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Chapter 852: 852
Chapter 852: Defeating Jia Qing Again

Although it was the vigor in Half-step Transcendent Realmlate, this vigor made her feel a little bit timid . Luckily, this vigor only lasted for a moment . It converged after Ye Xiwen broke through the magma layer .

It made her second guess the feeling . Did I sense it wrongly?

Ye Xiwen took a deep breath . The surrounding sea echoed in stronger waves .

In about two months, he kept absorbing the energy inside the volcano in addition to the fire-attributed spiritual energy, constantly tempering his body, and finally successfully ascended to Half-step Transcendent Realm Late . His Tyrant Body Scripture that was initially Eight Level, approached the breakthrough to enter the ninth level . By that time, it would be attaining great mastery .

Comparatively speaking, Tyrant Body Scripture Sixth Level was minor mastery, Tyrant Body Scripture Ninth Level would be great mastery . At the end of the spectrum, the tenth level would be the great perfection . There were considerable changes in each level .

According to Ye Mo, one could defeat a Dragon Clan during the Tyrant Body Ninth Level . Dragon Clan had a notoriously powerful physical body . Acquiring Tyrant Body Eighth Level was not enough to contend with Dragon Clan . However, the acquisition of the Ninth Level would allow him to defeat the Dragon Clan members . It was conceivable how strong it was . As for the tenth layer – great perfection, that would be really far away . Ye Xiwen could not imagine himself achieving that yet .

When Ye Xiwen attains Tyrant Body Ninth Level, he would have the strength to fight even if he encountered Dragon Clan members with a cultivation that was three levels higher than him .

However, despite him approaching the Ninth Level, it was still one step away from it . This gap was seemingly impossible to breach . Ye Xiwen could only stop bitterly .

In these two months, Ye Xiwen not only made a lot of gains in terms of the physical body, but his cultivation also did not lag behind as he attained the Half-step Transcendent Realm Late and entered the peak of that cultivation realm .

Since Ye Xiwen was situated at the top of the volcano, he had assimilated the most energy . It was a violent way, but the efficiency was twenty folds in comparison to others . That allowed him to break through and reach the peak .

Besides, he had refined a part of Star Beast’s vigor and blood essence . He experienced improvements that he had never enjoyed before . It seems like a wise choice to help out the Wang Family .

“Brother Ye, congratulations on your great advancement in cultivation!” Wang Mengyu arched his hands and smiled . She faintly felt that Ye Xiwen would not be the average Joe . Among the young masters in the Flourished Cloud Sea Region, Ye Xiwen would be recognized . Fortunately, such a character was on the Wang family’s side .

Wang Feiyun and another disciple of the Wang family also came forward to congratulate Ye Xiwen . When Ye Xiwen came out just now, they witnessed his mighty vigor .

“Ye Xiwen, do you dare to fight?” Jia Qing’s yell came from a distance and disrupted them . A figure flew up from the mountain foot with a powerful aura .

Jia Qing soon appeared in front of the four of them, looking at Ye Xiwen coldly . The gaze was like a predator staring at its prey .

“You are unmatched to me . Don’t waste my time!” Ye Xiwen shook his head and said .

“Arrogant!” Jia Qing shouted, “Then, let me see how capable you are!”

A long saber appeared in his hand . Without waiting for Ye Xiwen’s consent, he launched his attack and forced Ye Xiwen to a fight .

“Wave Breaking Slash!” The Wave Breaking Saber Technique in Jia Qing’s hands was several times stronger than before . In addition to his cultivation, the most important thing was that the battle took place near the sea . He had a geographical advantage . The battlefield was quite humid, increasing his Wave Breaking Technique’s power output . It was incomparable to how the technique back then in South Initiate Island . He didn’t have to exert much strength to capture the water vapor .

That was why he had the confidence to defeat Ye Xiwen here . Only by defeating Ye Xiwen once could he eradicate his inner demon . With that, he would not be restricted in the future . On the contrary, he would have a brighter path .

Even a person of ordinary aptitude would become a genius himself overtime if he could continuously defeat geniuses in his journey .

Things in the world were quite remarkable!

The long saber in Jia Qing’s hand emitted a massive saber aura, engulfing countless seawater, directly cutting the world apart, and immediately bombarded Ye Xiwen .

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Whether it was Wang Mengyu, Wang Feiyun, or the Wang Family’s expert, they all dodged the attack . Their eyes could not hide the horror contained within . The saber technique was destructive . On South Initiate Island, the power portrayed that time was only a fraction of what was happening in front of their eyes .

Ye Xiwen started to bat an eye on his opponent, “The power of this saber technique has increased several times . It is advantageous on the sea!”

“Ye Xiwen, this saber technique may be only an Intermediate Human Level saber technique under normal circumstances . However, in a sea region with high humidity, it could even directly soar to the Advanced Human Level!” said Ye Mo .

“Are these martial techniques classified?” Ye Xiwen asked .

