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Chapter 815: 815
Chapter 815: Heating Up the Situation

On the one hand, he felt a little lucky . On the other hand, he felt exceptionally shameful, especially for someone like him . Although he wasn’t a Transcendent Realm expert, he lived a luxurious life within the Eight Stars School . Applying such disdain towards him was far worse than killing him .

“Animal? Hehe . With that statement alone, I shall let you experience death, old man!” Killing intent flickered within the Wolf Cub’s eyes . The Half-step Transcendent late Realm expert and the Wolf Cub both held their pride .

Ye Xiwen’s intentions for handing the Half-step Transcendent Late Realm expert to the Wolf Cub was clear as day . That was, for the Wolf Cub to use the Half-step Transcendent Late Realm expert as a polishing stone, to allow the Wolf Cub to ascend to the Half-step Transcendent Late Realm .

When that time comes, with its exceptional bloodline, it would easily become unparalleled among those beneath the Transcendent Realm .

The Wolf Cub opened his mouth and sucked the spiritual energy permeating the air into his mouth with lightning speed . A think beam of light pillar was then abruptly shot outwards, wiping out everything in its path .

The Half-step Transcendent Late Realm expert wasn’t able to react to it, and the beam of light shot through his arm .

“Ah!” With a tragic scream, his entire arm was blasted to bits by the light pillar . An unsuppressable surprise was written in his eyes . He never expected a Half-step Transcendent Late Realm animal to have the capabilities of harming him, a Half-step Transcendent Late Realm expert . How terrifying is this animal?

This Half-step Transcendent Intermediate Realm wolf demon isn’t as simple as he looks!

As for Ye Xiwen, he didn’t care about the battle occurring behind him any longer . He believed that the Wolf Cub could deal with it on its own .

He rushed into the inner city, with many martial warriors nearby accompanying him . They were merely here to witness the outcome . They desired to witness what sort of situation would unfold .

At this moment, the Transcendent Realm experts finally arrived . The one in the lead was a youthful-looking adult veteran with snow-white hair . His gaze, when staring at Ye Xiwen, was ice cold . His horrifying aura rushed towards Ye Xiwen and engulfed Ye Xiwen within . Ye Xiwen’s entire body was continually trembling as if he was a little boat floating upon a stormy sea, prone to be flipped over by the raging waves . However, no matter how hard the old man tried, Ye Xiwen did not falter at all .

“Ye Xiwen, such courage you possess . You even dare to come to us yourself . Do you truly think no one in our Eight Stars Sect can deal with you? Today, you shall pay for it!” roared the old man in the lead .

“Isn’t that the remaining old Sect Master of the Eight Stars School? Gosh, I never expected him to be still alive, and even came here as well!” said someone in disbelief as he identified the old man, “According to the rumors, he disappeared after passing the Sect Master position to their current Sect Master . I never expected him to appear here . No wonder why the Eight Stars School could dispatch such a huge batch of experts away without any worries . Such an ancient being is still alive!”

“Are you sure about it? That’s impossible, right!” said someone, still in disbelief .

“How can I see it, wrongly? It’s him, alright . I’ve also seen his portrait before . Only, I have never seen him personally myself!” said that person in an unresigned manner as he refuted .

Ye Xiwen smiled as he looked at the Eight Stars School’s old Sect Master, and smiled coldly, “Someone in the Eight Stars Sect can stand up against me? Why didn’t I see anyone capable of doing so during my walk to here?”

Ye Xiwen’s words startled everyone, and they were instantly humored . Ye Xiwen was thoroughly shaming the Eight Stars School and never held them in high regard at all . He even emphasized on how no one in the Eight Stars School could deal with him . Most importantly, he even changed “fighting his way to here” to “walking to here . ” This implied that the Eight Stars School’s people were too weak . After all, to him, walking in here was no different from walking in other places .

However, due to the Eight Stars School’s demeanor, they didn’t dare to act too out of bounds, and could only hold in their laughter .

Upon hearing Ye Xiwen’s words, the Eight Stars School’s old Sect Master’s face instantly turned pale, and his eyes became red . He was suddenly filled with the desire to kill Ye Xiwen and tear him to pieces .

Experts usually wouldn’t display any emotions on their face . Just like how people wouldn’t reveal any emotions to mere ants, experts wouldn’t do so to people weaker than them .

However, if it were against people on par with them, they wouldn’t be so calm anymore because they knew that someone on par with them could threaten themselves .

