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Chapter 819: 819
Chapter 819: The Fierce Battle Within the Cave

As these terrifying divine-light expanded, even some Transcendent Realm experts were having difficulty withstanding its vibration .

The Half-step Transcendent Realm experts and the Great Sage experts of the True Martial School felt an immense amount of pressure crushing them as if the entire sky was going to crumble . When hundreds of Transcendent Realm experts unleash their attacks together, it was sufficient to destroy the whole cosmos .

Fortunately, just when they were almost unable to withstand it any further, a blood-colored barrier materialized in front of them and blocked the waves of energy ripples . Otherwise, they would have been deeply wounded, with some of them perishing .

It was conceivable how terrifying this horrible impact was .

Under such force, the hole became larger and larger . Without the mountain moving, a cave appeared from within, which excited everyone . It was precisely the same as how the texts described it to be .

In other words, it would be much easier to locate the mythical pathway .

The instant the cave appeared, a wave of terrifying black miasma came surging out and rushed towards the sky . In almost an instant, black clouds were formed in the air, which covered the miasma that was initially there .

Everyone’s gaze turned serious . Only when the miasma was sealed for too many years would it form such a terrifying miasma .

Everyone was quietly waiting, and no one rushed upwards . They would only enter after the miasma were all released .

“Ye Xiwen, be careful . We aren’t aware of what kind of troubles lie ahead within this cave . You don’t have to rush in as well . After all, with your strength, you’ll have your place here!” Ye Mo reminded . “This cave is too weird!”

Ye Xiwen’s expression was also twisted . Upon hearing Ye Mo’s words, he affirmed his feelings .

“Little Brother Ye, who knew that we would meet each other again!” After delivering a voice transmission to the True Martial School’s disciples, reminding them to be careful and not act rashly, a clear laughing voice resounded near him . Upon looking towards the voice source, the person he saw was no other than the man he had previously met by the tea shop – Li Feng .

“Senior Li!” said Ye Xiwen as he cupped his hands, being courteous . Even until now, Ye Xiwen was still unable to see through Li Feng’s cultivation . Li Feng’s cultivation was still far higher than Ye Xiwen, or he had some martial arts, which helped to conceal his cultivation, just like Ye Xiwen’s aura convergence martial art .

“How long has it been? Your speed of progression is truly shocking!” said Li Feng with a hint of surprise .

“And yet, I’m still inferior to you!” said Ye Xiwen as he smiled bitterly . While he might be considered a top-notch expert beneath the starry skies, he still couldn’t see through Li Feng .

“Haha, this is nothing . You’ll surely reach my stage one day!” said Li Feng indifferently . In other words, he was admitting that he was stronger than Ye Xiwen .

“Later, ten token plates will appear from within . If you want to leave here, you must acquire one of them!” Suddenly, Ye Xiwen received Li Feng’s voice transmission .

Ye Xiwen was startled . He didn’t know why Li Feng would tell him such important news . He didn’t doubt Li Feng either . After all, Li Feng had no reason to lie to him .

“Alright . I shall take my leave first!” said Li Feng . After staring intently at Xiao Ya, he turned around, turned into a stream of light, and rushed within the cave .

Seeing that someone had made a move, the various experts around finally couldn’t hold it in any longer . They were afraid of being slower than others, and thus being unable to reap the benefits within .

Hundreds of experts rushed within the cave in an instant . Then, Ye Xiwen finally led the True Martial School group within the cave .

Everyone was advancing quickly . After a short while, they had already reached the deep parts of the cave . While the cave didn’t seem big from the outside, the inside was truly spacious .

“Roar!” When Ye Xiwen and his group entered, the crowd had already ventured far deeper . They could only hear the roars of beasts resounding from within, followed by the yells of the Transcendent Realm experts, and the explosive sounds of combat .

Everyone dared not delay any further and instantly rushed forward, only to be greeted by a shocking scene . More than ten zombies clad in a fur coat were blocking in front of them and were fighting against hundreds of Transcendent Realm experts .

If it weren’t for their dense death qi, Ye Xiwen wouldn’t have been able to identify these furry beasts as zombies .

A furry zombie rushed into the Eight Stars School’s crowd and grabbed towards the Eight Stars School’s Sect Leader, which was being protected in the center . The smell of blood reeked from his wound, which Ye Xiwen had inflicted, making the furry zombie attracted to him .

Everyone in the Eight Stars School displayed a formation and wanted to fend this furry zombie off .

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The furry zombie didn’t know what kind of expert was in front of it . Instead, it unleashed its vast ghost claw and scratched towards the Eight Stars School’s School Leader .

Various elders from the Eight Stars School unleashed their horrifying saber-lights and stood in front of the ghost’s claw .

