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Chapter 850: 850
Chapter 850: Breakthrough in the Volcano

Wang Yanghua had already said so . It did not matter whether the Wu Family members were happy with it or not . There was a tacit understanding among the three families . If the Wu Family had the guts to violate it, the Wang Family would do so next time .

South Initiate Island was generally peaceful . It lay in the compromise and balance between the three families .

No one took further pauses . Everyone boarded the ship prepared long ago and headed towards the sea region where Spiritual Volcano was located .

As a matter of fact, it should be considered a ship-shaped martial instrument . It turned out to be a great sage tool . Of course, they did not have the luxury of using the Transcendent Tool as martial instruments for travel .

Even in the Ancient Barrens continent, the Transcendent Tool was not common, especially for the three prominent clans . Their influence was limited to South Initiate Island and nearby sea regions .

There were layers of space warp on the ship . It might not appear big, but it could accommodate many people .

After cruising for another half an hour, the ship finally stopped . The three families started to get organized and shared important points to take note of . For the two individual cultivators who seemed to be experienced, there was no need for further notes .

“Remember . After you go in, don’t move around and wait quietly for the Spiritual Volcano to erupt . At that time, you must activate your aura barrier immediately, or you will be burned to death by the lava,” urged Wang Yanghua .

In fact, Wang Mengyu and Wang Feiyun were not newbies . Those who needed the reminder would be Ye Xiwen and the Wang Family’s young talent, who would be accepting the Spiritual Volcano baptism for the first time .

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded . During the cruise, he didn’t do anything . He only asked around the baptism details .

Soon, everyone plunged into the sea . At this time, this sea region appeared relatively peaceful . No beast was seen . All the beasts could feel that this volcano was about to erupt, and the surrounding area would be dangerous .

Since these beasts had left in advance, this sea region also appeared to be extremely quiet . Ye Xiwen and others also arrived at the sea bottom .

However, a vast continuous mountain range appeared in front of everyone . At the top of this submerged mountain range, there was a huge opening . It was this active volcano that would erupt once every fifty years .

There was a fire-attributed spiritual vein near this active volcano . It seemed to be a symbiotic spiritual vein of this active volcano . It was an excellent grade, but none of the three prominent families dared to make a move on this spiritual vein . If one were to be careless and caused this active volcano to erupt in advance, everyone would suffer a terrible fate .

So, they would instead send people here for baptism every fifty years .

Ye Xiwen activated his spiritual senses . He could immediately feel a majestic energy brewing in this active volcano as if it might erupt at any time .

Ye Xiwen became serious . In fact, their distance was not far away from the eruption range . Ye Xiwen dared not to belitter the power of nature . If a Transcendent Realm master were directly bombarded by the magma spewed out, it would be a fatal burn injury .

Everyone did not hesitate and went to their respective positions in descending order, with Ye Xiwen taking the best spot .

Ye Xiwen found the cave that belonged to him . He drilled in and immediately laid out the array . Then, he sat down cross-legged, quietly waiting for the Spiritual Volcano to erupt .


Suddenly, Ye Xiwen felt an earthquake as if some giant creature was turning over . The ground was shaking, and his surrounding rocks were utterly shattered .

The surrounding seawater had seemingly reached the boiling point in an instant .

Ye Xiwen quickly sensed the absurd escalation of the surrounding temperature . Although he was not directly facing the volcanic crater, he could still feel the temperature change .

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He hurriedly activated the aura barrier to isolate the heat . This temperature was nothing to his physical body . However, he was afraid that the Spiritual Volcano would suddenly erupt, burying himself alive on the spot .

The mountain range became unstable . Ye Xiwen only felt that the surrounding area was getting hotter and hotter, but immediately, hot spiritual energy engulfed him . This spiritual energy was so rich and pure that it was incredible . The fire-attributed energy was simply out of place with the surrounding seawater . As the energy entered the cave Ye Xiwen was located, all the seawater surrounding him evaporated instantly .

After a while, in the cave where Ye Xiwen was, only this scorching spiritual energy was left .

“Ye Xiwen, this is the fire-attributed spiritual energy . Haha, it’s the purest energy!” Ye Mo cheered, “The earthquake must have shattered the fiery spiritual stones . Only then, spiritual energy, which is under such pressure in the seabed for hundreds of thousands of years, is released . ”

Although these scorching spiritual energies were uncomfortable, they were so rich that it almost condensed into liquid . One could imagine how high the concentration was .

