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Chapter 84 - The three major sub-schools

The disciples from many sub-schools had gathered around to watch this fight and disciples from other mountain peaks had also arrived because Ye Xiwen's fame had attracted them here and these disciples were very interested to take a look at the strongest disciple of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, who had recently got the limelight.

Ye Xiwen looked at the challenger and said: “Are you going to challenge me?”

“Certainly!” The man said.

“Who are you?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“Bingdao sub-school's Chu Xun!” The man replied. (NT: Bing dao means Iceland)

Bingdao, so he was actually the disciple of Bingdao sub-school, no wonder!

On the east coastline of the Great Yue State, near the sea, there were some sub-schools, but Bingdao was one of the most famous ones because the disciples there practiced Ice attribute power techniques. Ages ago, the forefathers had set up this system, as there was a world of ice and snow in 300 miles radius of the seacoast and was the best environment for practicing Ice attribute techniques. The disciples who passed out from the Bingdao sub-school were always very powerful.

Sub-schools could be divided into strong or weak categories and Qingfeng Mountain sub-school was one of the relatively weak, but on the contrary, Bingdao sub-school had always been known as one of the three major sub-schools.

In the crowd of sub-schools, Bingdao sub-school's strength was ranked among the best.

“Chu Xun, he is Bingdao's Chu Xun, no wonder his strength seems so formidable!” A disciple exclaimed.

“So he is, no wonder, no wonder, excluding those three invincible masters, Chu Xun can be considered as one of the strongest!”

“You are Chu Xun?” Ye Xiwen said. After staying here for more than a day, it was not that Ye Xiwen did not know anything and he had certainly been informed about the outstanding disciples of various strong sub-schools.

This term's batch of sub-school disciples was the strongest batch known for centuries, as if strong masters had literally rained on the Main Sect. And the top three players among them were definitely the most outstanding disciples of the three sub-schools.

In the past, the disciples of these three major sub-schools were the strongest and therefore, they had obtained the most resources compared to other sub-schools and cultivated stronger disciples for the next term. With the repetition of this cycle, over time, these three sub-schools had gradually become the most formidable sub-schools with their strengths and resources far above other sub-schools.

It could be said that like always, all of the disciples of this session of the three major sub-schools were already in the Xiantian realm and not only that, not a single Houtian realm disciples would be attending the assessment from these sub-schools.

When Ye Xiwen heard this news, he could not help but held his breath in astonishment. All were Xiantian masters, what kind of ridiculous situation was this?

It was said that these major sub-schools would put great and costly efforts to cultivate strong Xiantian disciples. And if the three major sub-schools would send more and more Xiantian disciples then the other sub-schools had to spend as well on their outstanding disciples,

Although they never expected to be better than the other three major sub-schools, but at least, their own disciples wouldn't be easily bullied by the disciples of the three sub-schools.

But, because the Qingfeng Mountain Yi Yuan School was situated far away in the remote regions of Great Yue State, they obtained the news very late.

No one knew how strong the three invincible masters actually were, because no one had forced them to use the full strength. But, the hierarchy of the disciples was well known to everyone, in which, experts like Chu Xun held higher position compared to Wen Shiyang and others.

In fact, Chu Xun was a lot stronger than Wen Shiyang.

“I hear that you claim to be the strongest sub-school disciple so I have personally come to teach you a lesson, so that you know the immensity of heaven and earth.” Chu Xun coldly said.

Certainly, it was not Ye Xiwen who had claimed to be the strongest disciple, but someone with ulterior motives and they naturally didn't have good intentions for Qingfeng Mountain sub-school and its disciples.

“Whether I am the strongest disciple or not is none of your business and you actually came to lecture me for this, don't you have anything better to do?” Ye Xiwen sneered and said.

Anyways, this Chu Xun was really too arrogant. Just because he heard Ye Xiwen's name as the strongest disciple, he actually came to teach him a lesson? Does he really think that Ye Xiwen would just stand there and take his punches!

“You are courting death!” Chu Xun had become furious. Who was he? He was a top disciple of Bingdao sub-school, one of three major sub-schools but Ye Xiwen had dared to talk disrespectfully with him. “Today I will cripple you and turn you into a pile of bones!”

“Depends on you!” Ye Xiwen repeatedly sneered.

Chu Xun's figure suddenly flashed and his Zhen Qi suddenly released out of his body. The ambient temperature of the surroundings steeply plunged, as if sucked into the world of ice and snow.

Huge and ice-cold Zhen Qi aura had instantly turned the entire surrounding pure white and the ferocious power of Chu Xun, which was far above Wen Shiyang, had properly displayed itself in front of everyone with his 40% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi surging majestically high into the sky.

After breaking through to the Xiantian first stage, ordinary masters possessed 10% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi and only after transforming 20% of their Xiantian Zhen Qi, they could reach the peak of Xiantian first stage.

Similarly, after reaching the Xiantian second stage, those with 30% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi were considered ordinary third stage masters and only after transforming 40% Xiantian Zhen Qi, they could reach the peak of Xiantian second stage.

Chu Xun was at the peak of Xiantian second stage and compared to an average expert, he was extremely powerful!

Chu Xun shot his palm with a snow white Zhen Qi wrapped on his arms, resembling a pure white crystal which was unusually beautiful, but incredibly dangerous. His palm viciously shot and directly froze the surrounding air while producing a crackling sound.

When Ye Xiwen saw Chu Xun's palm approaching towards him, in an instant, Ye Xiwen moved his hands and shot him palms, covered in a terrifying Zhen Qi, which directly moved forward towards the incoming attack.




Their fight immediately approached the acme, and in an instant, a dozen blows had been exchanged between the tow. Chu Xun was amazed as he never thought that Ye Xiwen would be able to block his moves so easily.

As one of the top disciples in Bingdao sub-school, although he was not the strongest, but he was still ranked among the top five, but even so, he actually couldn't press down Ye Xiwen even after exchanging so many blows.

He originally thought of Ye Xiwen as a boy who was boasting around after a little success, claiming to be the strongest disciple, but he never imagined that this boastful boy would actually be so strong.

After coming to the Main Sect, many disciples bragged about themselves, but in Chu Xun's view, they were nothing but clowns. Even his big brother had never said that he was the strongest disciple then how could this man act recklessly and claim himself as the strongest disciple.

He was in a bad mood and had come to vent his anger on Ye Xiwen but he never thought that fighting Ye Xiwen would be like kicking an Iron Wall.

“Could it be that you are only at this level?” Ye Xiwen sneered and said.


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