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Chapter 841: 841
Chapter 841: Shocking Attack

Wu Chenhai’s leg technique was strong and powerful, just like a dragon . He easily broke through Wang Feiyun’s Return To The Cloud Hand and was abnormally relaxed .

Wang Feiyun’s facial expression gradually soured . It looked like he pushed Wu Chenhai back, but in actuality, his strongest move could only force Wu Chenhai back .




One side excelled at leg techniques while the other excelled at palm techniques . They fought together in the void . Both sides exchanged blows in haste, so fast that ordinary people could not see them and could only hear a muffled sound of breaking through the air .

“He’s going to lose!”

In the seat, Ye Xiwen suddenly spoke .

“Who is going to lose?” asked Wang Mengyu .

“Wang Feiyun is going to lose!” said Ye Xiwen .

“Why?” Wang Mengyu asked . She naturally knew that Wang Feiyun could not contend with Wu Chenhai, but so far, Wang Feiyun didn’t seem to be losing badly . Why did Ye Xiwen determine that Wang Feiyun would lose here?

“The reason is simple . You didn’t realize that Wu Chenhai is controlling the pace of the entire battle!” said Ye Xiwen .

Wang Mengyu thought about it . It was indeed the case . The entire battle was mostly under Wu Chenhai’s control . Although they were both Transcendent Realm First Level, Wu Chenhai was far more powerful than Wang Feiyun .

“Wang Feiyun has used up his moves . He already used his most powerful killing move . There doesn’t seem to be anything else that can threaten Wu Chenhai? So after Wu Chenhai probes further on the limits, he probably won’t hold back anymore!” Ye Xiwen explained for his own sake . From his perspective, everything was self-explanatory . That Yuan Xuecheng from earlier had just entered the Transcendent Realm First Level, but Wang Feiyun was already Transcendent Realm First Level Peak, so Wang Feiyun defeated Yuan Xuecheng in one move .

However, Wu Chenhai was stronger and definitely had the strength of a sect master . Including Wang Mengyu, they all had the combat power of a sect master . Although the gap did not seem big with the difference pertaining to the word “Peak,” it was enough to decide the winner .

The two finally stopped . Wang Feiyun was gasping slightly, while Wu Chenhai had a small smile on his face . Wu Chenhai laughed coldly and said, “If you’re only this strong, then my next kick will cripple you!”

Wang Feiyun took a deep breath and said, “Just come at me!”

“With just one kick, I’ll cripple you!” Wu Chenhai sneered . He instantly lifted his leg, and countless spiritual energy around him was set in motion . The spiritual energy formed a huge vortex in front of him, unleashing a terrifying power .

Wang Feiyun’s expression suddenly changed . He felt his whole body freeze . Even the air was frozen in place, and he could not move at all .

It was just a moment, but against a top master, it was enough to be fatal .

“Not good!” Wang Feiyun’s expression changed suddenly . Instantly, the qi all over his body surged . Clouds gathered in his hand, wrapping it in layers of cloud aura . He used his hand to protect his body .

“Boom!” There was the dull sound of impact against flesh . Wu Chenhai’s kick directly pierced through the void and landed Wang Feiyun’s hands that were protecting his chest . The cloud aura wrapped around Wang Feiyun’s hands was also kicked away in an instant .

“Crack!” A clear and loud fracture sound was heard, and Wang Feiyun let out a scream as his body flew out horizontally . He spurted out a mouthful of blood . His body somersaulted in the sky a few times, then he fell to the ground harshly and lost consciousness straightaway .


“Brother Yun!”

At that moment, everyone in the Wang Family cried out in exclamation . Unexpectedly, the two elders quickly went down and moved Wang Feiyun .

The crowd was in an uproar . They didn’t expect that Wang Feiyun, who seemed so fierce just now, actually got so seriously injured by only one kick to the point where it was unknown whether he was alive .

“This Wu Chenhai is much more terrifying compared to fifty years ago . Fifty years ago, he was not a Transcendent Realm yet . But fifty years later – today, not only has he broke through to Transcendent Realm and his combat power is so terrifying . It’s unbelievable!”

“Yes . They’re both Transcendent Realm First Level, but the gap in strength is vast . ”

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“Are the three major young masters so powerful?”

“He went too far . This was just a learning opportunity, but Wu Chenhai was so cruel!” An elder of the Wang Family retorted as he checked Wang Feiyun’s injuries .

Both of Wang Feiyuns’ arms were crippled straightaway from the kick . Even if he was a Transcendent Realm master, his physical body was far better than an ordinary warrior, and his recovery ability was also much more potent than an ordinary person’s . However, to recover from these injuries would take more than a year . There might be even internal injuries left behind .

“Martial arts don’t discriminate . What’s so strange about it? If you’re afraid of getting hurt, then don’t take part!” An elder of the Wu Family disagreed with this opinion and sneered .

“You… damn it!” The Wang Family’s elders were furious .

