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Chapter 820: 820
Chapter 820: Acquiring the Token Plate

Among the group of Transcendent Realm experts, only the Sect Master level experts possessed deterrence, just like the True Martial School’s former School Master and the old City Lord .

Upon locating a furry zombie, Ye Xiwen started fighting against it . The furry zombie’s flesh was genuinely impregnable . What’s more? There was even poison coated around its body . When tainted by it, one might even transform into a zombie . This was indeed a terrifying poison .

Other than their body being stiff and their speed being a little slow, they didn’t possess any weakness . For Ye Xiwen, they were like some rare punching bags .

Indeed . While others thought of these furry zombies as extremely dangerous entities, they were not more than punching bags in the eyes of Ye Xiwen .




Ye Xiwen could utilize his full strength without any worries and didn’t hold back at all . Only these zombies would be able to withstand his horrifying attacks .

The two sides returned to the most primitive brawl . There weren’t any kinds of fancy martial arts or techniques anymore . There was only the brawl using pure strength and physique .

A punch!

Another punch!

Yet, another punch!

After a hundred punches, the furry zombie was finally unable to withstand Ye Xiwen’s attack anymore . With a tragic scream, its entire body exploded, with its poisonous blood flying around .

“Haha, this is fun!” said Ye Xiwen as he laughed loudly . Currently, there were very few people who could go up against his physical body head-to-head . As a result, he didn’t have many chances to utilize his full strength in his attacks .

Ye Xiwen defeated even an expert like the Eight Stars School’s School Leader with two punches alone .

On the other side of the battlefield, the defeat of the furry zombies had become inevitable . Among those Transcendent Realm experts, two people among them possessed truly horrifying strength . One of them was a white-hair old man with a youthful appearance . He was wearing a lunar white long robe and seemed a little familiar . The other person was Li Feng . These two people had already killed more than twenty furry zombies in only a short amount of time .

With the assistance of the other overlord forces, the wave of zombies was finally suppressed .

Ye Xiwen went back to kill the zombie that the True Martial School was going against . To him, these furry zombies didn’t pose much of a threat now .

Just as everyone worked together to kill the last furry zombie, the entire cave started rumbling . The entire floor surface was vibrating fanatically . From afar, everyone could see a transportation platform slowly rising deep within the cave .

Upon the bright platform, ten token plates were materialized in front of everyone’s eyes .

In an instant, everyone’s gaze shifted towards those token plates .

“Those token plates are used to enter the Ancient Barrens Continent! Only with these token plates would one be able to access that continent! Only ten token plates would materialize every hundred years!”

Someone among the martial warriors yelled, which caused everyone’s gaze to be locked onto those token plates . They never expected such limitations to exist . This was truly beyond their expectations .

“That’s right, that’s right!” said an old martial warrior, affirming this theory, “In the ancient times, the Ancient Barrens Continent is the highest plane of existence . Every hundred years, only ten outstanding people would have the chance to acquire the token plate and head to the Ancient Barrens Continent! However, one can bring ten people along with one token plate!”

Everyone’s hearts sank . They never expected that only ten people would have the chance to head to the Ancient Barrens Continent every hundred years . Some people might not even be able to access it before dying .

Not everyone could stand on this transportation platform .

However, the temptation of breaking through the upper-limits of their cultivation made them desire the token plates greatly . Who cares about those overlord forces? If it makes me stronger, I can even sever all ties with others . Who cares about their threats?

“This one is mine!” At this instant, the Burning Heavens Sect’s Sect Leader took action . He instantly presented his Burning Heavens Door and unleashed a fire pillar . The fire pillar enveloped the token plate and entered his hands .

Immediately after, the other overlord forces that brought their garrisoned martial instruments along did the same .

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Everyone could only watch the overlord forces do so . After all, the garrisoned martial instruments were too mighty . Even if the preparations weren’t complete, and the garrisoned martial instruments weren’t in their full might, their might far surpasses a Transcendent Tool . What’s more? Most people here didn’t possess a Transcendent Tool .

Everyone could only watch six token plates being taken away in an instant . Fortunately, everyone was afraid of enraging the mass . As such, each faction only took one token plate . They didn’t take all the token plates present .

The four remaining token plates suddenly became incredibly alluring in everyone’s eyes . Even Ye Xiwen was prepared to take action . Now, he finally understood why Li Feng said he must acquire a token plate . Li Feng had already known about it beforehand .

What identity does Li Feng have? How does he know so much?

However, the doubts in his heart merely appeared for a while . He decided not to venture further into it . Now, there wasn’t any time for him to contemplate it any longer .

