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Chapter 824: 824
Chapter 824: Scram!

Huang Wuji had already ascended to the Transcendent Realm . Naturally, they were not befitted to make a comparison .

However, Mu Shengjie could only be compared to Huang Wuji before he had ascended to the Transcended Realm . The scarce prodigies within the True Martial School could be seen anywhere here . It was conceivable how shocked Ye Xiwen was .

Besides, this girl was a rock-bottom existence among these groups of experts .

“That’s right!” Ye Xiwen nodded .

“Hehe, I just arrived here as well!” she gave a beautiful smile . “My name is Shen Yanmei . You can call me Yan Mei . I’m a Navy Tide Sect’s disciple, from the Navy Tide Domain!”

This woman had an extrovert personality . When they had just met each other, she had already leaked information about her one after another .

“Ye Xiwen . I’m from the True Martial Domain’s True Martial School!” Seeing how straightforward she was, Ye Xiwen did the same .

“True Martial Domain?” Shen Yanmei frowned her lovely brows, obviously thinking about where the True Martial Domain was from . After all, they originated from a different world from Ye Xiwen .

True Martial Domain and all the other domains beneath the starry skies’ connection had been cut off from the Ancient Barrens Continent for countless years . As such, other places, including the Ancient Barrens Continent, wouldn’t have heard about them . However, the other domains still had ties with the Ancient Barrens Continent . She was a little confused upon hearing such a foreign name like the True Martial Domain .

“It’s a small domain . It’s normal for you not to know about it!” said Ye Xiwen with a smile . He could tell that this Shen Yanmei was a little pure and didn’t have a plotting mind . As such, Ye Xiwen was willing to communicate with her .

“Alright!” Shen Yanmei pouted . She said, “May I ask, which sect are you planning on joining?”

“I heard that the Unparalleled Palace and the Crimson Peak Villa are currently recruiting!” said Shen Yanmei .

There were various sects nearby . However, the competition here was too intense . As a result, only two sects would be allowed to recruit prodigies after a certain amount of time . As for what kind of prodigies they were able to recruit, it was based solely on luck .

Of course, some vast sects even sent some people to various domains, observing the prodigies within other domains . If anyone caught their attention, they would bring the prodigies away .

If the True Martial Domain’s ties weren’t cut off from the outside world for such a long time, some sects might have noticed him and brought him away .

Of course, the sects that had the capabilities of dispatching people to other domains were the equivalent of the enormous forces within the True Martial Domain . Ordinary small sects didn’t possess such capabilities .

“Neither . I’m not planning on joining any sects . I plan to venture alone for the meantime!” said Ye Xiwen . Of course, this was merely an excuse . The true reason was that he intended to head straight towards Mountain Qi and figure out the situation of his own identity .

Although he didn’t know where Mountain Qi was, he would head to Mountain Qi upon entering the Ancient Barrens Continent .

“You aren’t planning on joining a sect? That’s understandable . Even though the Unparalleled Palace and the Crimson Peak Villa were decent, you’ve already ascended to the Transcendent Realm long ago . You might even be able to join a better sect!” said Shen Yanmei . From her perspective, Ye Xiwen chose neither of them because he had already chosen other sects . This wasn’t illegal as well . In truth, this was considered extremely normal . Everyone had the sects which they intended to join .

The sects were aware of these as well, and dare not stop the prodigies from doing so . Such matters happened in the past as well . A sect wanted to forcefully recruit an extreme prodigy into their sect, which enraged the extreme prodigy . In the end, the prodigy was being hunted down by said sect . After a thousand years, when the prodigy had ascended to the supreme realm, he returned to wipe out the entire sect .

Since then, no sect dared to forcefully recruit any prodigies any longer . After all, if the prodigies weren’t dead, a great calamity might befall upon the sects .

“When will this door open?” asked Ye Xiwen .

“When the people of the Unparalleled Palace and the Crimson Peak Villa arrives, it should open!” said Shen Yanmei with a beautiful smile . “They even planned to use this to decrease our prestige!”

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Ye Xiwen smiled . He was no stranger to such methods . Such techniques wouldn’t be used on ordinary people, as they naturally possessed a sense of fear for the strong sects . However, for some extremely strong prodigies, such wasn’t the case at all .

Although they weren’t as paramount of a figure as Ye Xiwen was in their sect, they were still outstanding people within their peers . People like these had their prestige, as they were practically uncontested among their peers, which allowed them to act pridefully . The sects here intended to remind them about what kind of place this was . This wasn’t the small little domain which they originated from .

Just as Shen Yanmei finished speaking, two groups of around twenty people flew here from the sky . The side that wore apricot-color long robes were the Unparalleled Palace’s disciples, while the other side that wore crimson red robes were all the disciples of the Crimson Peak Villa .

Under the guidance of their respective unfathomable elders, they descended in front of the crowd .

Various prodigies that were indifferent to the matters happening around them widened their eyes one after another . After all, most of them might be joining these two sects .

Although there were many prodigies here, no one was strong enough to ignore these two sects .

“Everyone, you’re all experts from your respective domains . I believe that your sect’s seniors had already informed and warned you about it before you left, which is why I’m not going to emphasize the subject . Those that want to join our sects, you’re allowed to register now!” said the Unparalleled Palace’s elder . He was a white-haired old man with a youthful appearance . However, glitter was flickering within his eyes . His vital energy and blood were much vigorous than youth . His cultivation was at an unimaginable height .

The Unparalleled Palace’s experts and the Crimson Peak Villa’s experts both stood in two different areas . The various prodigies also registered at the place which they had previously chosen .

Shen Yanmei had also left Ye Xiwen behind and strode towards the direction of the Unparalleled Palace .

Ye Xiwen glanced at the Unparalleled Palace and the Crimson Peak Villa . Although these two sects weren’t considered strong within the Ancient Barrens Continent, they far surpassed the True Martial School .

Ye Xiwen couldn’t see through either of the leading elders as well . However, these elders had yet to escape the Transcendent Realm yet . They should be considered as extremely advanced cultivators among the Transcendent Realm .

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Behind them were the disciples in duty . They were all Transcendent Realm experts as well . Although they were also in the Transcendent Realm first level, they were considered the younger generation, not the older generation . Such foundations made the True Martial School utterly in shame, as they could only allow Huang Wuji alone to ascend to the Transcendent Realm .

On the Ancient Barrens Continent, it was effortless to cultivate, especially when compared to Ye Xiwen’s previous environment .

Ye Xiwen could feel his main body within the Tianyuan Mirror on the verge of ascending to the Half-step Transcendent Intermediate Realm . When that time comes, he would be comparable to a Transcendent Realm first level expert .

He felt like a chain that weighed hundreds of pounds was lifted from his body, which made his entire body relaxed .

At this time, it was best for a breakthrough in a safe place . When his main body also ascends to the Transcendent Realm, his security would undoubtedly improve significantly .

From Ye Mo, Ye Xiwen understood that although Transcendent Realm experts weren’t considered as top-notch experts within the Ancient Barrens Continent, they entered the ranks of an expert .

Great Sages might only be considered as ordinary people within the Ancient Barrens Continent . As for the Sage Realm, only minors and slaves would have such cultivation . Such was the difference .

After ascending to the Transcendent Realm, he would be considered to have some reputation . No one would dare to force him anymore .

Very soon, everyone else had finished selecting their desired sects . Only Ye Xiwen remained along in the middle, choosing neither of the two sects .

The people from both sects stared at Ye Xiwen . Previously, some individuals didn’t choose any sects present . Such people were incredibly talented and were already in the Transcendent Realm fifth level or sixth level upon making an appearance . In fact, there were even people with higher cultivations . The sects were naturally aware that they had no qualifications to recruit them .

However, no matter what, Ye Xiwen was merely in the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak . Although his cultivation was only considered decent, it wasn’t outstanding either . People who had cultivation like him were widespread . And yet, he dared to choose neither of them .

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“Who is this person? Does he think of himself as some top prodigy? He’s merely in the Transcendent Realm first level . Why’s he acting so arrogant?”

“I agree . He truly thinks that he is someone special . What a fool . Does he think that those huge overlord forces would accept him when he reaches the inner continent? Such naiveness . In the Ancient Barrens Continent, the number of prodigies present would only amount to much more than wherever his previous domain is . Who does he think he is!”

Everyone’s discussions fell into the ears of Ye Xiwen . Ye Xiwen merely shut his eyes and didn’t care much about it . The discussion of these people wouldn’t affect his emotions at all .

“Kid, let me give you a chance . Our elder places you in high regard . As long as you’re willing to join our Unparalleled Palace, you’ll become our outer disciple . You won’t have to start from being a common disciple!” Suddenly, a handsome teenager from the Unparalleled Palace walked out . He stood in front of Ye Xiwen and spoke while looking down on Ye Xiwen .

“Sorry, but I’m not interested in joining any sects at the moment!” Ye Xiwen frowned . This person’s tone made him uncomfortable .

“Brat, you’re seeking trouble for yourself!” the teenager snorted . “Do you think that this place is still your small little domain? This is the Ancient Barrens Continent . No matter how exceptional you are, you better know your place here . The martial arts you learned from your small little domain is merely a laughable joke . Today, I, Kou Wendong, shall teach you how not to act so pridefully and loftily!”

Upon hearing his words, Ye Xiwen frowned . He coldly spitted out a word, “Scram!”

“Fine, fine, fine . You’re truly seeking your death . Do you truly think that you’re so strong, being a Transcendent Realm first level? Let me tell you . Among those in the same realm as you, your combat prowess would only be a joke!” Kou Wendong was enraged and continuously snorted . His Transcendent Realm first level aura started surging throughout his body .

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