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Chapter 851: 851
Chapter 851: Half-step Transcendent Realm Late

Day by day, the volcano erupted continuously . It lasted for a whole month before it finally subsided, seemingly taking a rest for the eruption fifty years later . It was just like a human taking a nap after throwing a tantrum .

“Boom!” An explosion sounded from the sea bottom . A figure sprang out from the sea bottom . It was the middle-aged man among the two individual cultivators . His position was at the most bottom, where the magma flowed the least . So he absorbed the least energy, thus leaving the close cultivation first .

“Oh my, I’m almost dead!” The middle-aged man exhaled deeply . “This Spiritual Volcano is too dangerous . No wonder there are only these ten slots . Even if I hide in a cave, I’m almost killed by these magmas . If there were no caves, there would be many deaths!”

However, he was filled with excitement despite the complaining attitude . In this Spiritual Volcano baptism, he had consolidated his cultivation as the Transcendent Realm First Level warrior, allowing him to ascend into Transcendent Realm First Level Peak . He was only a tad bit distance from entering the Transcendent Realm Second level .


There was another loud explosion . A figure jumped out immediately afterward .

It was the older man among the individual cultivator duo . He came out almost at the same time with the middle-aged man . Although their slots were different, which rendered distinct geographical advantages, the gap was not too big . Since most of the energy had returned to Earth, he couldn’t do anything despite wanting to absorb more energy .

So he came out very decisively . He glanced at the middle-aged man who came out first . He didn’t say anything, but his aura was much more reliable than when he first started . He must have gained a lot of benefits from it .

After these two individual cultivators, another loud “bang” sounded with another day passed . A figure jumped out . It was none other than Wu Chenhai . However, he did not have the slightest joy from ending his cultivation . He pulled a long face as he stared coldly at the top of the volcano that turned chilly . It was Ye Xiwen’s position .

He said coldly, “Ye Xiwen!”

After a whole month, he absorbed a large amount of Spiritual Volcano’s energy and fire-attributed spiritual energy . His cultivation successfully broke through to the Transcendent Realm Second Level as he consolidated his realm . He did not need to worry about his realm being unstable . This trip saved him a lot of time to reach the current progress .

However, he did not rush in blatantly to trouble Ye Xiwen . He knew it clearly that Ye Xiwen was not so easy to deal with . Previously, Ye Xiwen defeated Transcendent Realm Second Level warriors, like Yuan Xuehai and Jia Qing . They were miserably defeated .

Although he hated Ye Xiwen, he was not stupid . He was indeed stronger than Yuan Xuehai and Jia Qing a month ago . However, as he gained a fantastic breakthrough this month, wouldn’t Ye Xiwen be the same?

He was not overconfident . He knew very well that Ye Xiwen would inevitably become stronger . If he were to rely on himself for revenge, it would be impossible in the short run!

Luckily, it did not matter . His family had arranged someone to deal with Ye Xiwen . Under the pursuit of the sea clan members at Transcendent Realm Third Level, it would be impossible for Ye Xiwen to escape even if he had remarkable skills .

As a matter of fact, humankind was much inferior to many other races, whether physical body, spirit, and perception of the martial art technique . Almost none of them possessed any advantages compared to many other clans .

Humans relied on number games when fighting against other masters of different clans, requiring a group besiege against one opponent . Otherwise, there was no way to attain victory .

Fortunately, although the quality of human masters might not be high, humans were advantageous in numbers . In the end, it gave humankind a chance to survive . However, as compared to a lone wolf, many people would be more optimistic about other clans .

Of course, there were some monstrous geniuses among human beings . They might be able to handle the besiege of dozens of different clans in the same cultivation realm . Sadly, there were too few people like that . Hence, it reinforced Wu Chenhai’s belief that Ye Xiwen was at a dead end .

When the Wang Family learns about the news of Ye Xiwen’s death, it will be a satisfying view . Sadly, I won’t be able to witness Ye Xiwen’s death, let alone beheading Ye Xiwen .

Although it felt like a great pity for Wu Chenhai, it didn’t matter . As long as Ye Xiwen would be dead, it didn’t matter how it was done . As long as the opponent died, it was good enough .

“Boom!” There was another explosion . A figure broke through the blockage of countless magma and rushed out . It was Jia Qing . At this time, Jia Qing had already ascended to Transcendent Realm Second Level Peak .

Wu Chenhai was quite self-aware, knowing that he would not be able to defeat Ye Xiwen . However, Jia Qing didn’t think so . He knew that Ye Xiwen must have made progress, but he was more convinced that he must be the one who had made the most progress . How could ordinary people be on a par with me – a Sea Dragon Mansion’s disciple?

“Where is Ye Xiwen? Has he come out?” Jia Qing looked at Wu Chenhai and asked .

This Jia Qing’s attitude made Wu Chenhai very uncomfortable . It was like demanding something from another subordinate . However, thinking that he was still a Sea Dragon Mansion’s disciple after all, Wu Chenhai could only hold back his anger and replied plainly, “I did not see him yet . He shouldn’t come out yet!”

