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Chapter 821: 821
Chapter 821: Parting

Just like what Ye Xiwen had expected, almost everyone placed their life on the line when fighting for the last token plate . Other than Ye Xiwen acquiring a token plate, no one else held any objections against the other eight people taking it .

However, other than those people, no one else had such a strong deterrence .

The fight for the last token was too hectic . Every overlord forces, True Martial Domain forces, various stray cultivators, and experts were all massacring each other solely for the last token plate .

Ye Xiwen was merely spectating aside . No matter how intense the battle was, he didn’t care about it at all . In truth, those people that had acquired the token plate had backed out from the commotion . If they were to join in, the public’s rage would be incited .

“Junior brother, let’s leave!” suggested Huang Wuji . Since the token plate had been acquired, their goal here had already been achieved .

“Alright!” Ye Xiwen nodded . The people that were currently staying behind were all aiming for the last token plate . Besides, he didn’t have the plans of going to the Ancient Barrens Continent right now .

If all the remaining problems weren’t settled ultimately, he wouldn’t be able to depart safely . The True Martial School still had too many enemies within the True Martial Domain . Currently, almost every member of the Ye family had already joined the True Martial School . If the True Martial School’s problems weren’t settled with, he wouldn’t be able to leave .

The departure of the True Martial School’s crowd did not attract much attention . With Ye Xiwen presiding over the True Martial School, no one dared to snatch their token plate anymore . Everyone’s attention were attracted to the last token plate .

Upon leaving the cave, as they wanted to return to the True Martial School, a voice resounded from afar .

“All of you from the True Martial School, please stay behind!”

Everyone turned their heads and saw Li Feng calling to them . After a short while, Li Feng had already reached their side .

“What other advice does Senior Li have?” asked Ye Xiwen as he stepped forward and cupped his hands .

Li Feng merely smiled, “None, I’m leaving for the Ancient Barrens soon . Only, I’m worried about leaving my daughter here alone, which is why I’m planning to bring her along with me!”

“Your daughter?” Everyone’s eyes widened . They could tell how powerful Li Feng was, and were all clueless about who his daughter was . Everyone’s expression went blank .

“My child, wake up now!” Li Feng waved his hand, and a divine light surged out, instilling itself within Xiao Ya’s body .

“What did you do to her!” The Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief frowned and yelled at Li Feng . Although Li Feng was extremely strong, Xiao Ya was still her closed-door disciple, which she viewed as her successor . How could she tolerate someone hurting her?

Ye Xiwen’s gaze turned sharp as well . In a cold tone, he said, “Senior Li, please explain clearly what have you done?”

Xiao Ya weighed a lot in his heart . Although they had been separated for a few years, the bond between them hadn’t changed .

Li Feng didn’t react to the True Martial School’s rage . Instead, he merely smiled and was even enlightened .

Before the situation advanced any further, a clear voice came out of Xiao Ya’s voice .


Xiao Ya rushed into Li Feng’s embrace and cried softly .

“I thought that I wouldn’t be able to see you anymore!”

Everyone in the True Martial School were shocked . Are they father and daughter?

Xiao Ya had never mentioned her father at all . Ye Xiwen had known of Xiao Ya the earliest, ever since she was still a child . And yet, she had never mentioned her father before . Besides, if she had a father, why would she be wandering around the secret territory?

Seeing how everyone was still in disbelief, Li Feng couldn’t help but explain, “Xiao Ya is my daughter . Only, her memories were sealed by me in the past, and she didn’t know about my existence!”

Everyone came to a revelation . It was no wonder why Xiao Ya had never mentioned her father before . However, they got even more curious . For what reason did Li Feng seal his daughter’s memories?

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Seeing how Li Feng and Xiao Ya had no intention of explaining, everyone felt it inappropriate to ask, as it was their family’s internal matter .

“Originally, I didn’t want Xiao Ya to start cultivating so early . And yet, my plan was destroyed by you, brat!” Li Feng looked at Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen smiled bitterly . In the end, it still became his problem . It was no wonder why Xiao Ya had no cultivation when they first met, despite her having an outstanding foundation and aptitude .

Ye Xiwen could only smile bitterly, while the Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief was lost in words . She had spent so much effort raising Ye Ya, no, Li Ya, intending to make Li Ya her successor . And yet, Li Ya’s father wanted to bring her to the Ancient Barrens . The Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief’s plan on making her a successor had been destroyed .

However, she couldn’t say anything now . After all, compared to her, Li Ya’s father – Li Feng was much stronger . At the very least, she couldn’t see through Li Feng’s cultivation . Besides, they were going to the Ancient Barrens, which was better for Li Ya’s development than the True Martial Domain .

