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Chapter 855: 855
Chapter 855: Massacre

A golden light flashed past Ye Xiwen’s fingertips .


A bud of blood marked the death of another sea clan expert . This expert was approaching the Transcendent Realm Third Level, and yet he had no way to retaliate . He died under Ye Xiwen’s hands just like that .

“How could he be so strong!” Jia Qing couldn’t believe it . It was no ordinary warrior but someone stronger than Jia Qing – a mere Transcendent Realm Second Level Peak . This person who was even unchallenged in the face of Transcendent Realm Third Level had perished in a snap .

The process was so smooth as though the deceased expert was as though a paper tiger!

Generally speaking, warriors who could cultivate to this level often have their lost technique hidden in their sleeves . In this case, only opponents that overwhelmed them by many cultivation realm gaps could take their life . Otherwise, they would only get defeated but not dead . Of course, the exception would be facing their inborn enemies .

But, Ye Xiwen had almost no weaknesses, being outstanding in all aspects . No matter what kind of warrior he encountered, he could easily abuse the opponent’s weakness . In the end, he could slaughter the enemy easily .

“Damn it!” E Xiangtian’s entire face was distorted . All the scales on his face stood upright . He dashed out in an attempt to save the last one .

The crocodile beast under his feet also opened its mouth wide at this time . Countless seawater spiraled into its mouth .

“Boom!” A water jet imbued with Demon Qi blasted towards Ye Xiwen . Wherever it passed, the space was distorted . The water jet crushed the air particles, making the space into a vacuum state .

The water jet was fast . It bombarded Ye Xiwen in an instant, like a giant dragon swallowing him .

“Boom!” With a loud noise, the water jet struck Ye Xiwen . Terrifying energy rippling out instantly evaporated the surrounding seawater, emitting shockwaves from its center .

The surrounding sea was still filling in the water jet at a rapid rate .

The water jet was still storming out, but it seemed to be constrained by some kind of power . Slowly, it became stagnant .

Suddenly, a big hand covering the sky appeared, grabbing the water jet in his hand .

“Pfft!” With a loud bang, the big hand’s grip crumbled the raging water jet, turning it into water vapor in the sky .

However, Ye Xiwen was also stopped .

“I’m saved!” The sea clan expert finally breathed a sigh of relief . The scene just now was too horrifying . He never thought that anyone could slaughter them like this . There could be someone capable of this, but it shouldn’t be this Half-step Transcendent Realm Late kid .

“Are you sure!? ” Just as the sea clan expert thought he was saved with E Xiangtian only a moment away from him, Ye Xiwen’s voice came creeping behind him .

A cluster of golden lights flickered in the sky . Ye Xiwen reappeared in front of everyone; his palm swooshed down directly .

“Boom!” This sea clan expert was bashed into a pile of flesh on the spot . Its blood essence sprayed all over the sky with the Tianguan Mirror, absorbing it wholly .

Ye Xiwen was like a grim reaper . He would bring death wherever he went . All who oppose him would die .

“Brat, you are courting death!” E Xiangtian’s eyes shed blood and tears . It was chilly . “You dare to kill Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan’s expert . Our entire clan will hunt you down!”

In this endless sea region, the sea clan status was much higher than that of human beings . Human beings were divided into various forces, but the sea clan members were much more united .

It was precisely because of the high number of sea clan experts that human experts had to think twice before confronting them .

However, such a threat was totally meaningless to Ye Xiwen .

“Those involved in the hunt will not be spared from being hunted . Since you want to kill me, you should be ready to get killed!” said Ye Xiwen coldly without any sympathy . He was unfazed by the threat .

Ye Xiwen was far more ruthless than anyone!

He won’t have the slightest sympathy for those wanting to take his life at all .

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“Damn, I will break you into pieces!” E Xiangtian roared . The terrifying qi within him fluctuated intensely . It formed a cruel and violent qi, overwhelming the sky .

E Xiangtian’s cultivation had entered the Transcendent Realm Third Level Peak, which was a level stronger than these subordinates .

“I want to take your body to feed the beast, let them tear you off piece by piece!” E Xiangtian roared . His anger burnt rightly in the sky .

E Xiangtian had a hideous face . The killing intent had substantively manifested . After a loud shout, he directly turned into a cluster of black light, rushing towards Ye Xiwen .


