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Chapter 818: 818
Chapter 818: Invisible Deterrence

“Eat another fist of mine!” A yell resounded from the light pillar . Another silhouette rushed out from within and unleashed another exceptionally horrifying fist . Vast starlights were radiating from the fist, turning his entire fist into a massive star . It almost tore the entire sky apart .


The Eight Stars School’s School Leader never expected Ye Xiwen’s aura to recover so quickly . After the previous clash, when he was still recovering from the after-effects of Ye Xiwen’s fist, Ye Xiwen had already arrived in front of him . He quickly put up his defense .

However, he didn’t have enough time to be fully on guard and couldn’t contend against Ye Xiwen at all . With another loud “bang,” his body flew outwards and crashed into the mountain range beside .

The Eight Stars School’s Sect Master’s protective aura was dissipated by Ye Xiwen’s punch, which resulted in him being exposed to the miasma . In almost an instant, his entire face was corroded beyond recognition . He immediately let out an anguished scream . The terrifyingness of the miasma was beyond everyone’s imagination . Even with a Transcendent Realm physique, no one dared to expose their skin directly to these miasmas .

It took him a long time to clad himself in his protective aura once more . However, his entire body was now corroded beyond recognition . No matter how exceptional the regeneration powers of a Transcendent Realm expert was, it would still be extremely difficult to heal such wounds, and purge these miasma out of their body .

He was currently absorbing more air then he could vent out . Through the previous battle, it almost made him lose his life . Currently, he could only stare at Ye Xiwen and dare not execute any other actions .

Everyone started at Ye Xiwen, who was still in the air, dumbfoundedly . With that domineering brilliance surrounding him, he seemed like the reincarnation of an ancient overlord .

Everyone only had one thought remaining: Ye Xiwen was much more horrifying than what the rumors suggested . In the past, when he first defeated a Sect Master level expert, he barely managed to win . The second time he killed a Sect Master level expert, he had traded hundreds of blows with the Eight Stars School’s old School Leader . In the end, the Eight Stars School’s old School Leader lost his vigor, which ultimately resulted in his defeat .

Only a while had passed, and yet he seemed to have improved, becoming much more horrifying . With two punches, he had already profoundly wounded the Eight Stars School’s School Leader . The battle didn’t seem like the battle between two people of the same realm . Instead, it seemed like one side was a Transcendent Realm expert, while the other was in the Half-step Transcendent Realm .

However, most people on the spot were Transcendent Realm experts . Although they had differences in terms of strength, none of them were weaklings . They could tell that Ye Xiwen wasn’t strong enough to wound the Eight Stars School’s Sect Master with two blows alone . Instead, he merely took advantage of the timing . He was more potent than the Eight Stars School’s School Leader, which implied a shorter recovery time . When the Eight Stars School’s School Leader was still recovering, Ye Xiwen took the opportunity to attack .

The theory was elementary . However, none of them were able to imitate Ye Xiwen’s actions . After all, his opponent was a Sect Master level expert, which was already considered the strongest among the Transcendent Realm experts . How could their speed be slow?

Of course, it was impossible . Then, only one explanation remained . Ye Xiwen’s speed was merely too quick . His movement speed and recovery speed was top-notch . As a result, he was able to create such a shocking effect .

Ye Xiwen was only able to do so because of the two lost techniques – the Phoenix Regeneration technique and the Devil Wings .

However, most people couldn’t care less about it . They only felt that Ye Xiwen was too strong . Is this the rising of another horrifying expert?

This was especially true to the people from the True Martial School . They were all staring at Ye Xiwen in shock . Contrary to others, they were the ones that witnessed Ye Xiwen’s progression . They witnessed him being a weakling, all the way to ascending the Transcendent Realm . However, no one expected Ye Xiwen to experience such a shocking growth spurt .

“He’s truly getting more and more horrifying, and is becoming more and more of a monster!” said Mu Shengjie bitterly . Initially, he still treated Ye Xiwen as his opponent . Now, he had emptied his mind off such thoughts . While he might have a chance to catch up to Huang Wuji, he couldn’t catch up to Ye Xiwen at all .

However, after seeing Ye Xiwen’s strength, it also allowed him to let go of the knot in his heart . Although he wasn’t comparable to Ye Xiwen, he was still a prodigy . However, a prodigy was still a human . A human couldn’t be compared to a monster at all .

Mu Shengjie’s words gained the approval of various chief elders and the disciples of the True Martial School . Other than a monster, there was no other term to describe Ye Xiwen anymore .

Ye Xiwen had also gave Huang Wuji countless surprises . Huang Wuji never expected Ye Xiwen to be so outstanding . With such an expert presiding over the True Martial School, he didn’t have to worry about the True Martial School’s flourishment any longer .

The entire area was quiet, and hundreds of Transcendent Realm experts remained silent . They merely looked at Ye Xiwen and dared not speak lest being killed on the spot .

