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Chapter 826: 826
Chapter 826: Depose Everyone’s Martial Arts Techniques

“Crack!” A dull sound resounded, and the colossal door slowly opened, and everyone rushed inside . The experts of the Unparalleled Palace and the Crimson Peak Villa had separated with each other very quickly, going to their destinations .

On the contrary, Ye Xiwen wasn’t familiar with this place, which meant he had no destination at all .

As he glanced around, he realized that this was a vibrant city . Humans were walking everywhere, and it was very crowded .

The most significant difference from the cities that he had previously entered was that everyone within this city was cultivators . There was no ordinary civilian at all . Even those handymen had the cultivation of the Legendary Realm . This place could be called a cultivator city .

The Ancient Barrens Continent was truly filled with experts . Only someone strong enough could survive in such a nourishing place . In the True Martial Domain, ordinary people were still able to survive . However, in the Ancient Barrens Continent, other than a newborn, there were no such ordinary people .

“Little brother, you must be a prodigy from other domains, right? Do you not know where to go? That’s fine . I have a map of the Ancient Barrens Continent with me . It’s only five thousand spirit crystals for one of them!”

A brute confronted him . He seemed to have seen Ye Xiwen passing through the gate and immediately advertised his product .

Ye Xiwen instantly became speechless . Five thousand spirit crystals…

It should be known that only experts above the Transcendent Realm could materialize spirit crystals . Five thousand spirit crystals were equivalent to five hundred thousand elixirs . What kind of map is this? How is it so expensive?

It would be fine if it were the map of the Ancient Barrens Continent . After all, it was worthy of that price . Besides, five thousand spirit crystals were nothing when compared to Ye Xiwen’s current wealth . After so many years of warfare, even though he had consumed a large amount of them, he still had over a billion spirit crystals .

However, who would believe that the Ancient Barrens Continent’s map would be sold everywhere?

This place was different from his previous life . In this world, maps were too precious resources of warfare . Without something like a satellite, the map of the world could only be studied slowly . However, this world was enormous . Forget about the Ancient Barrens Continent . Even the True Martial Domain was much larger than the size of the Earth . Even if the map were accurate, such a map wouldn’t be sold for five thousand spirit crystals . If the map truly inscribed the continent’s details, people would buy it even for the price of fifty million spirit crystals .

Although he had just arrived at the Ancient Barrens Continent, he wasn’t someone oblivious of anything . During all the years he cultivated and trained in the True Martial Domain, he had already recognized such tricks and was aware of one when he encountered it .

Ye Xiwen ignored him and continued walking towards the inner city area . The middle-aged man’s expression suddenly changed . He retracted his smile and said, “Brat, you’re finding trouble for yourself!”

Ye Xiwen could feel a dozen or more brutes suddenly appearing around him and were surrounding him .

“Brat, if you obediently handed over five thousand spirit crystals, nothing would happen . However, you had the audacity to ignore us . This matter wouldn’t be settled by just five thousand spirit crystals now!” The middle-aged man in lead snorted . His expression was too savage as if his previous docile look was all just for show . “Today, I shall break a hand of yours, as the price of your arrogance!”

In a nearby restaurant, the senior disciples and the new disciples of the Unparalleled Palace were inside, with their elder’s lead . They would only return to their sect after having a meal here .

Although eating was unnecessary for them, they mainly intended to satisfy the lust of their tongues . This was also a habit of theirs .

“Elder, look . Isn’t that Ye Xiwen?” A disciple noticed Ye Xiwen, who was currently being surrounded and quickly called the elder . With Shen Yanmei, everyone knew that his name was Ye Xiwen .

Everyone from the Unparalleled Palace took a look in Ye Xiwen’s direction . They had separated from each other ever since they entered the city . To their surprise, they met Ye Xiwen here once more .

“He seems to be in some trouble!” said Shen Yanmei worriedly . Such was her personality . She was a little pure and had no plotting mind .

Previously, Ye Xiwen was already curious about how Shen Yanmei managed to survive in this world, where survival of the fittest was very apparent, seeing how pure of a mindset she had .

“Hmph, it’s not only some trouble . See that middle-aged man? His name is Ma Yuanlong . In this city that welcomes the new, he’s considered one of the brutes that bully others . In the past, many newcomers had already suffered from his hands . Some newcomers think too highly of themself and choose not to join a sect before entering . Other than those unparalleled prodigies, Ma Yuanlong would target all the others!” said a disciple with a snort, obviously looking down on Ye Xiwen . Although no huge clash happened between the two sides, he felt like Ye Xiwen was too prideful and didn’t place the Unparalleled Palace in his eyes at all .

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In history, people like this would always appear . Even if their strength wasn’t enough, they still thought too highly of themselves and chose not to join any sect . In the end, they would merely succumb to being an average Joe .

In his opinion, Ye Xiwen was someone like that .

