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Chapter 85 - The difference of ten

“Could it be that you are only at this level?” Ye Xiwen sneered and said.

Ye Xiwen shot his palms with a ‘shabu’ thunder-like rumbling sound and this set of palm method in his hands could be considered superb.

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen's palm shot and Chu Xun raised his hand to block. Suddenly with a loud noise, a great force transmitted into the arms of Chu Xun which numbed from the shock.

Chu Xun's ice-cold Zhen Qi instantly covered all over his arms suddenly covering with a burst of coldness and expelled the numbing feeling form his arms.

He was extremely shocked in his heart. How could this man’s strength reach such dreadful proportions?

Whether it was Huo Cheng or Wen Shiyang, the strengths of both of them were far worse than the strength of Ye Xiwen, so they never had a chance against Ye Xiwen, also when they couldn't even force him to use his full force.

In Ye Xiwen's fight with those two, he had easily defeated them in not more than a single strike that had directly broken all the bones in their bodies causing them to lose consciousness immediately. The fight had finished so fast that the spectators did not get enough time to feel the real terrifying strength of Ye Xiwen.

Anyway, no matter how much force he had used, they would have fainted instantly.

But Chu Xun was different, and even if Ye Xiwen's combat strength was equivalent to the ordinary masters of Xiantian third stage, but Chu Xun's strength was also close to the Xiantian third stage, though a bit less, and that was the reason why he had not directly fainted in one move from Ye Xiwen.

But also because of this, everyone had got a chance to witness Ye Xiwen's terrifying strength of 19 Dragons that had totally overwhelmed Chu Xun's strength of 9 Dragons. Chu Xun was facing a master who possessed the strength more than twice his own strength.

Transformed 10% Xiantian Zhen Qi granted the strength of one Dragon, 20% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi granted the strength of 2 Dragons, but after transforming 30% Xiantian Zhen Qi, one could reach the strength of 5 Dragons.

After transforming 40% Xiantian Zhen Qi and reaching the peak of Xiantian second stage, Chu Xun's strength had reached the peak strength of 9 Dragons. Once he would break through to the Xiantian third stage after transforming 50% Xiantian Zhen Qi, his strength would further reach the strength of 10 Dragons, which was still lower than Ye Xiwen's current strength. After transforming 60% Xiantian Zhen Qi and reaching the peak of Xiantian third stage, one could gain the strength ranging from the strength of 20 Dragons to 49 Dragons.

Since Ye Xiwen was already at the peak of 50% transformed Xiantian Zhen Qi and had reached the strength of 19 Dragons, which was more than twice Chu Xun's current strength, each of his blows contained a terrifying strength and was instantly numbing the arms of Chu Xun.

Although, like always, Ye Xiwen had not beaten Chu Xun in one shot, but he had already put Chu Xun in a tough situation where he was secretly crying incessantly in his heart. He was constantly shouting in his heart that what kind of monster was Ye Xiwen? Just from taking a look at him, no one could make a guess that a master of Xiantian first stage could actually possess such a monstrous strength.

Chu Xun noticed that Ye Xiwen was only using his palm technique, but with brute force contained in each shot, to actually force him into spending all his Zhen Qi just for defense.

Such monstrous strength, even if it was inferior to the three invincible masters, but it was still equivalent to one of the top under players. How could such a figure appear in a small sub-school like Qingfeng Mountain sub-school, located in the remote area of Great Yue State?

But Chu Xun didn't get enough time to think about all that because of the relentless attacks of Ye Xiwen. It was clear that Ye Xiwen had thoroughly grabbed the upper hand in this battle.

Pass like thunder and move like the wind!

Lightning and thunder!

Ghostly thunder Axe!

Leveling storm four strokes!

These four moves of Rushing thunder hand technique had been used by Ye Xiwen, as if they had been used by the God himself, with each of these moves containing tremendous strength, coming one after the other, almost with no pause, with perfection, producing thunder-like rumbling sound in between the moves, as if they contained the power of heavenly thunder.

Chu Xun had been totally pressed down under Ye Xiwen's nonstop strikes and was totally depressed. How could he not know about Rushing thunder hand? This was a lower-level power technique taught in almost all sub-schools and throughout the Great Yue State, there were countless people who knew this technique, but no one had ever displayed this kind of might while using this technique. It was as if Ye Xiwen had fully assimilated the true essence of this technique and had displayed its ideal form in front of everyone.

Even those elders could not be compared to Ye Xiwen when it came to mastery over power techniques.

But, for Chu Xun, the most depressing thing was that Ye Xiwen had used a lower-level power technique and displayed such a terrifying might that he had actually been completely pressed down and could only fight a defensive battle. After this, he would not be able to lift his head out of shame.

When Chu Xun was a child, he had practiced a lower-level power technique for some time, but soon, when his cultivation level had progressed, he had soon abandoned it for practicing an intermediate power technique and now that he had already practiced advanced power techniques and Xiantian power techniques, he would never even think of using a lower-level power technique in battles. But right now, he was being defeated by a lower-level power technique?

He never thought that lower-level techniques could actually gain such terrifying might, especially when wielded by Ye Xiwen.




The metal clashing sound spread each time Ye Xiwen and Chu Xun collided and exchanged moves.

A terrifying battle between the two powerful Xiantian masters was sending blast waves everywhere in the surroundings.

“This is so incredible. I did not think that Ye Xiwen would actually be able to fight off Chu Xun without losing for such a long time!”

“Lose? It is obvious that Chu Xun has been completely pushed down by Ye Xiwen and his defeat is inevitable!” A disciple laughed loudly and said.

“Moreover, Ye Xiwen has not used his strongest technique yet. That day, I saw the true strength of his blade technique when Wen Shiyang had lost in a single blade attack but right now, Ye Xiwen has not drawn his blade otherwise Chu Xun would not be able to withstand for so long. Wait until Ye Xiwen draws his blade, because then, Chu Xun would not be able to play defensive like this!”

“I never thought that this Ye Xiwen would actually be so powerful and it seems that except for those three invincible experts, Ye Xiwen is definitely one of the top star ranked disciples!”

Chu Xun's hands had gradually numbed with no way to relieve this numbness even after using his Zhen Qi. He was still unable to accept this turn of events in his heart. How could this be, Ye Xiwen had not even drawn his blade and was already so powerful?

Was Ye Xiwen going to defeat him without even using his blade? How is this possible!

There was a difference of strength of 10 Dragons between the strengths of Chu Xun and Ye Xiwen. Although Chu Xun was using a superior power technique than Rushing thunder hand, but by virtue of the degree of mastery over Rushing thunder hand and the terrifying strength of 19 Dragons, Ye Xiwen had completely pressed him down.

But, Chu Xun was still unwilling to accept this result where he might get defeated by a Xiantian first stage master like Ye Xiwen.

Finally, Chu Xun's hands had completely numbed and he couldn't block the relentless attacks of Ye Xiwen and was sent flying out while screaming.


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