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Chapter 839: 839
Chapter 839: The Wang Family? Completely Ignored!

Wu Chenhai walked up to the Wang Family’s group eagerly . When he saw Ye Xiwen, his facial expression soured a little, but it only soured a little before it returned to normal .

Wang Mengyu didn’t grace him with a welcoming face and just glanced at Wu Chenhai coldly . Whether it was the grievances between the Wang Family and Wu Family or Wu Chenhai’s actions, she felt extremely annoyed by him .

Seeing that Wang Mengyu ignored him, Wu Chenhai just chuckled . He then looked at Wang Feiyun and said, “Wang Feiyun, I heard that you were defeated again? Tsk tsk, it seems that the Wang Family doesn’t have masters any more!”

Wang Feiyun’s face became slightly ashen . He looked at Wu Chenhai as if he wanted to eat him, for no reason other than because Wu Chenhai once defeated him . At that time, when he was just Half-step Transcendent Realm, he tried to challenge Wu Chenhai, one of the three top talents from the younger generation on South Initiate Island .

His cultivation had always been closely behind these three geniuses, but he didn’t feel that he was weaker than them . He just felt that he became famous a little late, so he had gone and challenged Wu Chenhai . He didn’t expect that before he could execute ten moves, he experienced a crushing defeat in the hands of Wu Chenhai .

This was the biggest humiliation of his life . It was even more humiliating than being defeated by Ye Xiwen in one move . After all, Ye Xiwen was not his enemy . It was far from the humiliation he felt when Wu Chenhai defeated him in ten moves .

From then on, did he truly understand that even though they were in the same realm, the gap between them was vastly different .

Compared to Wang Mengyu and Wu Chenhai, there was still a vast gap between him and them .

“We don’t need your Wu Family to stick your noses in our Wang Family’s affairs!” said Wang Mengyu coldly . Although she wasn’t on very good terms with Wang Feiyun, Wang Feiyun was still way better than the annoying Wu Chenhai .

As if he was already used to Wang Mengyu’s cold words, Wu Chenhai ignored Wang Mengyu’s remarks and said, “I will introduce you . This is Jia Qing from Sea Dragon Mansion . When he heard that our Spiritual Volcano was about to open, Brother Jia came to help the Wu Family!”

Wu Chenhai directly introduced the man behind him, who had an arrogant expression and appeared to be twenty-seven years old .

Upon hearing this, the faces of the Wang Family disciples suddenly soured . This Jia Qing was a disciple of Sea Dragon Mansion .

“What kind of force is this Sea Dragon Mansion?” Ye Xiwen asked Wang Mengyu through a voice transmission . He noticed that everyone in the Wang Family seemed to be very afraid of Sea Dragon Mansion .

“Sea Dragon Mansion is one of the three dominant forces in our Flourished Cloud Sea Region . Including our South Initiate Island, we are all under the jurisdiction of Sea Dragon Mansion . Sea Dragon Mansion is full of masters . Every young master in this sea region Experts aims to join Sea Dragon Mansion . I initially planned to wait until I got to bathe in the Spiritual Volcano to breakthrough into Transcendent Realm Second Level and then join Sea Dragon Mansion!” Without hiding anything, Wang Mengyu told Ye Xiwen some information about Sea Dragon Mansion .

Ye Xiwen took a deep breath . Even someone like Wang Mengyu had to try their best to join . Even South Initiate Island, which produce many Transcendent Realm masters, were under its jurisdiction . The power of Sea Dragon Mansion was hard to imagine .

No wonder the Wang Family people were so afraid they heard Jia Qing was a Sea Dragon Mansion disciple . Like in True Martial Domain, it was similar to how those individual cultivators talked about True Martial School disciples . It was not just because of the deterrence of the True Martial School itself . It was more about how in True Martial School, whether in terms of cultivation resources or the various martial arts lineages, the individual cultivators were far from being on par .

Compared to a behemoth like Sea Dragon Mansion, the three prominent families were no different from individual cultivators .

More importantly, Jia Qing’s cultivation seemed to have just ascended to Transcendent Realm Second Level . His vibe was still a bit unstable; it was leaking out and not concealed at all . It was much stronger than Wang Mengyu and the others .

They expected the Wu Family might have invited powerful help from outside . Still, they didn’t expect that they could invite a Sea Dragon Mansion disciple and a Transcendent Realm Second Level master at that . This time, their Wang family was in jeopardy .

The confidence they had because of the power Ye Xiwen displayed suddenly disappeared . They didn’t think Ye Xiwen could compete with a Transcendent Realm Second Level master .

Wu Chenhai looked at the Wang Family’s soured expressions with glee . He thought, If the Spiritual Volcano wasn’t about to open, how could they have invited Jia Qing? Because once Jia Qing bathes in the Spiritual Volcano, he can stabilize his Transcendent Realm Second Level cultivation immediately and even enter Transcendent Realm Second Level Peak in one go . He will be able to enter the Transcendent Realm Third Level at any time .

