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Chapter 840: 840
Chapter 840: Wu Chenhai Attacks!

“Wang Feiyun, come and fight me if you dare!” A loud shout came from Yuan Family’s master seat .

Then, a yellow figure jumped out from the Yuan Family’s master seat and flew directly onto the stage . Everyone stared intently . It was a young man dressed in a khaki robe, wielding a three-foot sword in his hand . His gaze was sharp, piercing straight through the void to look at Wang Feiyun .

The Wang Family disciple, who was in the arena, felt quite awkward . He didn’t know what to do or whether he should stay or not .

He just defeated an opponent . At this time, just as he was full of spirits, he didn’t want to face off with a Transcendent Realm master directly .

Although this Yuan Family master had only just stepped into the Transcendent Realm, a Half-step Transcendent Realm warrior could not be compared to him .

“Come back . You cannot beat him!” Wang Feiyun sighed . He took a step forward, and his figure leapt out . In the next moment, he already appeared in the arena .

The Wang Family disciple breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Wang Feiyun come up, but he was also a little frustrated . He hadn’t gotten enough limelight before he had to make his exit, but there was no other way . The two had already surpassed the Transcendent Realm, and he couldn’t contend with either of them . He could only retreat with a bitter smile .

“No way . It only just began, but the Wang Family’s Wang Feiyun has already taken the stage . It’s too early!”

“Yes, Wang Feiyun ranked fourth in the last arena . He is also a famous master from the young generation on our island . He is taking the stage so early!”

“Hehe, let him . As long as we get to see an interesting battle!”

“Yuan Xuecheng, I didn’t expect you to have surpassed the Transcendent Realm in under ten years!” Wang Feiyun glanced at the Yuan Family master mildly .

“It’s all thanks to you!” The young man, Yuan Xuecheng, said with a bit of hatred, “Hehe, I also didn’t expect that it would be a blessing in disguise, and now I can even enter Transcendent Realm!”

“But even if you enter Transcendent Realm, you can’t contend with me, so just admit defeat!” Wang Feiyun said lightly . Although he might not be as good as Wang Mengyu, it was just wishful thinking for a person who just entered the Transcendent Realm to want to defeat him .

“Asshole, don’t be too arrogant!” Yuan Xuecheng yelled violently . His eyes became fierce, and a thick qi swept out like a tide and headed toward Wang Feiyun .


The long sword in his hand flashed with silver light and pierced the vast sky . It blasted toward Wang Feiyun . His body followed the sword, and his figure leapt out instantly .

It was swift . Everyone only felt their eyes blur, but his long sword had already reached Wang Feiyun . Many warriors in the audience with weaker cultivation can’t help but exclaim . Their cultivation was too low to see through the sword momentum of this move .

There were many Transcendent Realm masters in the three prominent families, but for most people, a Transcendent Realm master was one in a million, a pitiful number .

At that moment, Wang Feiyun moved instantly . He instantly shot out Return To The Cloud Hand . Majestic cloud aura sputtered out in an instant, colliding heavily with the long sword .

The majestic cloud aura and the sword qi shot out unimaginable sparks in the air .

Wang Feiyun’s Return To The Cloud Hand directly blocked his offense . There was no way to penetrate his cloud aura .




Wang Feiyun transformed his palm into claws and immediately grabbed at his opponent . There was a crisp sound of steel shattering . The long sword in Yuan Xuecheng’s hand, together with its sword qi, was snapped off .

“Boom!” A low sound was heard in the arena . Everyone saw Wang Feiyun deliver a kick .

Yuan Xuecheng didn’t know how many of his ribs had been broken . His body was like a kite with a broken string . It glided in a beautiful parabola in the sky and rolled out of the arena directly .

Everyone realized that even though he had been utterly defeated by Ye Xiwen and rendered unable to fight back, it didn’t mean that he was too weak, but that Ye Xiwen was too terrifying .

Especially the masters of the Wang Family, they knew more about the battle between Wang Feiyun and Ye Xiwen than the outsiders . Others only know that Wang Feiyun was defeated again . As for how he was defeated, they didn’t have the slightest clue, but the Wang Family knew that the battle between Wang Feiyun and Ye Xiwen only lasted for one round .

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Ye Xiwen defeated Wang Feiyun just as easily as Wang Feiyun defeated Yuan Xuecheng .

Hearing everyone’s astonished mutterings, Wang Feiyun felt a sense of pride . Over the past ten days, he kept getting criticized by the Wang Family because he lost to Ye Xiwen .

