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Chapter 848: 848
Chapter 848: Wu Family’s Conspiracy

Ye Xiwen defeated the masters from other families on behalf of the Wang family . The news of winning the championship instantly spread throughout South Initiate Island .

One stone stirred up a thousand waves [1] . Many residents of South Initiate Island, who had stayed for many years, found it unbelievable . After all, not everyone went to watch the slot contest .

It had been five hundred years since the last time the Wang family became the champion . The champion was either taken away by Wu Family or Yuan Family . Basically, there was no Wang family’s share .

The entry slots contest into the Spiritual Volcano was not a big deal for many ordinary warriors . No matter what, it wasn’t something they could attain . The final winner for slots would not be them . Only one or two slots would be shared among twenty million ordinary warriors . The slots were majorly in the hands of prominent families .

Having one slot befall to them was one of a kind, rare luck .

Therefore, for them, this slot contest was mainly to observe the strength of the three clans . The stronger ones would naturally win the championship, and the weaker ones would naturally win fewer times .

In the past five hundred years, the Wang family had not been able to win the championship once . For Transcendent Realm’s lifespan of ten thousand years, five hundred years was not worth mentioning . It would not be able to shake the Wang family’s ten thousand years foundation, but ordinary warriors won’t think so .

What they could see was the decline of the Wang family over the past five hundred years . Hence, the warriors who were hesitant would not join the Wang family’s side . In the long run, the Wang family would falter against the other two prominent families . This was the issue the Wang family was helpless with .

The Wu Family was planning to utilize this issue to slowly grind the Wang family to death, like boiling frogs in warm water . When the Wang family realized something was wrong, they would not be much capable of fighting back .

The Wang family was obviously aware of this and wanted to make a change . However, they were helpless all these while since they were unable to win the championship . They were not convincing the crowd . The crowd wouldn’t believe that the Wang family did not falter .

But now, with Ye Xiwen’s victory, the depression that shrouded them all these years was wiped out . They were all elated . Many warriors had begun to invest in the Wang family’s side because of this victory .

In contrast to them, many of the experts in the Wu Family were in a sour mood . How could this be? Despite so many years of planning, Ye Xiwen had ruined their plan . Worse still, they couldn’t deal with Ye Xiwen . Ye Xiwen stayed in Wang Family’s house . The Wu Family had no chance to assault Ye Xiwen .

“Damn it . This damn Ye Xiwen ruined our Wu Family’s many years of planning . What the hell!” In the Wu Family conference hall, Wu Family masters cussed one after another, wishing Ye Xiwen would be cursed to death . Despite knowing that it was impossible, they continued . For them, it was a way to vent, and it was better than nothing .

Above all seats, Wu Nanjie had a gloomy face, and his eyes flickered . No one knew what he was thinking .

“Big brother, we can’t just suck it up . Look at Little Hai . He was beaten up so badly that it would take him a few years to recover!”

At the seat next to the main seat, a tall man yelled angrily . He somewhat resembled Wu Nanjie . He was Wu Nanjie’s only younger brother, Wu Ying . In the Wu Family, Wu Ying was the main combat force . He had superb cultivation, second only to Wu Nanjie’s Transcendent Realm Fifth Level, reaching the Transcendent Realm Forth Level Peak .

He had always insisted on being ruthless to the outside world, especially the plan to deal with the Wang family . He was involved in the majority of the plan . If someone blindly believed that he was a simple and honest person because of his appearance, it would be a big mistake .

“Indeed, Family Master . What that kid is doing now has turned our plans plotted for hundreds of years into nothingness almost overnight . We absolutely can’t let that kid go!”

“Yeah, that’s right . We should spare no mercy to that . Otherwise, what will happen to our reputation? Who will give us face in the future!?”

“Simple-minded . You’re only focused on fighting . If I could, I would have already killed him in the arena!” said Wu Nanjie impatiently . Ye Xiwen must be well protected by the Wang Family now . If he could, he would have killed Ye Xiwen in the arena when Xiwen was unprepared .

Of course, he didn’t know that Ye Xiwen had a trump card, but he firmly believed in his judgment that he could definitely kill this kid!

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“He is under the protection of the Wang family . We have no way to kill him!” said Wu Nanjie .

“Then, let’s wait until he comes out . I don’t think a foreigner like him would want to stay in South Initiate Island for a lifetime . As long as he comes out, it is our chance to make a move!” said Wu Ying coldly . Killing intent flickered in his gaze as if there was a destructive world in it, which was terrifying . No one knew how many people were killed to form such a killing intent .