He didn’t touch the first six token plates because of those garrisoned martial instruments . There was already a garrisoned martial instrument within his Tianyuan Mirror . As such, he was aware of how mighty a garrisoned martial instrument was . There was no need for him to ask for more trouble .

As such, he could only take one from the remaining four token plates .

Without waiting for anyone to react, the white-haired old man with a youthful appearance and Li Feng both took action . They effortlessly snatched the remaining two token plates, and no one dared to refute them . After all, they were too strong . Their previous demeanor, when killing ten zombies continuously, had shocked the crowd . Their efficiency in killing the zombies was far better than the overlord factions that brought a garrisoned martial instrument along .

At this moment, Ye Xiwen took action as well . He didn’t want to wait for the last token plate . When that time comes, the competition for the token plates would become too intense .

With a “swipe!” a token plate landed in Ye Xiwen’s hand . The texture of the token plate felt gentle, as it wasn’t a physical object . It was materialized through some form of energy . The energy was extremely scarce, as only ten token plates would be materialized every hundred years .

“Stop! Put the token plate down! Otherwise, I’ll kill you!”

A Sect Master level stray Transcendent Realm expert rushed ahead, with his eyes filled with red . Under the influence of the token plate, he had already gone a little crazy . He couldn’t care less about the repercussions any longer .

For people that had achieved the strength of a Sect Master level, they had already reached the limits of their cultivation path . If nothing unexpected happens, they could only slowly await death, just like their preceding ancestors .

However, now that the chance to ascend to the Ancient Barrens Continent was right in front of him, he would never let it go . For this opportunity, he had already descended into a mild madness .

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Compared to other people, Ye Xiwen seemed easier to deal with .

Ye Xiwen sneered and glanced around his surroundings . All he saw were gazes filled with greed, staring on the token plate in his hand . Among the nine people that had acquired the token plate, Ye Xiwen was the weakest . If they wanted to snatch a token plate away, Ye Xiwen would be the best target .

“You’re seeking death . How dare you think of taking my stuff!” Before the Transcendent Realm expert could release any other words of threats, Ye Xiwen had already lunged himself towards said expert .

He clenched his fingers into a fist, and his aura was raised to the maximum . Golden Divinites were instantly clad throughout his body . He was even mightier than when he was previously fighting against the Eight Stars School’s School Leader .

His fist intent radiated a fist brilliance and came crashing down like a light pillar .

That stray Transcendent Realm cultivator immediately erected all his defense . The instant Ye Xiwen started his attack . The stray cultivator finally came back to his senses . Indeed, while he was the weakest among nine of them, they were all peerlessly ruthless individuals . Previously, when the Eight Stars School’s School Leader was fighting against him, the School Leader almost had no chance of retaliating and was virtually crippled .

However, it was too late for him to make any appropriate reactions . Ye Xiwen’s fist was like a mountain, which crushed through all his defenses, reaching his body .

“Bang!” He was immediately blown away by that punch . All his armor and defensive martial instruments were all shattered in an instant . He was secretly amazed by how strong Ye Xiwen’s physical body was .

Before his emotions of amazement faded, Ye Xiwen’s next fist had already arrived .


It was another punch that weighed as much as a mountain . He finally couldn’t hold it in any longer, and blood was spewed out from his mouth . His body flew away once more . However, Ye Xiwen didn’t let him go just like that . His Shattering Star Fist came landing upon the stray cultivator continuously .




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The stray cultivator was beaten to death by Ye Xiwen, and the Tianyuan Mirror extracted his blood essence .

“Anyone else against me?” Ye Xiwen stared at the crowd with an ice-cold gaze .

Everyone was frightened, and dare not plot for Ye Xiwen’s token plate any longer . They also felt pity for the Sect Leader level stray cultivator, as he was acting a little too rashly .

Although there were only ten token plates now, ten were produced every hundred years . Even if he lost the chance this time, he might acquire it next time . After all, the lifespan of a Transcendent Realm expert was too long . At the very least, he would have tens of chances .

Even the overlord factions dare not occupy all of the token plates . Otherwise, it would incite the rage of the public .

Besides, one token allows ten people to advance to the Ancient Barrens Continent . Even for an overlord force, they might need a few tokens within the span of a thousand years . After all, they didn’t dare to bring all their Transcendent Realm experts to the Ancient Barrens Continent, unless they wanted to leave their foundations alone . As such, these stray cultivators had their chances as well .

Seeing no one’s objection, Ye Xiwen finally returned to the True Martial School’s group . Everyone in the school felt excited upon seeing Ye Xiwen acquiring a token plate .

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