid performance then you may get directly chosen by them in their veins, therefore, do your best and perform well.”

“We promise!” The disciples said in unison.

Although even the weakest Huanmo was at the Houtian ninth stage but these disciples were all at the Houtian ninth stage or above and could easily handle a low-level devil like Huanmo.

Huanmo were more formidable in the spiritual influence and mind control, especially those with weak minds were most vulnerable, but these were the elite disciples with strong minds, otherwise how could they have gained a high level cultivation at such a young age.

So as long as they were careful, it would not be too difficult to deal with Huanmo!

So, all of the disciples were confident because anyway they won't die and could display their full strengths.

Unless they had an extreme bad luck, there won't be any other problems!

Lin Zhantian called the several demon birds and everyone jumped up. In total, there were twenty or so individuals participating from the Qingfeng Mountain sub-school.

“You won't die during this assessment, but I hope that you will still be very cautious. This assessment is not too difficult, but the emphasis doesn't lie on just passing the examination, but in getting better results. If you fail abruptly then it is equivalent to missing a golden opportunity, understood?” Lin Zhantian did not forget to teach them even from over the demon bird.

“Yes!” The disciples nodded and said.

“Even after entering the Main Sect, you will still always be the vein disciples of my Qingfeng Mountain sub-school. The seal of Qingfeng Mountain has been long branded on your persona so I hope you will have heartfelt solidarity and you will also show your support in the future!” Lin Zhantian.

From among these disciples, those who would become famous would also become a huge support for the Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, in the future!

“Yes!" The disciples said in unison.

While everyone was excited and gossiping about the assessment, the demon birds had already flown over several mountains to enter into the outer boundaries of Yi Yuan School. The inside of the Yi Yuan School was very lively and bustling with people and there was actually a city located in the hillside of the mountain peaks, showing the liveliness of Yi Yuan School's Main Sect.


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