“That kid has become stronger now . After he is baptized in the Spiritual Volcano, I am afraid that even the Transcendent Realm Second Level masters will be unmatched . If we make a move, we can kill him . However, the Wang family will put close observation on us . Any slight move from us will raise Wang family’s alert!” Wu Nanjie shook his head and said .

He recognized the big picture clearly . Ye Xiwen had tarnished Wu Family’s face and let their Wu Family’s hundreds of years of plan go to waste . This was exactly why they must kill Ye Xiwen . As for their son – Wu Chenhai’s hatred, it was just a small trigger and not a big deal at all .

But for the same reason, the Wang family would spare no effort to protect Ye Xiwen . Right now, Ye Xiwen had almost become a representative figure for their Wang family .

If their Wang family couldn’t even protect Ye Xiwen and let Ye Xiwen be killed, who else would dare to take refuge in their Wang family . Who would dare to work for their Wang family? Hence, no matter what, the Wang family would give it all to protect Ye Xiwen .

Especially during the period when Ye Xiwen was still in the Wang family, it was even more critical . No one else was allowed to assault Ye Xiwen .

Because of this, Wu Ying only dared to make a move after Ye Xiwen left . He didn’t dare to promise that he would deal with Ye Xiwen when the target was still in the Wang family because he feared the deterrent coming from the Wang family .

To prevent the Wu Family masters from hunting down Ye Xiwen, anyone Wu Family masters’ movements were inevitably under surveillance . If anything went wrong, the Wang family would make a big move .

As forces fighting against each other for countless years, they were so familiar with each other . They knew each other’s trump card . It was not an easy task to hide from the Wang Family while at the same time hunting down Ye Xiwen!

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“Brother, if you are worried about this, then leave it to me!” said Wu Ying as he patted his chest .

“Have you figured out something?” Wu Nanjie looked at his younger brother with some doubts . Even he was put in a helpless spot, would his younger brother have a way?

“It’s simple . In my previous adventure, I met a brother . He is not a human, but the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile clan in the sea . The name is E Xiangtian [1] . Our brotherhood is deep . As long as I say a word, he can help us kill that Ye Xiwen . Even if we can just let the Wang family witness it powerless, we don’t even have to do anything . Hahaha, when we got the news of the kid’s death, we can mock the Wang family’s poor state!” Wu Yin laughed loudly in delight as though he had witnessed Ye Xiwen’s death . He believed that Ye Xiwen had no chance of escape .

“Then, what’s your brother’s strength?” Wu Nanjie asked . He didn’t have any more questions on the sea clan .

As a matter of fact, in the endless sea region, it wasn’t entirely accurate to say that the human claimed the sea side while the sea clans claimed the sea bottom . In fact, the entire sea region should be considered under the sea clans’ sovereign . They were the actual overlords of the sea .

These intelligent clans living in the sea were tyrannical . Any sea clans alone could shock the world .

Fortunately, these sea clans were also divided into different forces . The conquests between each other far exceed the hostility between human forces, which allowed human beings to survive in this endless sea region .

But even so, most of the sea regions were still under the reign of beast or sea clans . The regions that were truly under the humans’ reign might not even composite one-tenth of the sea regions . They were densely scattered on the island .

Therefore, it was customary to have business deals with those sea clans . Even many human forces adhered to certain sea clans in a format similar to subordinate forces . They had to constantly turn in various resources and abide by the sea clan’s deployment, sending people to the sea bottom in the war efforts of the sea clan they adhered to .

The difficulty of human survival in the sea region was apparent . The only difference was that the sea clan in the sea was hostile to each other . There was no way for them to form an alliance like the Hundred Clan Alliance . Otherwise, the human situation would be even worse .

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“He is already the Transcendent Realm Third Level . Although he is a little weaker than me, there is no problem at all to get rid of that little brat!” Wu Ying nodded and said .

“That’s great . This time I want this little brat to die without any remains!” Wu Nanjie laughed .

The entire Wu Family conference hall was also immersed in sinister and wild laughter .

With the end of the championship, the dispute between the three clans came to an end . Now, the three clans were allocating slots among themselves . Everyone was discussing the matter of who would be accepting Spiritual Volcano’s baptism .

[1] Chinese depiction of the “Butterfly Effect . ”

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