Ye Xiwen deactivated the aura barrier on his arm . He suddenly felt a “sizzling” sound on his arm as if the flesh was burnt . These fire-attributed spiritual energies were quite a challenge .

As a matter of fact, most of the spiritual energy in the world had no attributes . Only a handful of them had attributes . Unfortunately, these spiritual energies were more challenging to control, especially fire-attributed spiritual energy . They were quite rampant . Many people who acquired fire spiritual stones wouldn’t know how to control the stones . They could only resort to selling the stones to those who practice fire martial arts .

But, Ye Xiwen was naturally different . Although he did not practice martial arts with fire attributes, the power of his Tyrant Body was too overbearing . Almost all the body tempering forces would be assimilated, so he was not afraid at all .

Ye Xiwen didn’t hesitate immediately . He directly began to absorb these spiritual energies . Immediately, he felt burning pain in the meridian, but fortunately, he could withstand it .

With a single inhale, he swallowed all the fire-attributed spiritual energy in the entire cave . It was a great momentum capable of swallowing mountains and rivers .

He didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with him, but people catching wind of this would be terrified . Besides Ye Xiwen, no one would dare to absorb the fire-attributed spiritual energy so fiercely . It would still make sense if Ye Xiwen had somehow cultivated martial arts in fire attributes .

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However, since he did not, it was supposedly a careful assimilation process . This fire-attributed spiritual energy was rampant . It was highly possible to burn one’s Dantian after depositing it in the body .

Others could only absorb it bit by bit carefully . However, Ye Xiwen couldn’t care less . His Tyrant Body had reached the eighth level . His inner meridian was cultivated and strengthened . It would withstand fire-attributed spiritual energy .

Moreover, the assimilation speed of Tyrant Body Scripture and Observing Person Scripture was swift . The fire-attributed spiritual energy would become ready to be assimilated very soon .

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt that he had become stronger again . The Star Beast’s bloodline power in his body had also absorbed many nutrients .

As Ye Xiwen assimilation went faster and faster, the influx of fire-attributed spiritual energy also escalated . Fortunately, the entire sea region was filled with fire-attributed spiritual energy while the others refined it slowly, unable to keep up with Ye Xiwen . Otherwise, the others might resort to fighting against Ye Xiwen . After all, they wouldn’t be able to cultivate further with Ye Xiwen’s domineering cultivation process .

Not long after, Ye Xiwen only felt that the whole world seemed to be shaking . The seawater beside him oscillated in great intensity . The fiery magma shot to the sky like a burning sea in the sky .

At first, the magma was tender like a beautiful woman scattering flowers, but soon it all fell like a shower .

Soon, Ye Xiwen didn’t have any mental effort to care about it anymore . The cave was quickly flooded with magma . The countless magma slid down from the submerged volcano as if it were rolling down . Of course, the closer one was to the top of the mountain, the more intense the magma would be . There were not many left when it came to the last two slots at the mountain foot .

Of course, although it was not a lot, it was actually enough to fill the entire cave .

Ye Xiwen could sense that magma had enveloped him at the moment it had rushed in . The aura barrier on him made a “sizzling” sound, seemingly going to tear in any second .

These magmas were rich in fire-attributed spiritual energy . If one could not assimilate the spiritual energy, it would be buried alive . After hundreds of millions of years, it would develop into another spiritual vein .

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Ye Xiwen gave all out . He directly removed all the aura barriers on his body . Instantly, he could feel the skin on his whole body burning . He was submerged in the magma .

At the same time, Tyrant Body Scripture and Observing Person Scripture were activated . Both techniques enabled the fanatical assimilation of the explosive energy contained in the magma .

This magma’s energy was so rampant that it surged into Ye Xiwen’s body with no hurdle . Ordinary warriors would not absorb energy like how Ye Xiwen would . They would only use aura barrier to block off most of the energy and then absorb it bit by bit .

Otherwise, the energy in that magma could directly burst their bodies .

But Ye Xiwen was unique . After cultivating the Tyrant Body Technique and absorbing the Star Beast’s flesh, his physical body was no longer comparable to ordinary people . There posed no problem in such a violent assimilation process .

Time waits for no one . The volcanic energy and the fire-attributed spiritual energy in this magma would return to the earth over time . Hence, Ye Xiwen must make use of the time he had to cultivate .

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