“Forget it; this is your fate!” Li Feng let out a sigh and cupped his hands, “Xiao Ya had given many troubles to all of you when she was together with your True Martial School . I thank all of you for that!”

Xiao Ya’s head came out from Li Feng’s embrace . She looked at Ye Xiwen and the Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief with reluctance .

“Big Brother Ye, Master!”

Although her memories were awakened, the two of them had engraved an unerasable mark in her life .

“Follow your father . Who knows, I might go to the Ancient Barrens as well!” said the Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief . She was currently still in her youthful years . If she didn’t go to the Ancient Barrens, it might become the regret of her life . “When that time comes, we might be able to meet each other once more!”

Hearing what her master said, Xiao Ya felt a little reassured . She looked at Ye Xiwen once more and said, “Big Brother Ye, how about we leave together?”

“It’s fine . I still have matters I’d like to settle before going to the Ancient Barrens, which I don’t know how long it would take . Just leave first . After this, if fate allows it, we would meet each other once more!” Ye Xiwen shook his head . He knew how much safer it would be to go to the Ancient Barrens together with Li Feng . However, a martial warrior’s path was destined to be lonely .

If he required others’ protection, it served no purpose for him to go to the Ancient Barrens Continent .

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Upon hearing Ye Xiwen’s words, Xiao Ya couldn’t hold in her tears anymore . Her glittering tears continuously flowed from her eyes and fell to the ground .

“Alright, silly girl . You’ll meet him again in the future . This kid isn’t an unambitious person . In the future, find him after hearing about his name!” Li Feng had no choice but to comfort her . His daughter was the only worry of his heart, and the only thing he cared about .

“Southern Dipper, are you giving up on all your foundations here and going to the Ancient Barrens?” An old and cold voice resounded from afar . It was the lunar white-colored old man clad in a long robe . Currently, he was treading by stepping on lights .

“What about it, Big Dipper? Do you want to fight against me here?” Li Feng snorted and strode forward . He hid Xiao Ya behind him in a secretive manner .

“Do you think I’m afraid of you? I just never expected such a great hero like you to give up on your foundations and transcend to the Ancient Barrens Continent!” said the old man – Big Dipper in a plain manner . He then glanced at Xiao Ya, who was hidden behind Li Feng .

“Foundations? What foundations? Haha, I was just too short-sighted last time . In the end, this kid’s vision is much broader than mine!” Li Feng turned to look at Ye Xiwen . “The establishments that I had established for half of my life amounted to nothing in the end . Everything is fate . Since fate forbids me to do so, I shall not go against it!”

Ye Xiwen was confused . What does it have to do with me?

“If you’re willing to let go of all your establishment and dissolve the Southern Dipper, I won’t hold you accountable for what you did in the past!” said the old man Big Dipper . “Even if your plans succeeded, it’s impossible for the Native Clan to revive . They had already perished since long ago . Even with all your remaining descendants of the Native Clan, it’s impossible to revive the Native Clan!”

Everyone in the True Martial School was shocked, as they had acquired shocking information that might shock even the entire world . Native Clan, remaining descendants .

Li Feng was of the Native Clan . In other words, Xiao Ya might be from the Native Clan as well . Everyone couldn’t believe it, as they couldn’t tell previously . As for the Fair Maiden Peak’s Chief, she didn’t think much about it . No matter which race Xiao Ya was, Xiao Ya was still her disciple . That was all there was to it .

Only Ye Xiwen didn’t mind it at all . No matter what, Xiao Ya’s position within his heart wouldn’t change . He only came to a revelation . All the previous unexplainable matters now had a suitable explanation .

Including the reason for Xiao Ya’s slow growth rate . After so many years, she matured only a little . There was her absurd talent as well . She could be of the Native Clan, although it wasn’t clear which Native Clan she was from . Everything was now explainable .

“Haha, this kid’s right . There aren’t any distinctions between justice and evil . It’s merely two races fighting for space of survival . After seeing through it, everything became negligible now!” said Li Feng . “I have already dispersed the Southern Dipper . I’ll also bring the remaining Native Clan members to the Ancient Barrens Continent . There’s no need for you to worry about it!”

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“That’s great!” said the old man Big Dipper .

“However, I want the token plate in your possession . After all, one token plate doesn’t suffice in bringing away all the Native Clan members!” said Li Feng .

“Alright, no problem!” the old man Big Dipper’s response was very straightforward, without any hints of delay .

Big Dipper!

Southern Dipper!

Ye Xiwen suddenly remembered the two huge groups beneath the starry skies . Even he was a member of the Big Dipper .

If that’s the case, the two people in front of me are the Big Dipper Constellation Emperor and the Southern Dipper Constellation Emperor?

Seeing Ye Xiwen’s stunned look, the old man Big Dipper finally said, “Do you understand now? You still think he’s a good person?”

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