“I…” Wang Mengyu was about to stand up and go down to face the battle, but she was stopped by a hand pressing her back to the seat . A clear voice said warmly, “You don’t have to go . Leave it to me!”

She turned her head to see that it was Ye Xiwen who stood up from his place .

“Since I have received your family’s benefits, leave the rest to me!” Ye Xiwen smiled faintly .

There was only a faint smile on that not very handsome face, but it was very heartwarming .

Wang Mengyu was taken aback, and then she nodded . She couldn’t give a reason, but she simply trusted Ye Xiwen . Initially, she wanted to make Ye Xiwen the trump card, but now it seemed impossible .

Ye Xiwen, this treasured sword, was about to be unsheathed .

Ye Xiwen tapped his toes lightly, and his figure suddenly appeared in the middle of the second arena like a breeze .

“This time, let me be your opponent!” said Ye Xiwen said plainly .

“It’s you? Good, very good!” Wu Chenhai said, looking at Ye Xiwen with slight ferocity . “I was going to look for you . I didn’t expect you to show up!”

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“It’s nothing more than a matter of sooner or later!” said Ye Xiwen calmly .

Light flashed in Wu Chenhai’s eyes . For him, this Ye Xiwen was a target to kill . For this kid, Wang Mengyu even shouted at him .

Although he didn’t care about Wang Mengyu the way he pretended to, Wang Mengyu was already predetermined to be his woman, and he would never allow her to have feelings for others .

“Hmph, since you are now in the arena, then it’s life and death, and it’s up to the heavens!” Wu Chenhai sneered . “Don’t blame me when you die!”

“As they say, if one pays me, I will save them from disaster . Initially, after receiving benefits from the Wang Family, I only planned to cripple your hands with a kick, but it seems that it is far from enough!” Ye Xiwen said and sighed .

“You’re courting death!” Wu Chenhai finally found the reason why he hated this kid from the very beginning . It was his tone, his facial expressions, that kind of indifference mixed with a little disdain as if Wu Chenhai didn’t deserve to contend with him at all .

This kind of expression made Ye Xiwen very annoying because only Wu Chenhai could treat others like this . No one had ever dared to show him this kind of expression, so he hated Ye Xiwen from the beginning .

“Violent Wind Kick!” Wu Chenhai sneered and immediately unleashed a kick . The shadows of his leg were all over the sky . Even ordinary people couldn’t see where the shadows were .

Compared to the fight against Wang Feiyun just now, he had become even more overwhelming . Clearly, he didn’t use his full strength when he fought against Wang Feiyun just now .

The primary essence of the Violent Wind Kick was speed . It was faster than others, even faster than wind .

In an instant, the gust from the kick formed a huge storm, which instantly swept towards Ye Xiwen .

Everyone was a little stunned . They didn’t expect Wu Chenhai, who had been hiding his strength just now, to attack with all his strength . Was this Ye Xiwen a mighty opponent?

To force Wu Chenhai to use all his strength to defend himself .

“Oh, I suddenly remembered, this is that Ye Xiwen . There are rumors in the Wang family that this Ye Xiwen defeated Wang Feiyun in one move . No wonder Wu Chenhai is going all out!”

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“What, how is it possible? No matter how weak Wang Feiyun is, it is impossible to lose in one move . This is something Wu Chenhai, one of the three major young masters, can’t do!”

“Yes, this rumor spread from the Wang Family . I didn’t believe it before and thought the Wang Family was joking, but now that I think about it, it might be true!”

Someone instantly exposed Ye Xiwen’s identity and instilled doubt in everyone’s hearts . Only they didn’t know that the reason why Wu Chenhai went all out was because he hated Ye Xiwen . He wanted to go all out to beat him to death on the spot .

Killing Wang Feiyun might incite intense backlash from the Wang Family, but Ye Xiwen was just a guest . If he died, he died . It didn’t mean anything at all .

At that moment, Ye Xiwen moved . Compared to Wu Chenhai’s stormy leg techniques, Ye Xiwen raised his leg and launched it in a very ordinary way without any leg techniques . It was just a regular kick .

But with his kick, bursts of loud noises came from the sky . He kicked the air so hard it completely exploded . Wherever he passed by, the air exploded completely, and space began to twist violently .

“What?” Wang Mengyu’s eyes were extremely shocked . She couldn’t believe what she saw . Although the cultivation environment in Ancient Barren’s mainland was much better than that of True Martial Domain, space was far sturdier than True Martial Domain .

Ye Xiwen could easily break apart the space in True Martial Domain, but it would be impossible in this Ancient Barrens mainland .

So even if one was a Transcendent Realm master, one could only break the air . But using martial arts to break the air was not the same as the power from Ye Xiwen’s simple kick .

He broke the air with one kick, without using qi or any martial arts, with just a simple kick . What level of strength and speed would make this possible? The current Wang Mengyu couldn’t possibly do it .

With just one attack, Ye Xiwen announced his decisive strike .

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