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Chapter 849: 849
Chapter 849: Go To Spiritual Volcano

Wang Mengyu should be the last batch . When they attained the Transcendent Realm Second level, they had to leave the opportunity to other newcomers . By that time, the baptism of Spiritual Volcano would not be efficacious on them . It would be better to leave the opportunity to newcomers so that the family could continue to produce new talents from generation to generation .

Basically, the Spiritual Volcano only worked for newcomers below the Transcendent Realm Third Level . If this were not the case, it would have attracted many powerful forces to compete for it .

The hot topic continued, and the day approaching Spiritual Volcano’s eruption had finally arrived . Over the past countless years, the Spiritual Volcano would erupt punctually .

Hence, no one was impatient with it as they waited for the approaching day of the eruption . Those who were qualified finally gathered at the pier . They would take a ship together to the Spiritual Volcano . Each occupied a different slot according to the ranking .

Although they were all able to receive the Spiritual Volcano’s baptism, their harvest would be different . Staying at different slots would receive different benefits . As the champion, Ye Xiwen was in the best slot . Then, the Wang family owned the latter three slots . Followed by that would be the two slots for Yuan Family, then the two slots for Wu Family . Finally, it would be the slots dedicated to the two winners among the individual cultivators . Although they occupied the inferior slots, they felt blessed to be qualified .

Early in the morning, everyone from the Wang family arrived at the dock ahead of others . Since they won, everyone in the Wang family was naturally excited . They were late in the past, but they were the first to arrive this time .

At the Wang family’s side, besides Ye Xiwen, there were Wang Mengyu, Wang Feiyun, and another young talent . Although they were not as good as Wang Feiyun, they had attained the Transcendent Realm First Level . Their foundation was not solid; hence they required the Spiritual Volcano’s baptism . This was a shortcut that would save countless hours of hard work .

Many Wang Family’s masters chattered delightfully . They had never felt so proud like this for five hundred years . Sure enough, they were still aware that it was all Ye Xiwen’s contribution .

The Wang Family members tone down their voices in respect when Ye Xiwen threw his glance over . Nevertheless, Ye Xiwen was unfazed by it .

He only cared about the Spiritual Volcano baptism . With this Spiritual Volcano baptism, he would be able to attain Half-step Transcendent Realm Late . With that, he could start preparing for the Transcendent Realm Retribution .

He didn’t dare to ascend into the Transcendent Realm in one fell swoop . Judging from the previous Heaven’s Retribution, he knew that the Heaven had seemingly found him not pleasing to its eyes . The catastrophe of stepping into Great Sage previously was already terrifying . Hence, he could not imagine how disastrous it would be to challenge the retribution of ascending to the Transcendent Realm .

So he could only restrain himself and wait until he was fully prepared . It was best to challenge the retribution when he was certain that he could contend with it .

He didn’t want to die before the actual retribution started .

But even so, his combat prowess would attain a great leap after the breakthrough to Half-step Transcendent Realm Late . Furthermore, he still had Star Beast’s bloodline power remnants that were yet to be fully digested and absorbed . With that, he could quickly attain Half-step Transcendent Realm Late Peak . After that, he could challenge the Lightning Retribution and attain the Transcendent Realm .

Even Ye Xiwen himself would not know how strong he could be!

Soon after the Wang Family arrived, Yuan Family’s masters also arrived . In addition to Yuan Xuehai’s slot this time, another slot was also given to an outstanding young talent in the Yuan Family . This young talent stagnated in Transcendent Realm for a long time . With Spiritual Volcano’s baptism, it would be easier for him to ascend into Transcendent Realm Second Level .

The arrival of the Yuan Family did not arouse too much attention from the Wang family . After all, the Wang Family was now the champion . It made more sense for others to pay close attention to them .

Ye Xiwen only glanced at Yuan Xuehai, and then withdrew his gaze . He continued to immerse himself in the mysterious space, deducing the [Meteor Explosion] technique .

Seeing Ye Xiwen glance at him, Yuan Xuehai lowered his head and let it slip . He stopped paying attention . After all, he was a cold person . If it weren’t for Ye Xiwen defeating him head-on, he would have no interest in caring .

Although Yuan Xuehai was not interested, everyone else in the Yuan Family held a different attitude, mostly those Yuan Family juniors . Not everyone saw Ye Xiwen previously . The battle that day ended soon . Initially, it was well-known to be a contest which could last several days . Due to Ye Xiwen’s presence, the contest period shortened terribly . Those who decided to go late were losing out . After all, they thought there was nothing in particular happening at the starting period .

