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Chapter 846: 846
Chapter 846: Taking Complete Control of the Battle


Ye Xiwen’s sword will fell on Yuan Xuehai’s longsword . Both of their strengths were equally terrifying . Both their energies directly blew up the air; the shockwaves from the explosion rose and swept out in all directions .

The corner of Ye Xiwen’s mouth quirked slightly . This sword forced Yuan Xuehai to go back to defense, and it was an excellent start . It meant that the battle’s pace had finally fallen out of Yuan Xuehai’s hands into his own hands .

He finally understood that Yuan Xuehai’s strength was not weaker than his . Compared to Jia Qing, Yuan Xuehai was even stronger .

The shockwaves from the battle between the two sides were too strong . The masters from the three families had to join forces to set up a barrier to prevent the shockwaves from the battle between the two sides from affecting them and the other disciples .

“He is already so strong now?” Wang Mengyu stared blankly at the center of the arena . She wasn’t talking about Ye Xiwen, but Yuan Xuehai .

She had already known that Ye Xiwen was very powerful for a long time, but it was the first time she learned about Yuan Xuehai’s strength . Or in other words, she did not expect that in these short ten years, Yuan Xuehai had entered Transcendent Realm Second Level much faster than the rest of them .

She and Wu Chenhai both wanted to use Spiritual Volcano’s baptism to ascend into Transcendent Realm Second Level . Meanwhile, Yuan Xuehai had already entered Transcendent Realm Second Level . Then, after Spiritual Volcano’s baptism, he would most likely attain Transcendent Realm Second Level Peak . By then, Yuan Xuehai would be stronger than them .

Ye Xiwen was not a big deal . He was just an outsider anyway; he couldn’t stay here for a long time, but Yuan Xuehai was different . He represented the Yuan Family, one of the three major families . If she couldn’t catch up in cultivation as soon as possible, then she would only get left behind further and further in the end .

The only good thing was that Wu Chenhai’s strength was not much better than hers . They could be considered to be in the same position .

However, Yuan Xuehai was just one step ahead of them . Luckily, it was possible to make up the difference . After all, no one dared to say that their cultivation would only improve by leaps and bounds, that there would not be a time when their cultivation would stagnate .

After all, they had been fighting for so many years; she still had this bit of confidence .

Yuan Xuehai quickly understood that his control of the battle had fallen promptly into Ye Xiwen’s hands, but he could not do anything despite realizing it . It was because he couldn’t be like Ye Xiwen, who wasn’t scared of dying and didn’t care if both of them got wounded .

Ye Xiwen had a strong physical body and the Phoenix Regeneration Technique, so he often didn’t mind an an-eye-for-an-eye fighting style . For him, he had no weaknesses and was fearless, but Yuan Xuehai was not .

However, Yuan Xuehai was able to take the lead and enter the Transcendent Realm Second Level before Wang Mengyu and Wu Chenhai, which was not an easy feat .

The longsword waved out a sky full of sword light that turned into flying snowflakes . A blizzard formed and swept towards Ye Xiwen .

Each of these snowflakes was condensed by sword light and contained terrifying energy . When it exploded, its power was even more frightening than a bomb .

Ye Xiwen immediately knew the truth about these snowflakes . He immediately thrust out his sword in an unremarkable manner, but it was swift . Thousands of swords were shot out in an instant .




There were sounds of violent explosions all around Ye Xiwen . The snowflakes burst open on the spot, and the energy that spilled out swept toward Ye Xiwen’s body, but they were all blocked by the protective qi on Ye Xiwen’s body .

These snowflakes couldn’t get within ten feet of Ye Xiwen . Since there was no way to get close, there was no way for the shockwaves from the explosion to hurt Ye Xiwen .

Compared to Yuan Xuehai, who was a real swordmaster, Ye Xiwen’s sword techniques were not as magnificent and unmatched, seemingly even a little crude .

But with such a simple sword technique, Ye Xiwen could unleash an unprecedentedly terrifying power . He was simply quick, accurate, and harsh .

But it was this speed, accuracy, and harshness that rendered Yuan Xuehai helpless against Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen also took a step forward . Burial Sword, Burial Earth Sword, and Invincible Sword alternated in Ye Xiwen’s hands, all of which were very pure and powerful . Besides the last move [Immortality Sword], those three moves could be regarded as top martial techniques .

Both of their figures quickly disappeared from everyone’s eyes . They were agile . Everyone could barely judge their positions in the constant explosion of snowflakes .

Yuan Xuehai’s expression became more solemn . When it came to sword techniques’ skillfulness, he was better than Ye Xiwen, but the pace of the entire battle was under Ye Xiwen’s control .

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The reason was none other than because Ye Xiwen’s power was too great . Every time the sword tip touched Yuan Xuehai, he could feel a terrifying power from the sword that made his arms feel slightly numb . One could imagine how dreadful it was .