Many people didn’t understand how terrifying Ye Xiwen was . They just saw that Wang Feiyun was defeated in a single move . All kinds of nasty rumors about him spread throughout the family .

It was precisely for this reason that he chose to take the stage just after a slight provocation from his opponent . It was to prove to others that he was not incompetent, but that Ye Xiwen was just too strong .

Although he might not be pleased about Ye Xiwen right now, he had to acknowledge Ye Xiwen’s strength .

Now you people have seen it!

Yuan Xuecheng reluctantly got up from the ground . He shot a vicious look at Wang Feiyun and said, “I will challenge you again!”

“Who else wants to come up and get schooled?” Wang Feiyun said to everyone with clasped hands .

Many masters in the audience who had initially planned to go on stage and try suddenly changed their minds . Initially, a master like Wang Feiyun and Wang Mengyu should not appear until the last few rounds . Wang Feiyun unexpectedly appeared so early today, reducing many people’s desire to battle .

“Hehe, let me try you!” A sneer came from Wu Family’s seat, and a figure flew onto the stage . It was none other than Wu Chenhai .

“What’s going on here? Why are these young masters rushing up there one by one? In the past, didn’t they have to wait until the finale?”

Everyone was shocked to see Wu Chenhai appear . They didn’t know what was happening . These young masters were coming out one by one, which was beyond everyone’s expectations .

“Yes, and these young masters would often avoid each other’s arenas, each guarding one arena, and then wait until ten places are determined to have another battle!”

“Now they are rushing down one by one? Could it be that something happened?”

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“It is said that this time the Wang Family invited a disciple of Sea Dragon Mansion to help . They are aiming to win the championship this time!”

“Speaking of which, the Wang Family has already lost ten times in five hundred years . During this period, the Wu Family and Yuan Family have been taking turns to win the championship!”

“But this time will surely be interesting . This Wang Feiyun is the strongest master besides the three young masters . He lost to Wu Chenhai in ten moves last time, but his cultivation must have improved to an unbelievable point after fifty years . He might even beat Wu Chenhai!”

“I’m not optimistic about him . As he improves, would Wu Chenhai remain in the same spot? Also, I heard that he lost again, this time to a guest of the Wang Family!”

“It’s you?” Wang Feiyun looked at Wu Chenhai coldly . His eyes were cold and murderous .

“Why? You don’t dare anymore?” sneered Wu Chenhai .

“What’s there to be scared of? I’m just thinking about getting my revenge!” said Wang Feiyun coldly .

“Hehe, there isn’t even the need for Brother Jia to appear today . I alone can suppress all your Wang Family’s master!” said Wu Chenhai arrogantly, his hands behind his back . He did not take the young masters of the Wang Family seriously .

As soon as those words were uttered, there was an uproar . Especially the many elders of the Wang Family who were watching the battle also suddenly became angry .



“Arrogant brat!”

Many elders were enraged . The three prominent families had been abreast for a long time . For such a long period of time, it was naturally impossible to remain evenly matched . The three major families had their own moments of weakness .

But generally speaking, there was still room for each other . For example, each family’s young masters would try not to appear in the same arena to avoid a duel between two powerhouses . They also tended to wait until the top ten was decided first before determining the winner and losers .

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Wu Chenhai’s actions were clearly a slap in the face . Who didn’t have moments of weakness? To them, doing this was an act of extreme arrogance .

Wang Huayang sat high above on the family master’s seat . His expression was unchanged, but one could tell that he was also angry by looking at his tightly clenched fists .

Unlike the anger felt by the Wang Family, the elders on the Wu Family all thought it was only natural .

“How arrogant . Don’t forget . You were defeated by Sister Yu last time!” Wang Feiyun sneered and said . He was also burning with rage .

“Shut up!” Wu Chenhai’s expression changed . To him, that was the biggest stain on his life . “Whether or not I’m arrogant, you will know if you try!”

Wu Chenhai moved instantaneously . He suddenly rose from the ground, lifting his long legs . Like a meteor, he aimed a kick at Wang Feiyun in an instant .

He was swift, almost as fast as lightning .

Wang Feiyun immediately stretched out his big hand that was covered in clouds and mist . He directly launched Return To The Cloud Hand’s most powerful killer move . He knew very well how terrifying the Wu Chenhai in front of him was . Wu Chenhai was the terrifying master he couldn’t beat despite using all his tricks .


The two sides collided with each other in the void . The deep sound of impact against flesh quickly spread . Scattered energy swept in all directions .

Wu Chenhai took a small step backward but then suddenly kicked out again . In the void, like a white rainbow, he aimed a hard kick at Wang Feiyun .

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