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Chapter 83 - Fame spreads

Everyone was silent!

One move, just a single move!

In a flash, the spectating disciples had witnessed how the reputation of Wen Shiyang was zapped and completely overwhelmed by a single flash of Ye Xiwen's Xiantian Bladeqi.

There was a huge difference between Xiantian and Houtian Zhen Qi, and 30% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi, in fact, had incredible density and toughness, but he was still nowhere near to be Ye Xiwen's match.

Ye Xiwen had used his creative concept combined with his Bladeqi to display such an incredible prowess and everyone was aware of the fact that, at that time, if Ye Xiwen had not restrained his true strength then Wen Shiyang would definitely have been split in half. Although school regulations were relatively wide, but were not wide enough to allow killing someone in front of a large crowd, at least, Ye Xiwen was not powerful enough to override school regulations.

But, today, if even he had died at the hands of Ye Xiwen, although it would have caused trouble, but Shaoyang sub-school's people could only swallow the bitter pill. All of their Xiantian masters had been defeated and their own strengths were not good enough. Also, nobody would come to show their sympathy to them because everyone knew that people of the Shaoyang sub-school were the real perpetrators this time and this result was inevitable for them.

Finished, really finished!

All of the outstanding disciples of Shaoyang sub-school had been defeated and if they didn't recover in time before the beginning of school assessment, then Shaoyang sub-school wouldn't be able to participate in the assessment because without its top three Xiantian masters, it would have no chance to win.

This entry assessment of the Main Sect was not just an ordinary assessment, because it was directly related to the future developments of the various sub-schools. In the Main Sect, the resources and facilities were allocated to these sub-schools based on the performance of their outstanding disciples respectively.

In the eyes of the Main Sect, although it allowed entry to weak disciples as well, but it only was a place for elite disciples from various sub-schools, so of course, it would provide more rewards and resources to more powerful disciples, and these elite disciples would also get more resources in the coming year.

This was the reason why the various sub-schools would not hesitate to spend their resources on these geniuses before sending them to the Main Sect.

But now, all three Xiantian masters of Shaoyang sub-school had been devastated effortlessly and that too in front of everyone. It was totally inconceivable that this year’s Shaoyang sub-school was definitely the worst of the crowd and this would directly affect the allocation of resources in the coming year for it.

Earlier when Shaoyang sub-school disciples had gone to bully the disciples of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, they would never have expected that things would come to this and that too by the interference of just one man.

The fight between these two men had directly determined the status of the two sub-schools and the results of this fight was that; the reputation of Qingfeng Mountain sub-school had skyrocketed and become like a tough iron sheet, after completely destroying the reputation of Shaoyang sub-school.

“After this, he would thoroughly become famous!” A disciple standing in the crowd murmured.


As if a big rock had been dropped in a calm lake, in a flash, Ye Xiwen's fame had spread off like the intermittent waves.

The news that Ye Xiwen had effortlessly defeated Shaoyang sub-school's strongest disciple, Wen Shiyang, had spread among more than one hundred sub-schools.

Originally among thousands of disciples, Wen Shiyang was not one of the strongest and was only a minor celebrity. Even if Ye Xiwen had defeated Wen Shiyang, this was not that big of a deal for other elite disciples, but everyone present during the fight had seen how Ye Xiwen had used the creative concept of his blade technique to a profound level. This had made him to suddenly become a target, and focus of attention of many people.

In the Qingfeng Mountain sub-school's courtyard, Ye Feng was standing. He was a Xiantian master so his resilience was very tough, plus he had consumed a lot of high-grade medicinal pills provided by Ye Xiwen so his condition had become a lot better and he could walk around easily. At this rate, he would be completely healed before the beginning of assessment.

Nearby, Ye Xiwen and Ye Ruxue, his two siblings stood quietly, and Zhang Yang, Wu Hao and Qian Wanru were also present, making this a gathering of Qingfeng Mountain younger generation’s top disciples.

“The news about Brother Ye's fight with Wen Shiyang has spread everywhere. After knowing that Brother Ye has used creative concept of his blade technique, I’m afraid a lot of people won't be able to sleep now. Now they won't dare to underestimate Qingfeng Mountain sub-school.” Qian Wanru said in a very excited tone. Qingfeng Mountain was located in the remote areas of Great Yue State and Qingfeng Mountain sub-school was always discriminated against by the schools from bigger districts.

“Yes, I’m afraid there are people who cannot sleep, and it seems that some are deliberately adding fuel to the fire.” Ye Feng said with a sigh. This news had spread so fast, so wide, that it was clearly not the result of self-propagation and natural dissemination, and it was certain that people were adding fuel to the flames.

“I think people just want to stir the muddy water.” Zhang Yang frowned and said, “Someone wants us to become the target of public criticism and they may join hands to destroy us.”

“There's a possibility that you may be right. It is true that in the past, our sub-school had become friends with many sub-schools, but had also made a lot of enemies, and in a short time, we will come to know the inside and outside of this matter.” Ye Feng said.

“It doesn't matter if they are deliberately spreading the news, or adding fuel to the flames. If we want to stand out during the coming assessment, we must be prepared to face all of this.” Ye Xiwen said, “It's quite simple, we will knock down anyone who tries to come in our way.”

Ye Xiwen's discourse revealed self-confidence. He knew that any plots or conspiracies were nothing in face of a formidable strength and could only accomplish elimination and nothing else.

“Ha ha ha, right, what little brother said is absolutely right, we will overthrow any plots thrown at us, no matter which method they resort to." Ye Feng laughed and said.

“If someone wants to see what we are made up of, we will let them see enough. Our Qingfeng Mountain sub-school is not worse than any other school.” Ye Xiwen said with a cold smile on his face.

“Yes, that’s right!” Ye Feng nodded then turned to Ye Ruxue and said, “Now I am alright and can take care of myself so you don't have to look after me anymore. Go, use these few days left before the assessment, to finish your closed-door training and try your best to break through to the Xiantian realm. At the time of assessment, we would be happy to have one more helper. “

Ye Ruxue looked at Ye Feng then nodded and said: “Okay!”

She also knew that if she did not break into the Xiantian realm then she won't be of any help to them. She still had the Xiantian Pellet, gifted to her by Ye Xiwen, and breaking into the Xiantian realm was now much easier for her than others. Without a Xiantian Pellet, even in the environment of Main Sect, breaking through to the Xiantian realm would still take a lot of time and effort.

Both Wu Hao and Qian Wanru were somewhat enviously looking at Ye Ruxue, but unfortunately, they did not have a Xiantian Pellet and it would take them some time before they finally enter into the Xiantian realm.

Then, abruptly, a disciple of the Qingfeng Mountain sub-school hastily ran inside the courtyard and said: “It's bad! A person has come outside to challenge Brother Ye.”

“As expected, they really came.” Ye Feng said.

“So fast.” Zhang Yang frowned and said.

“I'll go and take a look.” Ye Xiwen said.

Ye Xiwen went out of the courtyard and was surprised to find a white-robed youth coldly looking at him. This tall and sturdy young man's eyes had a faint Zhen Qi which burst out and splashed in all directions.

He was exuding an ice-cold chill aura which appeared to be coming out from the glaciers. When Ye Xiwen glanced at him, the youth seemed as if his whole body was frozen just like a man made up of ice.


Correction in Chapter 62: I noticed a typo, where I had written 'Ye Ruxue was two years older than Ye Xiwen', which was a typo and it actually should be 'Ye Ruxue was twenty years old and one year older than Ye Xiwen' (Thanks to 'slaawi' for bringing this to my notice :D)


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