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Chapter 853: 853
Chapter 853: Leaving South Initiate Island

“This is impossible . How come!?” Jia Qing couldn’t believe it . He finally mustered up the courage to challenge Ye Xiwen . He initially thought that his cultivation had greatly improved . With the battlefield at sea, he had a great advantage . He felt that he still had a good chance to defeat Ye Xiwen .

He did not anticipate that no matter how fast he progressed, he was still unable to withstand one move . Ye Xiwen crumbled all his attacks in one move as if all his attacks were so fragile, and he was unworthy to be an opponent at all .

Wang Mengyu’s attractive crimson lips raised a little . She didn’t know what to say .

Ye Xiwen seemed to be more terrifying than two months ago . Jia Qing could still fight Ye Xiwen for a while previously . Right now, Jia Qing was defeated in the blink of an eye .

Wang Feiyun was also quite shocked . The only unwillingness in his heart disappeared . If a person were a little stronger than him, then he would not admit defeat . With such a big gap, he cowered from the fight for glory .

Ye Xiwen didn’t care what Jia Qing felt . He dashed forward, morphing into a cluster of light, and headed toward the sea .

Wang Mengyu, Wang Feiyun, and others also followed Ye Xiwen . They directly floated up .

Jia Qing was stunned for a long time in a daze before he flew to the sea surface .

“I’m leaving!”

The next day, Ye Xiwen approached Wang Mengyu and said to her .

He pursed his lips and looked into a distance . No one knew what he was longing for .

“Are you leaving?” Wang Mengyu said in astonishment and soon came into realization . Although she had known for a long time that Ye Xiwen would inevitably leave, South Initiate Island was such a small place for a genius like him .

But when he really said it, she was still slightly surprised .

“En! I want to go to a bigger island for adventure!” Ye Xiwen nodded and said . Now for him, South Initiate Island was too small . He was unrivaled with the young masters in this place . It was indeed time for him to leave .

Ye Xiwen had thought about it too . If he were to return to the Ancient Barrens mainland, he was still outmatched by the North Mountain Clan Chief . He would only die terribly, let alone take revenge for Shen Yanmei .

Worse still, he had no other way to go back now . He could only put the matter on hold first . As for the search for his father, he could only put it aside .

“Well, I will let the people in my family put close observation at Wu Family lest the Wu Family send masters to intercept you!” said Wang Mengyu . It was highly possible that the Wu Family would resort to this, so she had to take precautions . If something happened on Ye Xiwen, no one would dare to be of service to the Wang Family in the future .

“En!” Ye Xiwen agreed . In fact, he didn’t care about this . Even if the Wu Family besieged him, he could escape any encirclement easily . After all, the Wu Family was just a small family . They had no distinguished character like the North Mountain Clan Chief . Ye Xiwen wouldn’t see them as a threat .

“But no matter when you come back in the future, the door of the Wang family is always open to welcome you back!” said Wang Mengyu . Such a person’s future was unlimited . There would be no harm in building a firm connection in advance .

“Thank you!” Ye Xiwen said with a smile . He had no plans to come back after he left .

“Have you decided where you are going now?” said Wang Mengyu .

“Not yet . I will let fate decide my path!” said Ye Xiwen .

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“If you want to go back to the Ancient Barrens mainland, you can first go to the nearby Sunny Bamboo Island . This is the most prosperous island in the nearby sea region . There may be a Sea Region Map for sale!” said Wang Mengyu .

Ye Xiwen nodded . Cruising the sea was different from traveling on land . Worse comes to worst, Ye Xiwen had to repeat the same path if he got lost . However, on the sea, he might enter a forbidden place or encounter terrifying sea creatures . By that time, he might not be able to walk out alive!

The Sea Region Map had become a precious strategic resource . Generally speaking, in the boundless sea region, the greater a force was, the more perfect and more extensive the Sea Region Map would be .

The Wang Family’s Sea Region Map only had details in their surroundings . Their map would not allow Ye Xiwen to head directly to the Ancient Barrens continent .

Each of these Sea Region Maps was made from many human sacrifices . Those people who wanted to identify whether the places were dangerous or not were risking their lives . Many sacrifices had to pile up to achieve progress .

This was why the Sea Region Map was sought throughout many places .

“Sunny Bamboo Island!” Ye Xiwen mumbled .