He appeared in front of Ye Xiwen in an instant . Both of his arms grew a lot bigger at once, thick and long, like two steel forks . He transformed his arms into weapons with his claws grabbing towards Ye Xiwen .

His speed was breakneck . The strength of Transcendent Realm Third Level Peak was fully demonstrated at this moment . It was way beyond the leader Ye Xwien previously killed by many calibers .

His claws were so fast that only black shadow could be seen . He appeared straight in front of Ye Xiwen in an instant .

Ye Xiwen’s hands were glowing with golden light . Soon, the golden divinity clad on him like a deity cast in gold .


As the claw caught onto Ye Xiwen’s body, only metal sound could be heard – “dang . ” It was like a violent collision of gold and iron . The golden divinity on Ye Xiwen’s body shone intensely .

“Are you only capable of this? If that’s the case, forget about killing me!” Ye Xiwen laughed .

“Damn it!” E Xiangtian exclaimed . The most prominent feature of the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan was its poison . His poison would simply be a joke if he could not penetrate Ye Xiwen’s defense .

E Xiangtian was depressed, but Ye Xiwen had no scruples and directly launched a counterattack .

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Immediately, E Xiangtian was forced to retreat . The strengths he was so proud of became useless in front of Ye Xiwen .

“Boom!” E Xiangtian was blasted off by Ye Xiwen, stirring up countless waves on the sea’s surface, and finally he stopped . He looked at Ye Xiwen with bitter eyes and roared, “Brat, you are dead . Do you think that I can’t kill you?”

E Xiangtian grabbed his hands toward the void . A black mist wrapped around his arm, and a pair of metal iron claws appeared on his fist .

Above this pair of iron claws, it emitted a faint essence of Transcendent Tool .

“It turns out to be a weak Human Level Martial Instrument!” Ye Xiwen squinted his eyes . Like martial arts, martial instruments were divided into four levels: Human Level, Earth Level, Heaven Level, and Deity Level; they were divided into four small stages, namely Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite .

The Transcendent Tool referred to in the True Martial Domain was Human Level Martial Instrument . It was uncommon in the True Martial Domain, let alone in the Ancient Barrens continent . However, since they were abundant Transcendent Realm masters in the Ancient Barrens continent, not everyone could possess a Human Level Martial Instrument .

Only skilled Transcendent Realm masters could truly reach high compatibility with a martial instrument . Many masters who surpassed the Transcendent Realm were still using Human Level Martial Instrument .

However, even if they were all Human Level martial instruments, they were distinguished into different grades . For example, the current Tianyuan Mirror was only at Human Level Elementary Peak, but it was not far from being promoted to Human Level Intermediate .

Seeing that E Xiangtian still had a trump card, Jia Qing and the others were relieved . Just now, as they watched Ye Xiwen beating E Xiangtian into retreat, they had thought about fleeing on the spot .

Although E Xiangtian was here to help them, they disregarded it . After all, they rather have him dead than them .

But with the martial instruments, the situation was completely different . Although it was only the martial instruments of Human Level Elementary, it was still a classified martial instrument after all .

“Although it is only the Human Level Elementary martial instrument, you still have to be careful . After all, having a martial instrument in hand makes a huge difference!” Ye Mo reminded .

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded .

E Xiangtian’s eyes were cold . A black mist entangled his hand . Violent energy permeated on top of the claws, raising it to a terrifying speed .

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“Die!” E Xiangtian roared fiercely and stomped on his feet . He turned into a stream of light and rushed towards Ye Xiwen .

In just an instant, he appeared in front of Ye Xiwen . His speed had increased by several percent compared to just now .


A terrifying force boiled out from E Xiangtian’s claws . The monstrous black light swept in all directions, emitting five rays . The light engulfed the sky and the earth, grabbing Ye Xiwen .

His grasp tore the air . The space fluctuated violently . There was a faint trace of his grip that was reinforced with sharp claws .

Ye Xiwen retreated sharply . While retreating, the Tianyuan Mirror in his body reacted and rose directly into the sky, turning into a bloody sun . The boundless blood-colored light gathered in the void and morphed into a blood-colored ball . A beam of light blasted down towards E Xiangtian .


At the moment of the impact, the sky seemed to be quiet for an instant . However, at the place of impact, endless power took the form of a sphere, sweeping out in all directions .

The two martial instruments of Human Level Elementary collided directly in the void .

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