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He was quite clear about the Spiritual Volcano . Generally speaking, only those with better positions would come out later because they could absorb more energy . This was a benefit that only champions could enjoy .

“That’s great . I will be on guard here . I will let him suffer once he comes out!” Jia Qing said coldly . The previous battle was a great humiliation for him . The only way to remove this stain in his life was to behead Ye Xiwen .

Wu Chenhai looked at Jia Qing . Although Jia Qing had now entered the Transcendent Realm Second Level Peak, he was still not optimistic that Jia Qing could defeat Ye Xiwen .

All these were just Wu Chenhai’s deep thoughts . He would not let Jia Qing catch wind of it . Moreover, he was upset with Jia Qing too .

Jia Qing was acting arrogant with his identity as Sea Dragon Mansion’s disciple . This fellow thought he was superior as he commanded the Wu Family as though they were subordinates .

What’s so great with you? My grandpa is also a Sea Dragon Mansion’s disciple . I’m going to enter Sea Dragon Mansion soon . What makes you think so highly of yourself!?

Thinking of this, Wu Chenhai was agitated . Even though he was confident that Jia Qing would suffer another terrible loss in Ye Xiwen’s hand, he wouldn’t bother giving Jia Qing a kind reminder . He wanted Jia Qing to suffer terribly .

Anyway, these two are annoying . I should let them fight and suffer great losses .

“Then, you wait here . I’m heading up first!” Wu Chenhai didn’t want to wait with Jia Qing at the same place . He turned into a stream of light and flew toward the sea . There was a ship waiting for his return .

“Useless trash!” Jia Qing didn’t care about Wu Chenhai’s departure . Anyway, he looked down at Wu Chenhai . If not for the benefits and Wu Chenhai’s eldest brother’s status in Sea Dragon Mansion, he would not have come to this rural place and get humiliated . He had never been defeated terribly like this in the past . It made him angry, and looked in the direction of Ye Xiwen with blatant killing intent .



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All of a sudden, two massive explosions occurred almost immediately next to each other . It was the two caves that the Yuan Family occupied .

Yuan Xuehai and another Yuan Family’s warrior jumped out directly . Yuan Xuehai only glanced at the Jia Qing a short while before returning his gaze at Ye Xiwen’s position . He immediately understood Jia Qing’s thoughts, but he didn’t say anything and just sneered .

Then, he turned around and flew directly towards the sea with another Yuan Family’s warrior .


There was another explosion . A figure flew up from the magma stone piles . The young expert who belonged to the Wang family had already consolidated Transcendent Realm First Level Peak cultivation .

After another long while, there was another massive explosion in a cave . Wang Feiyun rushed out directly with a loud cheer filled with excitement . He finally stepped into the Transcendent Realm Second Level . Even though he had only recently attained the realm, it was daily consolidated . Thus, he was not the most inferior in the realm .

Wang Feiyun soon noticed Jia Qing . Seeing that Jia Qing had been staring at the cave where Ye Xiwen was located, he knew what Jia Qing wanted to do, but he didn’t say anything . Although Ye Xiwen helped the Wang Family to become the champion, he was still occupied with the grudge of Ye Xiwen defeating him in one move . He would not harm Ye Xiwen, but he only treated Ye Xiwen like a stranger .

Jia Qing didn’t care about the two people who came out . He only had Ye Xiwen in his eyes, and he wished to smash Ye Xiwen into pieces .

After another three days, there was another explosion . A huge momentum swept in all directions . A petite figure rushed out . It was none other than Wang Mengyu .

“Where is Ye Xiwen? Haven’t he come out yet?” Wang Mengyu asked Wang Feiyun as soon as she came out .

“Not out yet!” said Wang Feiyun .

“He’s not going to die inside, right!?” The Wang family expert said with some worries . This was not a joke; instead, it had happened many times in the past . The young expert was trapped inside the magma . He was trapped alive inside and died .

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“It should be okay . Ye Xiwen is not a person who doesn’t know his limits . If he couldn’t stand it, he would have left long ago . He would not even agree to this invitation!” Wang Mengyu shook her head . Based on her knowledge of Ye Xiwen, she thought the possibility would be relatively low .

“However, with his Half-step Transcendent Realm strength, it is not easy to be able to survive until now!” said Wang Feiyun . Although Ye Xiwen had outstanding combat prowess, his power realm was still at Half-step Transcendent Realm, after all . Absorbing a high magnitude of energy would be challenging .

“Let’s keep waiting!” said Wang Mengyu plainly .

Time passed day by day . A month had passed, and everyone became a little impatient .

Eventually, there was some movement in Ye Xiwen’s cave .

“Boom!” With a loud noise, the solidified magma instantly cracked . A horrible vigor swept in all directions .

“Half-step Transcendent Realm Late!” said Wang Mengyu . She was certain of Ye Xiwen’s power realm . However, it was terrifying that Ye Xiwen was the only one having such a strong vigor during Half-step Transcendent Realm Late .

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