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Only this persuaded Jia Qing to join the Wu Family’s side . Although they were reluctant to give up one slot, it didn’t matter . As long as they could suppress the Wang Family, it would all be worth it .

“It seems that your Wang family is going to be at the bottom again . After all, you have lost the championship ten times in a row . Tsk tsk!” said Wu Chenhai with some disdain .

Everyone in the Wang family instantly became even angrier . Still, they couldn’t say a word because they had indeed failed to win the championship ten times, which resulted in getting a whole twenty slots less than the Wu Family and the Yuan Family . If it continued for a more extended period of time, they would only decline further . By then, self-preservation would become a problem, let alone maintaining their position as one of the three prominent families .

“Hmph, there is no proof . You still only know once we have a real battle!” Wang Mengyu snorted coldly .

“Is a battle still necessary? I want to win the championship this time!” Before Wu Chenhai could speak, Jia Qing, who stood beside Wu Chenhai, sneered and said with an arrogant expression . Even though Wang Mengyu was a famous genius on South Initiate Island, he didn’t take her seriously . He came from a well-known sect; he was a Sea Dragon Mansion disciple, and his cultivation crushed everyone present . From his perspective, naturally, a battle was unnecessary . “You better not come into contact with me . Otherwise, my fists do not discriminate . I couldn’t care less if I injure you severely!”

Everyone in the Wang family was infuriated . This was blatant scorn . Jia Qing did not take the Wang Family seriously at all and even scorned them .

Wang Mengyu was about to fight back when suddenly, a noise came from the distance .

“Yuan Xuehai is here!” someone yelled . Everyone looked over and saw a tall, young man dressed in blue stride to the Yuan Family’s dais .

His temperament was icy, like an iceberg, as if he wanted to freeze people from one glance .

“He is my opponent!” Jia Qing just looked at Yuan Xuehai coldly, his expression becoming a little excited . On South Initiate Island, he finally met an opponent worth battling .

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The Wang Family, who had been ignored directly, were outraged .

“You guys just do your best!” Wu Chenhai chuckled . He led the Wu Family’s people straight in the direction of the arena .

“Asshole, he’s too arrogant . He didn’t take our Wang Family seriously at all!”

“Damn it . We have to show them what we’re made of!”

Compared to the outrage of the Wang Family’s ordinary disciples, Wang Mengyu and the others had slight concern on their faces . Jia Qing had already entered Transcendent Realm Second Level . Since Jia Qing named Yuan Xuehai as his opponent, could Yuan Xuehai have already entered Transcendent Realm Second Level?

Thinking of this, Wang Mengyu’s facial expression suddenly changed . Among the three young masters on the island, she, Wu Chenhai, and Yuan Xuehai were called the Three Heroes . The Three Heroes’ cultivation had always been equal, but Yuan Xuehai might have unexpectedly entered Transcendent Realm Second Level, one step ahead of them . This made her feel a little anxious .

And if Yuan Xuehai had entered Transcendent Realm Second Level, this competition might not involve the Wang Family . They might have to face their eleventh defeat .

By then, the Wang Family’s disadvantage would only increase . By then, they might not be part of the three prominent families anymore .

She turned back to glance at Ye Xiwen but saw that he was still indifferent . From time to time, his eyes would turn blank, as if he was thinking about something . She couldn’t help but feel a little depressed, while Ye Xiwen was not worried about anything .

But when she thought about it, she found it a little funny . Well, Ye Xiwen was not from the Wang Family anyway, so why would he get upset about this kind of thing? He could shake it off and leave .

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Everyone in the Wang Family quickly headed toward the arena . At that time, many people were battling in the ten arenas . But they were mostly individual cultivators and no strong masters .

And if the other disciples of the three prominent families felt that they were strong enough, they could also participate . However, no matter what the final result was, it only came down to the three prominent families’ results . The families would not get an extra slot from the other disciples’ achievements .

For the disciples of the three prominent families, this was also an opportunity to distinguish themselves . If they could surprise everyone in the arena, they might receive attention and training from the three prominent families’ senior officials . At that point, they would soar to the sky .

Now, those in the arenas were mainly the individual cultivators . None of the masters from the three prominent families had entered the arena . Among the individual cultivators, besides the powerful ones aiming for Spiritual Volcano, there were also some whose goal was to attract the three prominent families’ attention to join the family . If they became the family’s guest or a teacher, they could enjoy the three major families’ resources . Then, they could save effort worth hundreds or thousands of years .

Among these individual cultivators, none of them were compelling . They were Half-step Transcendent Realm . Occasionally, there were one or two Great Sage masters who could defeat a Half-step Transcendent Realm masters, which impressed people . That said, there was nothing very dazzling about them at all .

After another hour, the many individual cultivator masters who should go up and battle had already finished battling . After that, masters from the three prominent families appeared one after another . Naturally, the scene escalated to a greater height .

The three major families’ representatives were still waiting, seemingly waiting for the perfect opportunity to take the stage .

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