“Clang!” When their long saber clashed against the huge furry hand, the sound of metal clashing resounded . However, the claw wasn’t hurt at all . Its hand continued its advancement towards the Eight Stars School’s School Leader .

The Eight Stars School’s School Leader was instantly enraged . Previously, he had already been shamed by Ye Xiwen outside . Now, even this beast was treating him like a weakling . He immediately unleashed a terrifying saber-light and stood atop the vast ghost claw .

“Plish!” The saber-light could only leave a scratch on that all-encompassing ghost claw . The saber-light wasn’t able to stop its advancement .

The Eight Stars School’s School Leader was shocked . He never expected his full-force attack to be powerless in stopping the ghost claw’s advancement . It instantly enraged him further .

However, the ghost claw’s direction of advancement had been altered . It clawed towards a Transcendent Realm elder beside him .

“Ahh!” The elder let out a tragic scream . The colossal hand pierced through his chest, and his heart was crushed . Blood was gushing out from his body, along with his organs that were crushed into bits .

Everything was so eerie and gory . In only an instant, a terrifying Transcendent Realm expert was killed .

The True Martial School’s martial warriors broke out in cold sweat upon witnessing it . If it wasn’t for Ye Xiwen, it might have happened to them, which will result in all of them being massacred .

They never expected such a terrifying zombie to still exist . Each of them had the combat prowess of a Sect Master level expert, and their physiques were impregnable . Other than being a little slow, they didn’t seem to have any form of weakness . However, when they were merely guarding this location, their weakness didn’t seem like a weakness anymore .

“Kill them! Only by killing them will we locate the passage!”

Someone shouted, which strongly motivated the martial warriors’ will to fight .

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Various experts unleashed their attacks at the same time, which was a terrifying sight to behold . When different kinds of lost martial arts were unleashed together, it was sufficient to cause the world to collapse .

At this moment, the ancient cave was resounding with the roars of the furry zombies and the experts’ yells within .




Terrifying explosions sounds resounded everywhere .

These monster’s bodies were like metal and weren’t afraid of any attacks . They rushed straight into the expert’s formations .

Under the continuous attack of tens of those monsters, the martial warrior’s factions were continually retreating . Although their fighting spirit had been kindled, they were still fearful of the stagnant situation they couldn’t overcome .

“Hmph!” A cold snort resounded from the middle-aged man who mediated the situation earlier . Only by now did Ye Xiwen know that he was the Sect Master of the Burning Heavens Sect – one of the extraterrestrial overlord factions .

He flew upwards and materialized a massive blazing door . He then used the door to oppress the furry zombie .

This was the Burning Heavens Sect’s garrisoned martial instrument – the Burning Heavens Door . According to the rumors, the Burning Heavens Sect’s ancestors acquired this martial instrument by luck, along with various martial arts and lost techniques beside it . He used these resources to establish the Burning Heavens Sect and ultimately reigned a domain . The martial arts and the Burning Heavens Door that he had acquired were all-powerful .

The furry zombie let out an enraged roar and unleashed a supreme fist art . A surge of terrifying fist intent was being launched towards the massive door .

“Boom!” The fist intent was nothing in the face of the blazing Burning Heavens Door . In almost an instant, the fist intent was burned to crisps .

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The Burning Heavens Door’s momentum was unabated, and it continued rushing towards that furry zombie .

“Bang!” The furry zombie let out a tragic scream as it watched its body being burned by the snow-white flames . The flame was so hot . It turned the furry zombie into ashes .

The Burning Heavens Sect’s Sect Master’s face was a little pale . When activating the Burning Heavens Door, even if he didn’t utilize it to the maximum, it was still too exhausting to do so . He couldn’t just keep operating the Burning Heavens Door like that .

The battle here was considered insignificant . After all, the Burning Heavens Sect wasn’t the only one that brought their garrisoned martial instruments . Some other forces had brought it as well and were now forced to use it .

All of a sudden, the battle between them and the zombies entered a stagnant state .

Everyone in the True Martial School let out a sigh of relief . These zombies were powerful and possessed the combat prowess of a Sect Master . In fact, they were much stronger than the Sect Master level experts within the hundreds of Transcendent Realm experts . Fortunately, the Transcendent Realm experts had brought along their garrisoned martial instruments, which managed to hold the zombies back .

If they continued their massacre in this manner, the zombies would ultimately be eradicated .

However, Ye Xiwen finally couldn’t hold it in anymore . He rushed forward and fought against a furry zombie .

Behind him, the True Martial School could only work together to hold back a furry zombie . They didn’t dare to do things rashly . After all, they didn’t have a Sect Master level expert among them, and Huang Wuji was still far from reaching it .

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