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Chapter 854: 854
Chapter 854: Encounter An Ambush

Ye Xiwen’s figure quickly flew by mid-air, causing a series of sea waves to splash . On the endless sea, Ye Xiwen’s speed was impressive . His flying height was neither high nor low . Staying too low might render him easily ambushed by the sea beast while staying too high made him vulnerable to the beast in the sky .

With beasts everywhere, only this height would be a little safer .

Even in the True Martial Domain, the sea region was still the most challenging place to set foot . When True Martial School was in its heyday, it was already difficult to conquer places like this .

The situation worsened in this endless sea region at the Ancient Barrens continent .

The salty sea breeze carrying blood scent rushed towards him . I wonder where the source is .

The wind whipped Ye Xiwen’s clothes . He morphed himself into a cluster of light as he navigated forward . Above this boundless sea region, he only needed to be careful and avoid those stormy regions . There was nothing in particular .

“Ye Xiwen, now you only need to consolidate your cultivation for some time before tackling the Transcendent Realm ascension!” said Ye Mo .

Ye Xiwen nodded . He finally understood a little bit about how the Transcendent Realm masters under the age of five hundred years old emerged in the Ancient Barrens continent .

When he was at True Martial Domain, he was relatively young . Even Huang Wuji was already over a thousand years old when he entered the Transcendent Realm .

For Ye Xiwen, he was just above a hundred years old now while not reaching two hundred years old . In True Martial Domain, he was shocking to the world . However, in this Ancient Barrens continent, he seemed ordinary . Wang Mengyu was only around one hundred years old . Truth to be told, she was even younger than Ye Xiwen .

Originally, he was amazed by this place . Now, he felt nothing . It was pretty standard . In such a short period when he came to Ancient Barrens, his cultivation already attained a breakthrough .

Although the Star Beast’s vital energy and blood essence took a role in it, the most important thing was that this world’s environment was much more optimum .

It was as if someone who had been living in Jupiter suddenly ran to the moon, thus becoming a superman all of a sudden .

Similarly, this also meant that there would be many young experts in the Ancient Barrens continent . Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen’s blood was boiling . It fit his initial reason . He came to the Ancient Barrens continent because he had no opponent in the True Martial Domain .

He had a Sea Region Map in his hand – the same map that Wang Family had inherited for many years . The map was marked out clearly, preventing Ye Xiwen from getting lost .

Although he could explore the path with his spiritual sense, the scope of his spiritual sense was still inadequate, especially in this boundless sea region . He would be like a blind man .

“Ye Xiwen, a beast has been tailing you!” Ye Mo suddenly alerted .

Ye Xiwen immediately investigated it with his spiritual sense . Sure enough, less than a hundred miles behind, there was a crocodile beast continuously swimming toward his direction . It was a black crocodile beast that was several tens of meters long . The black scales glowed faintly in the sea . Its sharp claws and vicious jaws had declared its status as a formidable predator .

Ye Xiwen sneered . You’re only a Transcendent Realm beast, and yet you dare to put your eyes on me .

“Ye Xiwen, this creature is unlike a wild beast . He keeps tailing you a hundred miles away . While he is not approaching, he already has his eyes on you . According to my years of experience, there must be a master behind, coveting on you!” added Ye Mo .

Ye Xiwen was slightly surprised . Soon, he came to a realization . After arriving at the Ancient Barrens continent, I did not offend many people . The North Mountain Clan is far away in the Ancient Barrens continent . They can’t be here . There is only one possibility – the Wu Family .

No wonder they didn’t make a move during my departure . I thought the Wang Family was a good deterrent, but now it doesn’t seem to be the case .

Nevertheless, Ye Xiwen was unperturbed . Even if Wu Nanjie came personally, Ye Xiwen was confident that he could retreat safely . When he was about to expand his Demon Wings to shake off that crocodile beast’s pursuit, the feedback from his spiritual senses alerted him of an approaching group .

The leading person was not a human being but a sea clan member . Although he was human-like, the scales on his face and the claw-like hands had revealed his identity .

Ye Xiwen learned about the sea clan’s existence for a long time, but he was caught in surprise when seeing their existence first-hand .

These sea clans were the actual ruler of the sea region . Humans only had sovereignty on land . The sea bottom belonged to the sea clans . No one dared to underestimate them .

Besides this particular sea clan member, there were four other experts who were also sea clan members . After these four, Ye Xiwen noticed two acquaintances – Jia Qing and Wu Chenhai .

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Ye Xiwen squinted his eyes . Hello there, buddy!

