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Chapter 847: 847
Chapter 847: Becoming Champion

This icicle emanated destruction, seemingly unstoppable in its attempt to seal the sky and the earth . This was the pinnacle of Yuan Xuehai’s sword technique .

If Ye Xiwen could mitigate this blow, Yuan Xuehai would be rendered vulnerable with no chance of fighting back . After all, the vast majority of the remaining qi in Yuan Xuehai would be depleted in an instant .

One move would determine the outcome!

All that mattered was in this move!

The icicles summoned the blizzard and occupied the sky . The surrounding ice and snow condensed near the icicles were launched at lightning speed .

Ye Xiwen began to become serious . Facing Yuan Xuehai’s ultimate killer move, he had to stay alert and even go all out . Otherwise, he might be killed on the spot .

No matter how oppressive Ye Xiwen’s combat power was, he was only at Half-step Transcendent Realm . There was a fair gap with Transcendent Realm . Sure enough, it was a long-lasting weakness that he would be helpless with for a long time .

The Golden Divinity Robe on his body was gleaming . There was an imperceptible crimson hue at the Golden Divinity Robe’s surface .

“Meteor Explosion!” Ye Xiwen gave all out and utilized his ultimate move, albeit he was still in the process of researching it and deducing it .

Although Meteor Explosion was not fully comprehended, Ye Xiwen still managed to activate it . Of course, the power output had not reached the highest value, which Ye Xiwen could pull off . But even so, the power output had already transcended “Shattered Star Fist” and the other moves he was accustomed to previously .

Ye Xiwen’s hand was immediately wrapped with the boundless star powers . The star power engulfed the sky . It was at a completely different caliber as compared to the ice and snow permeating the air . The star power had seemingly declared its authority in this region .

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen’s fist was wrapped in the power of countless stars, turned into a star, and slammed into the icicle that was blowing the wind and snow .


Two extremely terrifying forces collided, emitted two powerful shock waves, not giving way to each other in mid-air .

At that very moment, the crowd witnessed the two exchanged blows clearly . After all, the two of them decided not to defeat their opponent with speed but sheer strength .

They slammed into each other on the spot like two gigantic monsters, not giving way to each other and not allowing each other to move forward at all .

It was supposed to be an arena that could completely withstand the younger generation’s fight, but it had now completely collapsed . When the two were fighting, the terrible shockwaves swept out in all directions .

There were three prominent clans’ members on all sides . The barriers laid by the clans’ masters were still firm, but the arena above the ground was obliterated . Similarly, the arrays laid at the arena previously were all shattered in an instant .

Yuan Xuehai broke out in cold sweat . This technique had exhausted all his qi . If he couldn’t defeat Ye Xiwen, then he would be done for . He had not recovered yet . Even a Great Sage could kill him .

This was a double edge sword . Hence, it was only utilized either at the last moment or an uphill fight .

After all, there was nothing else to be concerned about at the last moment . If Yuan Xuehai did nothing else, it would be his demise . Giving all out might change his fate .

Behind him, the Yuan Family’s masters all watched Yuan Xuehai nervously . Even if Yuan Xuehai failed, losing a slot once or twice did not affect the big picture . However, if something happened to Yuan Xuehai, it would be a real loss to the Yuan Family .

Yuan Xuehai was the strongest among the younger generation the family had nurtured . The family couldn’t bear to lose him anyway . They might not worry too much previously . After all, Yuan Xuehai was still an elite that Wu Family had no way to deal with despite foreign aid .

But the family didn’t expect that Yuan Xuehai was forced to the point where he had to fight to the death .

Both sides seemed to have exhausted all their strength as they madly collided with each other .

“It’s time . I can defeat you in one move!” Ye Xiwen shouted, “Meteor Explosion!”

Coupled with Ye Xiwen’s shout, the stars on his fist suddenly began to burn fanatically, emitting glaring light in different directions .

“Boom!” The meteor exploded, and the power of the explosion seemed to be controlled . Invisible barriers formed around it, and the blast was diverted toward the icicle .


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With a loud “bang,” the icicle cracked immediately . The icicle tip shattered, turning into ice sludge on the spot . Then, the rest of the icicle was broken apart inch by inch under Ye Xiwen’s fist impact .

It happened like a domino . With one spot shattered, the entire icicle began to crack inch by inch .




Series of cracking sounds resounded . The cracks, which resembled a spider web, quickly covered the entire icicle .

“Boom!” The entire icicle was shattered with its pieces scattered around, revealing the long white sword in it . Ye Xiwen’s fist momentum was undiminished . It slammed on the long white sword like two big hammers .


