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Chapter 825: 825
Chapter 825: Defeat With One Hi

These sects dare not provoke a prodigy in the Transcendent Realm fifth or sixth level upon entering here . Without making things hard for each other, there wouldn’t be any form of conflict between them . However, they didn’t regard Ye Xiwen, someone among the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak, among prodigies’ ranks .

Even if he were a prodigy, he would be considered an ordinary prodigy .

While such people might be outstanding characters, which stood upon the peak of strength within the True Martial School, they were far too typical in the Ancient Barrens Continent . The cultivating environment was much laxer . Even those disciples that followed their sect’s elders had such cultivation as well .

While these people might experience a drastic increase in cultivation, it was impossible to reach a state where the entire sect would be threatened .

This was mostly the case for people like Ye Xiwen, who originated from other small domains . None of the sects held him in high regard here . It was just like how the huge forces’ cultivators act when facing the stray cultivators in the True Martial Domain .

In terms of cultivation and grades of martial arts, these sects were far superior to those that originated from other small domains . This was a benefit that people from the small domains had no chance of enjoying .

As such, even though they were both in the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak, Kou Wendong had the confidence to deal with Ye Xiwen easily . He intended to teach a lesson to this ignorant brat from some smaller domains and educate Ye Xiwen about how weak he was . He intended to diminish Ye Xiwen’s pride, as Ye Xiwen was considered nothing here .

Kou Wendong’s aura became stronger and stronger . His Transcendent Realm First Level Peak’s strength wasn’t artificial at all, and even Ye Xiwen was amazed . Even Huang Wuji’s talents wouldn’t net him such strength . Without any doubt, the cultivation environment of the Ancient Barrens Continent was so much laxer compared to the True Martial Domain .

“Unparalleled Space Shattering Palm!” Kou Wendong’s dense qi surged out from his body, and he instantly attacked Ye Xiwen . His figure burst forward, and his hand traversed through space, immediately reaching Ye Xiwen’s front .

The spiritual energies of the world were faintly intertwined, which released a horrifying might .

The expressions of all the spectating prodigy disciples that originated from other smaller domains changed . While the cultivation environment of the Ancient Barrens Continent was much laxer compared to their original world, the laws here were much more complicated by ten folds or even hundred folds . While Transcendent Realm experts could easily shatter space within their original domain, it was practically impossible within the Ancient Barrens Continent . It was also tough to intertwine their martial arts together with this place’s spiritual qi .

And yet, Kou Wendong had the capabilities of doing so, which made their expressions change . It was conceivable that Kou Wendong was merely considered normal among all the Unparalleled Palace disciples present . He was considered no one outstanding, and yet even he had such strengths .

This Ancient Barrens Continent was truly amazing .

However, some lofty prodigies didn’t care much about this Kou Wendong . Even if he was stronger than them, they felt that Kou Wendong merely had the advantage of being here earlier than them . After they learned the martial arts of the Ancient Barrens Continent, and their cultivations experience a drastic increase, this awe-inspiring Kou Wendong would be considered nothing .

Ye Xiwen could only feel a wave of killing intent rushing towards him . Kou Wendong’s entire face was red, and he was exceedingly enraged . With his first attack, he was already attempting to deal a killing blow to Ye Xiwen . After all, prodigies like him would appear in abundance every once in a while . Ye Xiwen was such an insignificant character .

“Ye Xiwen, be careful!” Seeing Kou Wendong’s surging aura, Kou Yanmei quickly reminded Ye Xiwen . This caused her surrounding Unparalleled Palace seniors to look at her in rebuke . Why are you supporting an outsider instead of someone from your sect?

Even though Shen Yanmei hadn’t joined the Unparalleled Palace yet, the disciples of the Unparalleled Palace regarded her as one of their members . Seeing how pretty Shen Yanmei was, and how pure-minded she was, no one decided to lecture her for it .

Such was the treatment any beauties would receive, no matter where they were .

“It’s too late!” Kou Wendong snorted upon hearing Shen Yanmei’s words . His attacking speed got even faster, and a surge of energy was instantly blasted out, shooting itself towards Ye Xiwen’s direction . The vibration of the energy made even the air burn fanatically .

When his palm reached Ye Xiwen’s front, Ye Xiwen finally moved . There wasn’t any extravagant action . His attack appeared slow at first glance, but it was not sluggish . Just as he raised his hand, his fist already went up against Kou Wendong’s attack .


A low explosive sound resounded in the sky . The sound was so low in tone . Everyone felt an ear-piercing sensation . The energy brought along by the Unparalleled Sky Shattering Palm was also dissipated in an instant, turning into ripples visible to the naked eye, which started spreading around .

“What?” Kou Wendong’s eyes widened . He never expected the attack he had prepared beforehand to be ineffective, being blocked by such a simple fist . He could even feel that Ye Xiwen didn’t even use any form of qi . With Ye Xiwen’s physique alone, he managed to block Kou Wendong’s attack .