Although Ye Xiwen’s bounty had increased continuously during this period, countless Transcendent Realm experts had perished under Ye Xiwen’s hands . Among them even included someone with the strength on par of a sect master . And yet, all of them weren’t Ye Xiwen’s opponent . Ultimately, it also made everyone understand just how strong Ye Xiwen was . At the very least, he was someone on par with a sect master .

Someone that shouldn’t be underestimated .

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“Ye Xiwen, you’re too arrogant!” The Eight Stars School’s old Sect Master was enraged .

“Even if I’m arrogant, can it be worse than you guys? The bounty for me is so high that even I was interested in the rewards . I even wanted to tie myself up and come claim the bounty rewards myself!” said Ye Xiwen scornfully . The overlord forces were too used to being domineering . No matter how out of bounds their actions were, they wouldn’t even think of it as something wrong . However, if someone made a small action, it would be considered arrogant in their eyes . “Today, I shall kill everyone in the Eight Stars School, and nobody shall save all of you!”

“Such boldness . Aren’t you afraid that we would do the same to your True Martial school?” said the old Sect Master as he stared at Ye Xiwen intently .

“Hmph, are you even capable of doing so?” Ye Xiwen had thought of this long ago . Naturally, he wouldn’t react to the old Sect Master’s threats .

“Then, die!” The Eight Stars School’s old Sect Master smiled coldly and launched his fist forward . He wasn’t using the Eight Stars Royalty Shattering Saber anymore, he was using another lost technique . The all-encompassing fist intent surged and almost destroyed the entire world . “Dark Black Tyrant Fist!”

The entire world turned dark; the dark element released from his fist intent enveloped the space and enveloped the entire cosmos . His combat prowess was exceptionally high, worthy to be classified as one of the top-notch experts beneath the starry skies .

Ye Xiwen also made his move . However, he did not unsheathe his sword . Instead, he just launched his fist forward . The majestic fist power displayed the phenomena of a star and went up against the dark element . The entire world seemed like it was about to be destroyed .

“Boom!” An intense clash happened, and storms instantly surged out, expanding outwards towards its surroundings .

When the storm dissipated, everyone looked towards the clash’s location, only to find the Eight Stars School’s old School Leader breathing heavily with an ashen expression . With only one exchange of blows, it seemed to have drained him of all his energy . Disbelief filled his eyes, as he couldn’t believe that Ye Xiwen could render him to this state .

He only knew of Ye Xiwen’s name not long after the matters that happened during the True Martial School Master ascension ceremony . At that time, Ye Xiwen was someone that had only ascended to the Transcendent Realm as according to the reports . He was utterly negligible . However, he never expected Ye Xiwen to grow so much during the past few years .

It was already considered outstanding for someone to ascend to the Transcendent Realm at his age . However, becoming a top-notch expert on par with the old Sect Master was considered a miraculous feat, especially with Ye Xiwen’s age . And yet, it happened . It made the old Sect Master extremely baffled .

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Although his combat prowess was high, Ye Xiwen didn’t pale in comparison in terms of strength and cultivation . Besides, Ye Xiwen was still a youth . During their current clash, the benefits of youth were in full display .

The Eight Stars School’s old School Leader was too old . While he might not have any problems dealing with other people, he was too old in the face of such a youthful expert like Ye Xiwen, brimming with vigor .

Ye Xiwen held his hands tightly, and the golden Divinity instantly clad his entire body . Facing a Transcendent Realm first level expert with the strength of a Sect Master, he had to go all out .

Otherwise, he might be the one who dies .

He didn’t hesitate any further and instantly rushed towards the Eight Stars School’s old School Leader . His fist transformed into two massive stars, and the Shattered Star Fist immediately landed, displaying a horrifying might .

Ye Xiwen’s action was swift . His Divinity had already locked onto the Eight Stars School’s old Sect Master firmly and gave the old Sect Master no room to escape .

Now, the old Sect Master could only go head-to-head against Ye Xiwen . Otherwise, if he turned around to flee, he might be crushed by Ye Xiwen .

This was the so-called momentum . Under the colossal momentum, one was forced to either forcefully go against it or go along . However, momentum wasn’t on his side now and was instead with Ye Xiwen .

Usually, such a situation would only occur when the fight went smoothly . However, the momentum of the battle was decided when Ye Xiwen had just attacked . Such an act was incredibly unbelievable, and something he had never thought of before .

“Boom!” