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Chapter 823: 823
Chapter 823: Stunning Prodigies of Every Domains

This was also due to how much more vigorous the Star Beast Avatar’s vital energy and blood were than a regular expert . If it were any other ordinary person, the past few decades of warfare would consume their vital energy dry, resulting in death .

During the past thirty years, Ye Xiwen had slowly taken care of the matters he intended to take care of .

Ten years ago, the Wolf Cub had successfully ascended the Transcendent Realm . When it ascended the Transcendent Realm, people from the Thousand Demon Beasts Island came and brought it away . According to them, the Wolf Cub would go to the Ancient Barrens Continent through the Thousand Demon Beasts Island . After more than a hundred years of conditioning, the Thousand Demon Beasts Island had recovered a fair amount of their strength and weren’t willing to remain beneath the starry skies any longer .

Ye Xiwen didn’t mind it . After all, as long as he reached the Ancient Barrens Continent, they would eventually meet each other once more .

Above the Ye Peak, lights shone everywhere . The moonlight shone through the tree leaves, being separated into numerous rays of light . They shone on Ye Xiwen’s body, reflecting a silver shade on his white hair .

“It’s time to leave!” said Ye Xiwen . “Ancient Barrens Continent, and the Ancient Phoenix Domain!”

Until now, Ye Xiwen still remembered the time when Hua Menghan was brought away . At that time, he was being beaten into a state of humiliation . Even until now, Ye Xiwen still had no confidence in winning Feng Ling .

There were various massive forces within the Ancient Barrens Continent which had their world . Every single colossal force had its independent world . For example, the Demon Domain, the Beast Domain, the Ancient Phoenix Domain, the Dragon Island . It contained all kinds of worlds like these .

Even within the Ancient Barrens, the Ancient Phoenix Domain was a massive force with a high reputation . They were still an unimaginable existence for Ye Xiwen .

Tonight was his departing ceremony . Initially, he planned on leaving the next morning . However, he suddenly decided to leave now . He really couldn’t handle the sadness of separation with his loved ones forever, even if it weren’t considered “parting forever . ”

However, after leaving for the Ancient Barrens Continent, he didn’t know if he could ever come back . Even if he could, he didn’t know how long it would take .

This departure might be a departure of life and death .

Ye Xiwen sighed . He expanded the enormous wings behind him and flew towards the moon, disappearing by the skies .

Within the vast void, a city appeared in front of Ye Xiwen . It had been a year . Ever since he entered the transportation platform, a whole year had passed .

It was different from what he had imagined . Initially, he expected himself to be transported directly to the Ancient Barrens Continent . However, in truth, that wasn’t the case . Instead, he was directly transformed into a void . This was an ancient road, an ancient road that had been deserted since long ago . It was no wonder why this was called a pathway . According to myths, there exist many kinds of similar pathways . The roots of the World Tree created every single one of them .

These roots lead to different domains .

This place could almost be called uninhabited, as everywhere around him were barrens . After walking for an entire year, Ye Xiwen finally saw the city floating within the void . Maybe, in the past, this pathway might have still been walkable and serves as the central turning point . However, it was now merely a land full of barrens .

Above the city, Ye Xiwen could still vaguely see the old past . There were sights of people’s activity . There was an abundance of inns, stalls, living places, and many others . However, for whatever reason, everyone had retreated from here .

“There are many kinds of cities like this within all the pathways . We barely just entered the main road, right?” said Ye Mo . “This was still a better-conditioned one . If it were within the pathway between the Demon Domain and the Ancient Barrens Continent, it would most likely be caught up in warfare, resulting in havoc . Although this place is uninhabited, it saves us quite an amount of troubles!”

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“Indeed!” Ye Xiwen nodded .

However, he was still feeling frustrated . This was much more annoying than he had imagined . After journeying for an entire year, he finally saw one such city . It seemed like he still had a long journey ahead .

Initially, not everyone could go to the Ancient Barrens Continent . Only the elites within a hundred years could go there . In truth, this ancient road was considered a form of training for them . Only, it had been too long since someone hadn’t passed by here . Tens of thousands of years might have passed, or even hundreds of thousands of years had passed . As such, the entire place was uninhabited .

Ever since he had encountered the abandoned city, Ye Xiwen would discover another city once every ten or twenty days . The cities would either be dilapidated or desolated . However, there weren’t any population present without any exceptions, which made it seem too desolate .

Another year passed . Finally, Ye Xiwen could vaguely see an exceptionally huge closed door in front of his eyes .

Rather than calling it a city gate, it would be better to call it a colossal city . This city was overly populated . Just by roughly looking at it, the population would amount to ten million people . No matter where it was, this place was worthy of being called a colossal city .

In front of the city gate, Ye Xiwen could vaguely see dozens of people quietly waiting outside of the gate .

“Ye Xiwen, after you pass this gate, you’ll enter the Ancient Barrens Continent . After that, you will truly enter the Ancient Barrens Continent, where an abundance of experts gathers!” said Ye Mo . “Do you see those people? They’re the same as you . They’re all prodigies that came from all sorts of worlds . A city gate would usually accept prodigies that came from dozens of worlds . Now, they’re all present . After the closed gate opens, if they’re outstanding enough, they might even attract the attention of the sects within the Ancient Barrens Continent, and even be recruited!”

“Dozens of worlds?” Ye Xiwen finally had an understanding of there being an abundance of experts within the Ancient Barrens Continent . With only this closed gate alone, there might be experts from dozens of worlds that might be accepted . With how many city doors there were, including all the local prodigies from the Ancient Barrens Continent, this implied that the number of prodigies within the Ancient Barrens Continent amounted to an entire pile of sands, with each prodigy being a single sand particle . It was practically impossible to identify the number of prodigies!

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“Why do I feel much more relaxed? Even the suppression in my cultivation felt much less ever since I came here!” asked Ye Xiwen with an odd feeling .

“That’s a great question . The thing is, the cultivation suppression of the Ancient Barrens Continent is extremely little . It’s ten times laxer compared to the True Martial Domain . As such, if the prodigies of your domain cultivated in the Ancient Barrens Continent, it would be as easy as eating and drinking . As such, the local sects of the Ancient Barrens Continent would mostly snatch for the prodigies that originated from other worlds!” explained Ye Mo . “This was why there was such an abundance of prodigies and experts within the Ancient Barrens Continent . This was one of the reasons why the other domains, like the Demon Domain, the Beast Domain, and the Ancient Phoenix Domain, weren’t able to oppress the Ancient Barrens Continent!”

Ye Xiwen nodded and came to a revelation . He understood what Ye Mo meant . It was just like someone who was used to living in a world with ten times the Earth’s gravity, suddenly arriving at the Earth itself . That person would instantly become a superman .

Only, he never expected the Ancient Barrens Continent’s environment to be so lax to this extent .

“Other domains might not have their strength suppressed by the Transcendent Realm first level, like your True Martial Domain . However, in truth, cultivating there wasn’t as simple as cultivating in the Ancient Barrens Continent . Besides, their domains’ connections with the Ancient Barrens Continent had never been cut off before . As a result, they would usually send their outstanding disciples in the Half-step Transcendent Realm, or the Transcendent Realm to the Ancient Barrens Continent . What’s more? They weren’t afraid of their sect’s disciples joining another sect within the Ancient Barrens Continent . After all, these were two completely different levels!” said Ye Mo . “If one of their sect’s disciples could join a huge overlord sect within the Ancient Barrens Continent and become a higher-up within, their sect’s disciples would, in turn, be able to take care of their original sect . Such an act was beneficial for both sides!”

Ye Xiwen understood what Ye Mo meant . In other words, the Ancient Barrens was a holy land for prodigies, where numerous experts dwelled within .

Initially, Ye Xiwen didn’t think of anything impressive within the Ancient Barrens Continent . Now that he finally saw it, he truly felt that the Ancient Barrens had lived up to its name .

Within Ye Xiwen’s group, almost all of them were experts in the Transcendent Realm first level . Originally, Ye Xiwen’s cultivation was sufficient for him to be a top-notch expert beneath the starry skies, being invincible no matter where he was . Other than Li Feng and a limited number of experts, no one else could defeat Ye Xiwen .

However, he wasn’t outstanding anymore within this group of people . He was just considered normal . Some of the people present were even in the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak . Every single one of them was a powerful prodigy .

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If they managed to cultivate to such a state even in their original world, cultivating would be extremely simple upon reaching the Ancient Barrens Continent . At the very least, it was like this during the Transcendent Realm . Their previous experiences would become their best foundation in the future .

Of course, this merely referred to cultivation alone . If combat prowess was included, Ye Xiwen had the confidence of defeating them using the Star Beast Avatar .

Seeing Ye Xiwen walking over, the dozens of people merely raised their eyelids and did not give any reactions . Every single one of them was peerless prodigies and were extremely talented within their domains . Although Ye Xiwen’s cultivation was decent, it was merely decent . It wasn’t sufficient to make them have any reactions .

It was said that there were even people in the Transcendent Realm second level and third level present in the past . Ye Xiwen was merely in the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak, which was considered the expected standard . Nothing was intriguing at all .

“You must’ve just arrived here, right?” A clear voice resounded from afar . Ye Xiwen looked at the voice source and saw a woman that seemed to be in her seventeen or eighteen . She wore a water colored long robe, and her skin was snow white . Her facial structures were considered delicate . Although she wasn’t an extreme beauty, she was still regarded as beautiful . Unfortunately, looks don’t matter for martial warriors .

Her strength was decent as well, as she had already reached the Half-step Transcendent Late Realm . She had a firm foundation as well . With only a little more, she would ascend the Transcendent Realm . Among all those that Ye Xiwen knew, only Mu Shengjie was comparable to her .

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