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How is this possible? Is he a cultivator that cultivates the toughness of his physique?

Before he had the time to think about it, Ye Xiwen’s counter-attack instantly arrived . An ethereal palm traversed through space and landed on Kou Wendong’s chest with lightning speed . Kou Wendong’s protective aura wasn’t able to withstand the attack . It was penetrated instantly .

The palm landed on his chest .

“Boom!” A deep voice of their physical body clashing resounded, and Kou Wendong flew outwards . After being knocked back for more than ten feet, he finally came to a halt .

Everyone was stunned . They never expected the Kou Wendong, who was still surging with his aura, to be trounced . He was just like a fly that was being casually chased away .

Everyone was a little dumbfounded, especially the prodigies that came from other domains . They were already shocked when seeing Kou Wendong’s attacks, surprised by how strong the Ancient Barrens Continents’ experts were . When facing those in the same realm, they might not be able to defeat the Ancient Barrens’ experts .

However, they felt like their emotions were sitting on a roller coaster . From the sky, it plummeted into the chasms of the world . The expert they were initially in awe of was so casually knocked away, just like a fly .

What in the world?

This had truly exceeded their expectations . Initially, they were secretly scornful of Ye Xiwen for not knowing his place . While they possessed talents, they had yet to learn of the martial arts of the Ancient Barrens Continent . Without receiving the teachings of their sect’s seniors, their talents would merely be something laughable .

Prodigies perishing was extremely common, no matter where it was .

When the prodigy managed to grow, they would be considered a true prodigy . If they couldn’t grow, their corpse would merely be the stepping stone of other’s path to being invincible .

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And yet, Ye Xiwen did it so casually . With only his physique’s strength alone, he had easily defeated Kou Wendong, who was previously raging with a menacing aura .

They were both in the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak . How could someone be so strong?

There were various Transcendent Realm First Level Peak experts among them . However, based on their analysis, withstanding such an attack was already good enough . They weren’t able to counter-attack, not to mention trouncing Kou Wendong .

It was simply impossible for a Transcendent Realm First Level Peak to do so . If Ye Xiwen’s cultivation weren’t in full display, they would suspect that Ye Xiwen had concealed his cultivation .

Of course, they wouldn’t know that the True Martial Domain only allowed one to cultivate to the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak . As such, the True Martial Domain’s Transcendent Realm first level’s experts were all finding a way to increase their strength . Anyone of the True Martial Domain’s Transcendent Realm veterans with the combat prowess of a Sect Master would be able to defeat these prodigies .

What’s more? Ye Xiwen was close to invincible beneath the starry skies . Even the Sect Master level experts weren’t his opponent . Of course, this was only limited to those that were at the Transcendent Realm first level .

Shen Yanmei looked at Ye Xiwen and Kou Wendong; she succumbed into an awkward predicament . One was a friend that she just knew, which she had fun conversing with . And yet, the other person was her senior brother . She was in a dilemma, as she didn’t know whether to cheer for or scold Ye Xiwen .

“Nice! Little brother, nice techniques! Our Unparalleled Palace was acting too rashly!” To his surprise, the first one that spoke was the Unparalleled Palace’s elder, who also had a smile on his face . He could tell that Ye Xiwen had already held back his strength from his previous attack . Otherwise, Kou Wendong might even be killed on the spot . Since Ye Xiwen held back, he naturally didn’t want to go overboard . “Since you’re not willing to join our Unparalleled Palace and the Crimson Peak Villa, we won’t force you to . We hope that everything ends peacefully!”

Ye Xiwen nodded and let down the guard in his heart . He was just afraid of this elder acting out of rage . Ye Xiwen dared to go against Kou Wendong, mainly because he had his trump card . Although the elder’s cultivation far surpassed his, he wouldn’t have any problems escaping .

Fortunately, the elder was still somewhat sensible and didn’t make things harder for him!

However, Ye Xiwen knew that the elder’s kindness was based on him defeating Kou Wendong so easily . If he didn’t display such an overbearing strength, the elder wouldn’t even care if Kou Wendong killed him .

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What he didn’t know was that the elder had noticed his potential . While he wasn’t in the Transcendent Realm fifth level or the sixth level, his current combat prowess alone was sufficient to capture the elder’s attention .

Even when Ye Xiwen and Kou Wendong were in the same realm, Ye Xiwen was far stronger, which implied that his potential was far more robust than Kou Wendong . The human body was just like a water tank . The stronger one was compared to others of the same realm; their potential would be much more profound .

If Kou Wendong’s body were a water tank, then Ye Xiwen’s body would be a long river, its depths unable to fathom . Such a person might not have the chance to awaken their potential when they were still young . However, if their potential were awakened, their future would be limitless .

If such a person wasn’t dead, it might result in their calamity . As such, the elder displayed an uncharacteristic kind expression . Before the conflict got any bigger, it disappeared into thin air . On the other hand, he could even be on good terms with Ye Xiwen . Such was a favorable act .

“Open the door . Let’s return to the Ancient Barrens!”

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