“Hey, Ye Xiwen, I didn’t expect them to be quite enthusiastic, sending you off!” Ye Mo mocked sarcastically .

“Sending me off? Then, I’ll send them off to their last journey!” Ye Xiwen smiled faintly . He initially wanted to throw off this group from his tail . He abandoned that idea while something new popped up in his mind .

In his eyes, it was as if there was the universe getting born and disintegrated later . It was imbued with the unique light of flickering stars . Occasionally, a ray of killing intent flashed in them .

Sure enough, not long after Ye Xiwen stopped, those sea clan masters in addition to Jia Qing and Wu Chenhai arrived .

The Tyrannical Transcendent Realm aura was already quite apparent in a distance . When they saw Ye Xiwen, they encircled Ye Xiwen with their auras .

“Hahaha . Ye Xiwen . Are you scared!?” Seeing Ye Xiwen, Wu Chenhai immediately laughed proudly .

“The shame you instilled on me, I will surely return it a hundred and thousand times, making you feel worse than death!” After Wu Chenhai laughed, his face turned gloomy as if images of Ye Xiwen shaming him surfaced . He had never been humiliated like this in the past . He could not get rid of this hatred if he couldn’t kill Ye Xiwen .

“Feeling something worse than death?” smiled Ye Xiwen faintly .

“Hahaha . Nephew, it’s fine . After your uncle catches him, then you can do whatever you want!” The Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile expert laughed, grinned, and looked at Ye Xiwen . His ruthless gaze seemingly declared his confidence in taking down Ye Xiwen .

“Hey, brat . This uncle is from the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan, E Xiangtian [1] . After you die, don’t remember the wrong name!” The sea clan expert laughed .

“Uncle, stop wasting time talking to this brat . Actually, no matter how many things he knows, he is going to the afterlife anyway . Is there reincarnation in this world? Hahaha!” Wu Chenhai laughed as he deemed Ye Xiwen dead already, which soothed his anxiety .

“That’s right . He is just a dead person!” E Xiangtian laughed aloud . The waves under his feet suddenly separated . A huge beast appeared at everyone’s feet . It was the crocodile tracking Ye Xiwen closely .

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“Let’s go together!” E Xiangtian gave an order . Four Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile experts immediately rushed towards Ye Xiwen . Their terrifying beast-like aura completely swept out .

These four were experts in Transcendent Realm Second Level Peak . They were approaching the Transcendent Realm Third Level . In this case, they were much more oppressive than Jia Qing . They were the Transcendent Realm Second level veterans .

“Boom!” The four sea clan experts approached in an instant . Although they were huge, they were not sluggish at all . They came almost instantly .

Ye Xiwen sneered as he made a move .


A golden light burst out from Ye Xiwen’s hand . At an indescribable speed, the light instantly went straight to the throat of the fastest sea clan expert .

“Puff!” The golden light in Ye Xiwen’s hand pierced his throat without any hindrance . Blood sprayed out incessantly like a bloody flower blooming .

With the blood spraying out, all the vitality in his body seemed to be taken away . The body turned cold in an instant .


The sea clan expert fell directly from mid-air into the sea .

“What!” Another sea clan expert was about to rush to Ye Xiwen’s face . He watched his companion turn into a cold corpse in Ye Xiwen’s hands, but they had already rushed over . At this time, it seemed too late to retreat .

He propelled himself backward in an instant, trying to avoid Ye Xiwen .

“You’re fleeing? Do you think you have the chance?” Ye Xiwen’s cold voice sounded in an instant . Another golden light pierced the vast sky . Another bud of blood blossomed . Although the Crocodile Clan expert was already cautious, his speed was incomparable with Ye Xiwen . Ye Xiwen caught up without much hindrance .

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“Puff!” The sound declared another death . The expert’s body quickly turned cold as he lost his vitality, falling directly from the sky .

“Stop!” E Xiangtian almost broke into tears as he opened his eyes widely . These four experts were his brothers who had followed him for many years . Anyone of their death or injury would hurt deep down in his heart . Worse still, Ye Xiwen defeated two of them in one fell swoop .

He felt as if his heart was about to be torn apart .

Ye Xiwen sneered . Why would he stop just because of E Xiangtian’s words? These enemies came for his life . He wouldn’t give them mercy .

Ye Xiwen’s toes tapped sharply . Another golden light flashed in his hands . His figure suddenly swooped toward the two remaining sea clan experts .

[1] E Xiangtian(鳄向天) . E (鳄) just meant crocodile

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