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Chapter 842: 842
Chapter 842: Crippling Wu Chenhai with a Kick

Ye Xiwen’s attack shocked all the experts .


The kicks from both sides slammed into each other in midair . Ye Xiwen’s leg wasn’t wrapped in any qi, but it seemed to have the armor penetration effect . Where Ye Xiwen’s leg passed by, the storm that Wu Chenhai ignited all dissipated, kicked away by him .

After kicking away the storm that covered the whole sky, Ye Xiwen went straight for Wu Chenhai’s chest with the same force .

Wu Chenhai abruptly tapped his toes and retreated to the sidelines, narrowly dodging Ye Xiwen’s leg whip .

There was a cold sweat dripping down his back . His expression was slightly stunned, then it became solemn . He stepped back just now to avoid Ye Xiwen’s leg whip entirely out of instinct . Now that he thought about it, the subconscious action just now was the right one .

Just a simple kick broke the air . This kind of power and speed was simply unbelievable . If he got kicked directly just now, even if he survived, he would be crippled .

He finally understood that Ye Xiwen was not nobody whom he could flatten and roll into a ball, but a fierce tiger that could threaten him .

“I really can’t let my guard down for a single moment!” Wu Chenhai pretended to be relaxed, but he already increased his vigilance to the highest level on the inside . He regarded Ye Xiwen as a strong opponent . Just now, he wanted to kick Ye Xiwen to death on the spot out of hatred, but now, he had to go all out . “You are worthy of making me attack you!”

“Are you just interested?” Ye Xiwen smiled .

Wu Chenhai didn’t answer and just walked up step by step . Thick qi spread out in all directions, and together with a monstrous momentum, a terrifying storm swept out . He enveloped himself in it, appearing like a miniature walking storm .

When he walked less than three feet in front of Ye Xiwen, he immediately kicked up a strong attack . His leg technique was like swifty wind . Every kick out was like a hurricane and as fast as lightning without losing its dominating nature . The destructive power of the terrifying storm was completely reflected in the gust from his kick .

In an instant, the sky was full of the shadows of his legs and storms, sealing up all the space for Ye Xiwen could use to escape . He was about to kick Ye Xiwen to death and didn’t plan to hold anything back .

“Wu Chenhai wants to go all out . Isn’t this the last move in Violent Wind Technique, Mighty Storm?”

“Yes, that’s right . This is Mighty Storm . They said he learned this move under the stormy conditions at sea . Once he attacks, it will be a completely airtight and complete slaughter . Although it is a wide range attack, every kick can easily kill a Transcendent Realm First Level master!”

Everyone in the audience was discussing it . They were stunned . Wu Chenhai had been famous for many years . Actually, many people already knew some of his moves, but they just knew it . Sometimes just knowing was useless . Even if they knew, the only two people who could withstand Mighty Storm was only Yuan Xuehai and Wang Mengyu . The others didn’t necessitate this trick at all .

Facing such a terrifying leg technique, Ye Xiwen didn’t even blink an eye . He suddenly lifted his leg and kicked out . It appeared to be a simple kick, but it once again broke the air easily . Everywhere it passed, the leg shadows in the sky exploded in an instant . Not a single storm could rush to Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen was like a small boat facing the monstrous waves . It seemed like he might lose at any time . But in the eyes of true experts, he was not in any danger at all .

Ye Xiwen’s leg whip didn’t look fast at all . It just seemed like a strong and heavy force, but just this leg whip that wasn’t even covered in qi became an airtight protection for his body . No matter how Wu Chenhai attacked, it was useless . It was impossible to hurt him .

Many people were secretly surprised that Ye Xiwen was clearly stronger than they thought . At worst, he was on the same level as Wang Mengyu and Wu Chenhai .

And in the arena, Wu Chenhai, who had been taking the initiative all this time, was suddenly anxious . He understood that although it seemed like he had always been taking the initiative now, the fact was almost none of the storms he kicked up in the sky could threaten Ye Xiwen . They couldn’t even get close to Ye Xiwen, let alone threaten his life .

If this continued, he himself would be defeated out of exhaustion . This Mighty Storm was mighty and had a broad range, but it also consumed a lot of qi . He was not like Ye Xiwen, who could be regarded as a beast wearing human skin . His qi could not last .

And he also knew that although this kind of scattered attack seemed powerful, it was only good for group attacks . When only facing one master, its power was divided .

He made a decision immediately . His figure instantly rose from the ground and leapt into midair . He stirred up storms all over the sky, and all the surrounding spiritual energy was extracted in an instant, forming a giant leg shadow in the sky, turning into a massive storm about to crash on Ye Xiwen’s body .