It felt like a scam while annoying at the same time . It was all over in such a short time .

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“Is that Ye Xiwen? He doesn’t seem that good . Why did Brother Xuehai lose?”

“Yeah, besides Brother Xuehai, Wu Chenhai from the Wu Family and Jia Qing, the foreign aid were all defeated by Ye Xiwen . This is inexplicable!”

“Yeah, whose disciple do you think he will be? He is so young . ”

“God knows there are so many monstrous geniuses in this world . How could we identify every single one of them!?”

Everyone in the Yuan Family was in a heated argument . Since Ye Xiwen had been merciful to Yuan Xuehai previously, so they didn’t have the same hatred level on Ye Xiwen as the Wu Family .

What came next was not the Wu Family, but the two individual cultivators who got the slot . They came in delight .

One was a black-clothed old man, and the other was a middle-aged man in formal attire . These two people came together . Sure enough, it was also an effective way to resist the coercion from the three prominent families . No matter what, they were minute in front of the three prominent families . It was an excellent way to protect themselves .

Soon after the arrival of the two individual cultivators, Wu Family finally arrived . This time, the Wu Family had suffered a massive loss . Not only was Wu Chenhai crippled, but Ye Xiwen had also knocked out the foreign aid . Ye Xiwen was the leading cause of their damage .

Everyone in the Wu Family was gloomy and angry . Among them, Wu Chenhai and Jia Qing appeared . Although they were crippled, as Wu Family’s Transcendent Realm warriors, they had qualities beyond ordinary people . Besides, the Wu Family had used many resources to recover their injury in such a short time .

In other words, it would be these two people who would accept the Spiritual Volcano’s baptism on behalf of the Wu Family .

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Just like Wang Feiyun . Despite Wu Chenhai crippling his hands, the injury now was not noticeable, seemingly fully recovered . After all, despite the Spiritual Volcano offering baptism, it was quite dangerous even for the warriors in their optimum state . Hence, going in while injured was equivalent to courting death .

Everyone in Wu Family looked at Ye Xiwen with killing intent . They did it so blatantly without any slight of concealing it .

In particular, both Jia Qing and Wu Chenhai wanted to skin Ye Xiwen alive . They lost too miserably under Ye Xiwen’s hands .

Ye Xiwen didn’t care about these bitter gazes .

“Ye Xiwen, their eyes are full of murderous intent . I’m afraid they won’t let it go!” Ye Mo’s voice suddenly appeared in Ye Xiwen’s mind .

“Are you awake?” Ye Xiwen asked . Previously, Ye Mo was in a deep sleep to absorb the blood essence of the Transcendent Realm Third Level city guard captain [1] . He only woke up once when Ye Xiwen was under pursuit . This was the second time he went awake since then . “Have you completely absorbed it?”

“Yup, I have completely absorbed it!” Ye Mo said with a smile, “But speaking of them, the killing intent of these people is so blatant . They don’t bother hiding it . You have offended them terribly . I’m afraid they won’t just let you go like this . You have to be alert!”

“Okay!” Ye Xiwen nodded, looking at the Wu Family’s gazes . These people hated Ye Xiwen to the heart . They would conspire against me .

Ye Xiwen was crystal clear about it, but he had no other way . Firstly, the opponent just had a plan, but they had not made their move yet . Secondly, he didn’t know what the other party would do . The most crucial point was that his current strength was too weak . He still couldn’t deal with the Wu Family .

“But it doesn’t matter . As long as I accept the Spiritual Volcano’s baptism and step into the Half-step Transcendent Realm Late, even if the old guy Wu Nanjie tries to capture me personally, he will not succeed!” Ye Xiwen was still quite confident . He might not defeat Wu Nanjie, but he could still flee from Wu Nanjie’s pursuit . After all, he had the Demon Wings .

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In the face of absolute strength, all conspiracies and tricks would be illusory .

This was Ye Xiwen’s creed . In the face of any conspiracy, he would be defeated as long as he kept improving himself .

“Since they are all here, then it is just right . Let’s go to the sea surface of the Spiritual Volcano . It is best to avoid delaying further!” said Wang Yanghua . If they were late and the Spiritual Volcano erupted, the Wang Family would suffer the most significant loss . This also raised the doubt that the Wu Family came so late for this reason .

If the Wu Family were late, they would lose up to two slots, but the Wang family would lose four slots .

How could Wang Yanghua give the Wu Family the chance to pull off such dirty tricks? If the Wu Family said nothing and decided not to leave, then Wang Family would go by themselves . By then, the Wang Family would still have the slots .

[1] The captain first mentioned in Chapter 827 .

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