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“Who still dares to target our True Martial School?” Ye Xiwen stared at everyone present coldly . Then, his gaze locked onto the three overlord factions’ experts .

There were many people present that held malicious intentions towards the True Martial School . However, the only ones that genuinely held a grudge against the True Martial School were the three overlord forces . After all, strictly speaking, they were the ones that had suffered by the hands of Ye Xiwen .

Previously, Ye Xiwen was still a little afraid . After all, no matter how strong he was, it’s impossible for him to go against tens of Transcendent Realm experts together .

However, the situation was now different . Now that his strength had experienced a breakthrough, he wasn’t afraid of another besiege anymore . Besides, the Star Beast Avatar itself wasn’t afraid of fighting against a besiege, to begin with .

Even the three overlord forces remained silent . Ye Xiwen’s domineering aura was just like a hand, grabbing their necks firmly . Even breathing became difficult for them .

Their initial arrogance had also disappeared entirely in an instant . Now, forget about finding troubles for Ye Xiwen . They would be glad if Ye Xiwen didn’t make things hard for them .

Many people were feeling despair . Despite being in the Transcendent Realm, the differences between them were far too significant . Most importantly, Ye Xiwen was merely a little over a hundred years old . To the Transcendent Realm experts that had the lifespan of tens of thousands of years, he had barely lived through a percent of his lifespan . At the very least, Ye Xiwen could still dominate everyone beneath the starry skies for thousands of years . In other words, they might have to live under the shadow of this peerless expert for the next few thousands of years .

Ye Xiwen had already planted an unparalleled impression deep in their hearts . As a result, a chain was binding their heart, causing them to have a weakness . Unless Ye Xiwen was killed, such a chain was impossible to be broken apart .

“Calm down, Little Brother Ye . The reason why we came here is for the pathway leading to the Ancient Barrens Continent . It would pose no benefits for everyone present if an internal battle were to happen!” At this moment, a clear voice resounded, which broke through the awkward and quiet environment . A handsome middle-aged man flew over, looked at everyone present, and smiled .

For whatever reason, this middle-aged man’s tone felt smart and refreshing . It was hard for someone to hate this voice at all .

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“That’s right . Having an internal fight right now would cause our strength to deteriorate!”

“Let’s just wait until we finish exploring the Ancient Battlefield!”

“Settle your grudges after you go outside!”

Everyone quickly said . Even the various experts of the Meteor Sect, the Heavenly Martial Sect, and the Eight Stars School nodded . Going against Ye Xiwen now ensured their death . If this lunatic truly massacred everyone on the spot, they wouldn’t even have a chance to complain about it . It wasn’t impossible, as well . Ye Xiwen’s previous act of killing everyone within the Eight Stars School’s base had already been spread to their ears . As such, they had to act extremely carefully .

Currently, they held no advantage against Ye Xiwen . On the contrary, if they were in the outside world, they could dispatch a large batch of troops to crush the True Martial School . Under such oppression, the strength of a Transcendent Realm expert wouldn’t suffice in determining the outcome of the warfare .

However, they could only think about it . Even if they dispatched many troops and annihilated the entire True Martial School, it would be pointless if Ye Xiwen wasn’t killed . With Ye Xiwen’s capabilities, he would continuously harass them . They wouldn’t be able to withstand his harassment for long either and would crumble .

Through these matters, Ye Xiwen had become a core strength of deterrence . As long as he doesn’t die, others would have to be wary of dealing with the True Martial School . Unless the news of his death were confirmed, none of the overlord forces would dare to attack the True Martial School . Of course, things would be different if someone was able to rival Ye Xiwen .

Otherwise, they could only grit their teeth and accept the proposal unresignedly .

Seeing the commotion caused by the crowd, Ye Xiwen could only go with the flow . It didn’t matter either . After all, those three overlord forces would not dare to take action . The strength of a person might be nothing in the face of a considerable force . However, if one were strong enough, even the forces would have to be wary of him .

“Everyone, let’s work together to blast this hole . According to the texts, there should be a cave deep inside this hole . The pathway heading to the Ancient Barrens Continent would be at the deepest part of the cave!” said an old Transcendent Realm expert . He had been living for a long time . Although he might not be the strongest, he was considered to be extremely knowledgeable .

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“That’s right . With all of us working together, we would be able to blast this hole away!”

“Let’s do it together!”

Various experts yelled together . If hundreds of Transcendent Realm experts unleashed their attacks at the same time outside of the Ancient Battlefield, the entire world would crumble . Only in the Ancient Battlefields, where even laws were twisted and shattered, would be able to contain such horrifying attacks .

A shocking loud “bang” resounded . Terrifying energy waves seemed to have pierced through their souls, and the brilliant divine-light shot to the sky, just like a volcano explosion . Boundless and endless spiritual energy started surging fanatically in an instant, and the gorgeous radiance expanded outwards like a tsunami, bringing along all the particles in its path .

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