“En, this Sunny Bamboo Island is the largest island near us in this sea region . It is quite prosperous . It is in the southwest of the Flourished Cloud Sea Region . It is second only to Sea Dragon Island where the Sea Dragon Mansion is located! ” said Wang Mengyu . In this endless sea region, these islands were like star-studded night skies . These islands were arranged like cities’ distribution on land; each island would have a large city .

“Sunny Bamboo is the most abundant resource on Sunny Bamboo Island . It is tough and has absorbed countless utmost strength and utmost just energy . If it is made into a weapon, it will be effective . In the long run, the specialty of Sunny Bamboo Island is also well-known . Due to Sunny Bamboo, it has attracted many people to come, and gradually flourished to the point where the island is only second to Sea Dragon Island!”

“You should pay a visit to Sunny Bamboo Island and look for Sea Region Maps that has a path towards the Ancient Barrens mainland!” said Wang Mengyu . “Even if your efforts are fruitless, you still go to Sea Dragon Mansion . It is possible to find what you want there too!”

“Thank you!” Ye Xiwen thanked her again, expressing his gratefulness . No matter what, Wang Mengyu’s sharing was deserving of his thanks .

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“Not a big deal . I should thank you instead . You make my Wang family proud, making a comeback while overcoming the challenges . Compared with this, I am only sharing something that everyone knows!” replied Wang Mengyu . She decided to be as helpful as she could to Ye Xiwen due to her optimism in his future, instead of the fact that Ye Xiwen helped the Wang family win the contest .

In her opinion, Ye Xiwen would become one of a kind in the Flourished Cloud Sea Region in the future . It was an excellent profit for her to strengthen her connection with a future influencing figure in the vast sea regions, with mere information that everyone knew .

“You’re welcome . It is a piece of cake . In the future, if the Wang family needs something, I will try my best to help when it is within my capability!” Ye Xiwen emphasized . He naturally understood that he already got the bargain . As he helped the Wang family win the contest, he had gotten a slot for Spiritual Volcano’s baptism . He wouldn’t want to forgo a friendly status with the Wang Family .

Of course, he was voluntary in his promise since there was no obligation tied already .

Soon, the Wu Family learned that Ye Xiwen would be leaving South Initiate Island .

In the discussion hall, many Wu Family elders and masters gathered together .

“This little brat is going to leave . Even fates want his death!” Wu Yin sneered . He was elated deep down his heart . Ye Xiwen’s emergence ruined his plan, thus making him hate Ye Xiwen to the guts .

“Indeed, you should immediately inform your brother that I want him to die terribly and bring me his head . I will personally send it to Wang Family . It will be enjoyable to see their expression!” Wu Nanjie said with a cold gaze . Compared with Wu Yin, he hated Ye Xiwen even more because Ye Xiwen almost ruined his son’s future .

“Father, please let me go with him . I will watch him die with my own eyes . No… I will personally break his neck by myself!” Wu Chenhai stepped forward and thundered . His gaze was filled with resentment .

He was the person who hated Ye Xiwen the most among the Wu Family . He was a proud genius who had not encountered any setbacks . His path had gone smoothly all along . He never imagined that he would suffer terribly under Ye Xiwen . Since he had not taken his revenge, the resentment was boiling .

If he couldn’t watch Ye Xiwen die in front of his eyes, he would not be able to sleep at night . Sooner or later, he might even form an inner demon .

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“I request to go along too!” Jia Qing stepped forward and said .

“Brother, let them go together . Anyway, it’s a foolproof thing . My brother also brought a few of his men . They can definitely kill Ye Xiwen . It doesn’t hurt to let them get more exposed!” said Wu Yin .

“This… alright!” Wu Nanjie contemplated . Since it is foolproof, it should be fine to let them tag along . “I’m afraid that the Wang family will be alerted . If we startle them, the little brat may give up leaving . Then our plan was in vain!”

“It’s fine . Indeed, the Wang Family is watching us . However, their focus should be veterans like us . For them, the Wang Family would be unperturbed . Moreover, we can let them leave via our hidden path . This is absolutely foolproof!” added Wu Yin .

“Alright, you may go . Bring back the little brat’s head . Give the Wang family a good view of it!” Wu Nanjie said as he slammed on the table .

“Thank you, father!” cheered Wu Chenhai .

Ye Xiwen . Meet your demise!

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