Ye Xiwen was also going all out . Except for some killing moves, he indeed did not hold back . Yuan Xuehai was much more potent than Jia Qing, and he must use his full strength to handle Yuan Xuehai . Otherwise, there was simply no way to suppress Yuan Xuehai .

“Ugh! Soaring Ice Dragon!”

Yuan Xuehai yelled violently, and the longsword in his hand revolved in an instant, forming a snow-colored halo that instantly swept into a huge ice dragon . In the sunlight, the ice crystals were lifelike . Every piece of the dragon’s scales looked real, and there were even stripes on them .

It was simply a colossal ice dragon .

“Roar!” The ice dragon roared and pounced toward Ye Xiwen . The ice dragon opened its bloody mouth and spat suddenly . It sprayed slush all over the sky as if it was trying to freeze the whole world .

Every bit of slush was able to freeze and destroy the air . They were all formed using sword qi .

“Burial Sword!” The longsword in Ye Xiwen’s hand glowed with a mighty sword light that shot out . It also formed an overwhelming sword screen that went head to head with the slush .




The slush transformed into ice-type sword qi and collided with Ye Xiwen’s sword light . The sound of the explosion lingered in everyone’s ears .


The ice dragon roared and instantly spread its thick claws . It directly tore a massive tear in the sword screen that Ye Xiwen made . Its huge ice crystal body rushed in, opening its bloody mouth and trying to bite Ye Xiwen, trying to swallow him down completely .

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With a loud noise, the dragon completely swallowed Ye Xiwen .

Everyone exclaimed . Was Ye Xiwen about to die?

Everyone stared at the gigantic ice dragon, wondering what happened to Ye Xiwen .

Wang Mengyu almost broke the armrest of her seat . Her beautiful eyes stared at the ice dragon . This was not only because of Ye Xiwen but also because it was related to whether the Wang Family’s counterattack this time would succeed .

Even in the long run, this was related to the Wang Family’s fortune in the distant future .

It was normal to not win the championship, and it was even unsurprising to lose several times in a row, but losing ten times in a row was a problem . And at this time, the Wu Family and the Yuan Family were taking turns to win the championship, clearly trying to suppress the Wang Family .

Whether they could take the championship from the hands of these two was a very crucial matter .


There was a loud sound of metal trembling . Boundless sword qi swept up from within the ice dragon . With a rumble and a loud noise, the ice dragon exploded on the spot, genuinely turning into slush in the sky .

Driven by the sword qi, the sky full of slush formed a massive blizzard .

“As long as he’s okay!” Wang Mengyu breathed out a sigh of relief when she saw the ice dragon explode directly on the spot .

At that moment, everyone realized how terrifying Ye Xiwen was . When the ice dragon swallowed him, many people thought that Ye Xiwen was doomed, but they didn’t expect that Ye Xiwen would be able to escape .

Ye Xiwen wielded a sword in his hand . No one could understand the danger he went through just now . Just now, he was bombarded by a sky full of sword qi in the belly of the ice dragon, and he was almost strangled on the spot .

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However, he had the protective Tianyuan Mirror . The sword qi couldn’t break the defense of Tianyuan Mirror at all .

Instead of waiting for Ye Xiwen to take a breath, Yuan Xuehai attacked straightaway .

“You are very powerful . If you can take my next sword, I will immediately turn around and leave . I won’t fight for the championship this time!” Yuan Xuehai shouted . He knew that Ye Xiwen had completely grasped his rhythm . Ye Xiwen was very strong, so he decided to use his most decisive killing move directly . If his most decisive killing move still couldn’t deal with Ye Xiwen, then it would be meaningless to fight .

Since he and Ye Xiwen began fighting, the two sides had exchanged over a hundred moves . He had consumed more than half of his qi and was starting to gasp a little, but looking at Ye Xiwen whose face was not flushed and heart wasn’t racing, it felt like Ye Xiwen did not show any signs of qi overconsumption .

Moreover, Ye Xiwen had fought Jia Qing just now, so Yuan Xuehai had the advantage . It showed how terrifying Ye Xiwen’s qi was .

The strengths of both sides were almost the same, neck and neck . If Yuan Xuehai continued to consume qi at this rate, he would lose . Rather than lose that way, it would be better to fight one last desperate fight . It would be best if he could beat Ye Xiwen, but if he couldn’t, he could still retreat decently .

“Icebound Realm!” Yuan Xuehai yelled violently . The majestic ice-type qi instantly swept across the arena . The temperature plummeted by dozens of degrees, and a blizzard began to blow frantically .

Yuan Xuehai’s longsword shot out instantly, and the sword light turned into an icicle that was ejected . The blizzard in the sky was also attracted by a strange force, revolving rapidly around the icicle . The blizzard became more intense, taking up half the arena .

It hurtled toward Ye Xiwen .

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