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There was a loud bang, and the entire arena shook slightly . These arenas were continuously strengthened by generations of masters from the three prominent families and were very difficult to destroy . Otherwise, the previous attack would have been enough to destroy the entire arena .

Even so, the terrifying blast stirred up wind and sand in the sky, and the flying sand and rocks covered in energy were swept in all directions .

At that moment, the onlookers could only hurriedly activate their aura barrier to block the flying energy and sand from outside .

Although this energy was only shockwaves, it even severely injured some Great Sages .

“How terrifying . What an overwhelming move!”

Countless people were amazed . The power of this move was too strong . Fortunately, it was all directed at Ye Xiwen . Otherwise, if the move had been directed at any of them, they would have been killed on the spot .

“What happened? What happened? Is Ye Xiwen dead?”

People anxiously want to know the answer .

“He should be dead . Such a terrifying blow, if it were me… No, he is not dead!”

The wind and sand gradually dissipated . Everyone saw a strange sight . Wu Chenhai’s leg whip hit three inches in front of Ye Xiwen’s face and was blocked by Ye Xiwen’s hands . Wu Chenhai couldn’t get close to Ye Xiwen at all .

“He’s too strong . This Ye Xiwen is too strong!” Wang Mengyu’s eyes couldn’t control the shock . When she brought Ye Xiwen back, she never thought that Ye Xiwen would be a top master superior to the three major young masters . Maybe others couldn’t see it, but she could . Because her and Wu Chenhai’s strengths had always been on par, she could naturally tell that Wu Chenhai had gone all out with that move just now .

But even though he used all his strength for that blow, it could only force Ye Xiwen to defend himself .

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Seeing such a large gap, Wang Mengyu’s beautiful pupils constricted, as if she had seen some incredible miracle . She could tell that Ye Xiwen’s real prowess was in his hands, while he only knew a few simple, basic leg techniques .

But he still used a leg technique to face the enemy . How confident was he? Or how arrogant? Was this meant to be a slap in Wu Chenhai’s face, or the Wang Family’s?

Then I will make it a slap in your face . Isn’t your leg technique your pride? I just broke your leg technique directly with a straightforward leg technique . Now you aren’t qualified to be proud of it anymore .

Therefore, even if Wu Chenhai attacked with Mighty Storm, he would simply use a leg whip to face the enemy .

Although Wang Mengyu hadn’t known Ye Xiwen for a long time, she knew that Ye Xiwen was not an arrogant and domineering person . There was only one reason for doing this . Perhaps it was as Ye Xiwen said that he would take care of their disasters if he got paid . This time, Ye Xiwen didn’t just have to defeat Chenhai, but also harshly tarnished the Wu Family’s reputation .

And Wu Chenhai’s most decisive killing move was only able to force Ye Xiwen to launch an attack . This gap in strength might be even greater than the gap between Wang Feiyun and Wu Chenhai .

Was he really just a Half-step Transcendent Realm?

Wang Mengyu was a little skeptical . If this was only the Half-step Transcendent Realm, then she felt extremely incompetent .

On the other side, Jia Qing sitting at the Wu Family’s seats, was a little moved when he saw this scene . He finally stopped focusing all of his attention on Yuan Xuehai .

On Yuan Xuehai’s side, there was a slight surprise in his eyes, and then a hint of fighting spirit swept through them .

The people at the side all felt this way, let alone Wu Chenhai, who was in the middle of the arena . He immediately felt that Ye Xiwen was not using his full strength . He immediately felt the despair Wang Feiyun felt when they fought just now . It made it hard for him to catch his breath . It was the despair felt when in the face of an opponent who was practically impossible to defeat .

“Don’t be arrogant!” Wu Chenhai yelled with fury . The thought of Ye Xiwen daring to underestimate him and not show his true strength enraged him .

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He transformed his figure in midair and immediately relaunched an offense . He swept up leg shadows that filled the sky and rushed toward Ye Xiwen .

It was a pity that Ye Xiwen’s speed was faster . He kicked out his leg whip again, but this time, it was no longer just for defense . It went straight through the boundless leg shadow storm .

Wherever it passed, the leg shadow storm flattened one after another . Ye Xiwen’s leg whip was like a raptor from the abyss, and it instantly kicked Wu Chenhai in the chest .

“Boom!” There was a dull muffle, and Wu Chenhai let out a scream . His body was like a cannonball, flying back to the direction he came until he fell to the ground . No one could tell whether he was dead or alive .

Everyone saw that Wu Chenhai’s chest had caved in . Obviously, all the ribs on his chest had been instantly broken by the kick .

“The livestock is courting death . For a mere test of strength, how dare you act so violently?!” In the Wu Family seats, a terrifying figure instantly leapt out .

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