“Of course, these martial techniques are divided into four levels: Human Level, Earth Level, Heaven Level, and Deity Level . Each of which was divided into four small stages: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite!” Ye Mo explained . “After the Transcendent Realm, most of the martial arts techniques would be classified . As for the Great Sage level of martial arts, such as the Coiled Dragon Palm you learned previously, they were unworthy to be classified at all! The martial arts below Transcendent Realm would no longer be effective anymore!”

“However, these martial arts are not static, just like the Wave Breaking Saber Technique . Activating it near water would increase its power, making it more difficult to deal with!” said Ye Mo .

“What are the grades of my existing martial arts?” Ye Xiwen asked . As he spoke, he had already turned into a cluster of light and bombarded on the approaching mighty saber aura .

“Boom!” The saber aura was deflected back to the sea bottom . Immediately, a terrifying explosion rose from the sea bottom . Numerous junk and debris floated up to the sea surface instantly . An apparent saber slash could be seen directly .

When Ye Xiwen appeared again, he was already miles away .

“Demon Wings and Phoenix Regeneration Technique are Deity Level martial arts . Most importantly, the technique – [Overturning the Heavens Seal] . If you manage to cultivate the [Overturning the Heavens Seal] to the peak, it will naturally evolve into a Deity Level martial arts . Shattered Star Fist can only be regarded in Advanced Human Level . The good news is that [Meteor Explosion] should be as powerful as the Elementary Earth Level technique after fully deducing and comprehending the technique . In terms of sword technique, the Burial Sword technique is in Advanced Human Level . However, if you use the ultimate move [Immortality Sword], the power output may soar to the Elite Earth Level . Speaking of it, the Star Beast leaves you with many benefits!

The Thousands Starlord Fist, Sky Collapsing Fire Cloud Hand, and the like are only at the Intermediate Human Level, similar to this Wave Breaking Saber Technique .

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That Demon Qi Bomb will improve as your cultivation grows . If you can become deity one day, then the Demon Qi Bomb you launch has the Deity Level Martial Art Technique power!” explained Ye Mo .

Ye Xiwen understood that the most potent martial arts he learned would grow rather than being static . What he could achieve was closely related to his strength . If he were strong enough, then these martial arts would not be weaker than others . If he were to be inferior, only the Demon Wings, Phoenix Regeneration technique, and the like could exert the most impact .

On the contrary, [Burial Sword Technique] was a wildcard . [Immortality Sword] had great power . Despite it being a wild card, he would be dead once [Immortality Sword] was used . It was only meant as a last resort . He would not think of it unless it was the desperate last move .

“Is the [Meteor Explosion] only at Elementary Earth Level?” Ye Xiwen was a bit dissatisfied . He tried so hard to deduce this technique, yet it was only at Elementary Earth Level . Even so, he still hadn’t been able to deduce Meteor Explosion at the current moment fully . In other words, the inferior [Meteor Explosion] might only attain the Elite Human Level at most .

“Don’t underestimate Elementary Earth Level . For your information, many masters who have surpassed the Transcendent Realm only have the martial arts of Elite Human Level . If you don’t have a mysterious space, it is impossible to craft an Elementary Earth Level’s martial techniques . There are many things beyond the Transcendent Realm masters can’t do!” Ye Mo reaffirmed Ye Xiwen as he sensed Ye Xiwen’s dissatisfaction . “Like the Wang Family’s Return To The Cloud Hand . It is at most similar to the Wave Breaking Saber’s martial art technique level . While at the same time, it’s already worthy of being the Wang Family’s martial arts inheritance!”

Ye Xiwen found it agreeable . Although he hadn’t been able to craft high level martial arts yet, it didn’t mean he wouldn’t be able to do it in the future . He had a mysterious space and Mingxin ancient tree . He had a much better advantage than many people .

Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen felt elated . He stared at Jia Qing, who had attacked again .

With the sea, the Wave Breaking Saber Technique’s power had also increased a lot . Jia Qing became more fanatic as he slashed towards Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen’s eyes glimmered . A vigorous qi on his body began to disperse, invoking countless seawater vortexes . Slowly, a waterspout manifested next to him .

“Shattered Star Fist!” Ye Xiwen yelled . Countless stars’ powers warped around his fist . A punch imbued with star clusters was launched .

Countless seawater swarmed into a water column . It accompanied the Shattered Star Fist and slammed towards the opponent .

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“Boom!” The fist impact clashed with the saver aura . As if they had made some chemical reaction, they exploded wildly in the sea .

The seawater shockwaves that were visible to the naked eye swept out in all directions .


Ye Xiwen’s fist impact did not diminish . After dissipating through the Saber Aura, it collided heavily with Jia Qing . Jia Qing suffered a massive hit, and his body flew out directly .

He spurted a mouthful of blood directly, dyeing the whole sea region red .

It still happened in one move!

No matter how many moves Jia Qing made, Ye Xiwen defeated him with just one move .

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