Yuan Xuehai felt a terrifying and monstrous power crash on him with the sword as a medium . The aura barrier left on his body was diminishing already . At this moment, this impact shattered the barrier into dust instantly .

Immediately, that impact bombarded Yuan Xuehai’s body . The impact was not weakened in any slight . Despite his excellent physique, it was still incomparable to Ye Xiwen – a monster hiding beneath human skin .

Immediately, a mouthful of blood spurted out . Yuan Xuehai’s figure flew directly into the Yuan Family seats .


“It’s fine!”

Instantly, many of the Yuan Family’s elder masters were in a mess . They caught Yuehai and relieved the impact .

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Seeing Yuan Xuehai’s hands, the Yuan Family’s elders became furious immediately . As they were about to lose their temper at Ye Xiwen, Yuan Xuehai staggered to his feet and prevented the clan members from swearing at Ye Xiwen .

“Thank you for giving mercy this time, but I will find a chance to fight with you again!” Yuan Xuehai said with a pale face covering his chest .

He naturally knew that Ye Xiwen did not give all out . Otherwise, he would never survive, especially Ye Xiwen’s last move, Meteor Explosion . It was a horrifying scene, like a meteor exploding in the sky . Even the Transcendent Realm masters might be blown to pieces if Ye Xiwen gave all out . He could faintly sense that the activation was incomplete, or else its might could escalate into another caliber .

However, no matter whether this technique was completed or not, it did not matter to Yuan Xuehai . He could escape the catastrophe because Ye Xiwen showed mercy .

Ye Xiwen just smiled and shook his head . He had a good impression of Yuan Xuehai . In any case, Yuan Xuehai was still an upright person . This person had given him a chance to fully recover before the fight .

That was why Ye Xiwen gave mercy . Otherwise, Ye Xiwen was not a soft-hearted person . For example, Jia Qing went into a coma because of his kick .

The Yuan Family members only relaxed a little after hearing Yuan Xuehai’s words . Hearing Yuan Xuehai said this, it seemed that there was no danger, and they were relieved . Yuan Xuehai was the sore spot in their hearts, as long as Yuan Xuehai wasn’t critically wounded . They would not have anything else to say .

Compared with the Yuan Family master, who was relieved, the Wu Family master was much more depressed . Among the eyes looking at Ye Xiwen, there were vicious gazes .

Ye Xiwen gave mercy to Yuan Xuehai, but he didn’t on Wu Chenhai and Jia Qing .

Ye Xiwen just sneered at these spiteful gazes and didn’t care at all . He was not stupid . How could he easily forgive someone who wanted to kill himself? If it weren’t because it was in public with many masters present, Ye Xiwen would behead them ruthlessly .

“Hahaha, we won . We won . For five hundred years, God bless my Wang family!”

“Great, we won, we won!”

“God bless you . This Ye Xiwen defeated Yuan Xuehai . It’s amazing!”

Compared with the Yuan Family masters who kept silent for a while, the Wu Family masters repeatedly cursed Ye Xiwen . The Wang family masters felt a burst of ecstasy .

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It had been five hundred years . The situation was finally reversed . Although compared to the ten thousands year lifespan of a Transcendent Realm master, these five hundred years were not too long . Even so, it was uncomfortable to be suppressed under the Wu Family and the Yuan Family in these five hundred years .

Moreover, Wu Family and Yuan Family had a faint tendency to join forces, which was extremely unfavorable to the Wang family . Perhaps no harm would surface in a short time . However, after waiting for several thousand years, the number of masters in the Wang family would be far inferior to the Wu Family and the Yuan Family . By that time, the Wang family would either have to flee from South Initiate Island or be unlisted . There would be no other end . This would be the result of the imbalance in strength .

But everything had changed . Although it was only once, it broke the faint union between the two families . It was a massive slap to their arrogance . It altered the decline of the five hundred years in one fell swoop .

“He did it . He really did it!” Wang Mengyu felt a little unbelievable . Previously, she was the one who had the most confidence in Ye Xiwen . When everyone in the Wang family doubted Ye Xiwen, only she stood up to support Ye Xiwen .

But at this time, she couldn’t believe it . Ye Xiwen won the championship!

This had far exceeded her expectations . At the very beginning, she even wanted Ye Xiwen’s help to not lose too badly . She did not expect Ye Xiwen to crush everyone and became the champion .

“Yes, he really did it . The young lady has keen eyes!” Behind Wang Mengyu, Uncle Le said with a slight smile, and the shock in his eyes had just diminished .

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