“If he obediently bought the map, nothing would happen . However, since he didn’t buy it, he might have to face the wrath of Ma Yuanlong . Although Ma Yuanlong was only in the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak, he’s the absolute prime in this realm . If it wasn’t for his cultivation being forked into a different path, he might have already been in the second level, or even third level long ago!” that disciple continued . “He’s even stronger than Senior Brother Kou!”

Kou Wendong remained silent, without commenting on that disciple’s statement . He merely looked at Ye Xiwen, his complex emotion written all over his face . It was apparent that Ye Xiwen trouncing him had a significant impact on his heart . His sense of superiority of being born in the Ancient Barrens Continent crumbled into nothingness .

Ye Xiwen’s expression remained calm . Seeing how these people didn’t possess any good intentions, a killing intent flashed across his eyes . Do they think that I’m such an easy target to be bullied?”

Ye Xiwen didn’t even feel like saying a word to people like them . His figure instantly moved, and he lunged himself towards Ma Yuanlong .

“Curses, such courage!” Ma Yuanlong was taken aback by Ye Xiwen’s action . He never expected Ye Xiwen to take the first move, despite being surrounded by others . He suddenly felt exceptionally shameful, as he was surprised by an ignorant brat .

“You’re seeking death!” He instantly extended his hand . His terrifying energy transformed into a large eagle, which came dashing towards Ye Xiwen . This was the Eagle Claw Technique, which had been cultivated by him to a grand scale . Even an entire mountain would be turned into a pile of debris .

“Cheap tricks!” Ye Xiwen extended his hand . His thin and white palm instantly traversed through the universe and grabbed the large eagle by the neck . With a squeeze, the large eagle immediately exploded .

The momentum of his hand was unabated . In almost an instant, it descended upon Ma Yuanlong’s body .

“Bang!” Ma Yuanlong didn’t seem to have any strength to fight back . He was instantly knocked back and abruptly started spitting out blood .

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However, Ye Xiwen’s attacks had yet to come to an end . He instantly chased after Ma Yuanlong and gave him a kick .

“Boom!” Another loud bang resounded . Ye Xiwen’s kick instantly shattered Ma Yuanlong’s dantian . His meridians also shattered in that instant .

Ma Yuanlong widened his eyes and hoped to be knocked out on the spot . His dantian was destroyed on the spot, and even his martial arts techniques were deposed from him . He never expected Ye Xiwen to be so cruel .

Upon seeing Ma Yuanlong’s martial arts being deposed on the spot, the other brutes who previously surrounded Ye Xiwen were all shocked . In the Ancient Barrens Continent, one would be considered nothing without their martial arts technique . They would become trash, free to be bullied by anyone . At this point, it was much better to kill him instead .

They immediately turned around and attempted to flee . They weren’t some sort of benevolent person, to begin with . They merely worked together with Ma Yuanlong due to the benefits along with it . However, seeing how even Ma Yuanlong wasn’t Ye Xiwen’s opponent, they knew that they had encountered someone much stronger than them . As such, they didn’t dare remain any longer .

In the past, they were victorious no matter where they were . Although Ma Yuanlong enjoyed bullying the weak, he wasn’t someone stupid . If a Transcendent Realm fifth level or sixth level prodigy was present, he wouldn’t even get near them . And yet, Ye Xiwen was merely in the Transcendent Realm first level . No one expected this Transcendent Realm first level to be so strong .

Ma Yuanlong could already be considered the prime within the Transcendent Realm first level, as he had been remaining in this realm for quite a few years . And yet, he was instantly defeated by Ye Xiwen .

If Ye Xiwen knew their current thoughts, he would despise their thoughts . How many years were quite a few years? It should be known that most people in the True Martial Domain had remained in the Transcendent Realm first level for thousands of years . How was it comparable?

“Thinking of fleeing? Too late!” Ye Xiwen had no sense of pity for these people at all . In the past, who knew how many people had suffered by their hands?

This group was unmatched to Ye Xiwen . Even if they attempted to flee, they were still slower than Ye Xiwen’s speed . Within a short amount of time, their martial art techniques were all deposed by Ye Xiwen .

The spectating crowd sucked in a deep breath, appalled by Ye Xiwen’s strength and his cruelty .

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Even the experts of the Unparalleled Palace were stunned, and lights flickered in Kou Wendong’s eyes . Ye Xiwen didn’t just hold back when facing him . Otherwise, killing him would barely take any effort .

“Among the Transcendent Realm first level martial warriors, no one should be stronger than Ye Xiwen!”

“I agree . I’ve never seen a Transcendent Realm first level martial warrior to be so eerily strong!”

“I’m afraid even some Transcendent Realm second level experts aren’t as strong as him . No wonder why he’s so prideful . He does have his strength to back him up!”

“So what if he’s strong . No matter how strong he is, he’s just in the Transcendent Realm first level . There are so many experts in the world and even an abundance of people that have surpassed the Transcendent Realm . If he continues to be so prideful, he’ll suffer from it in the future!”

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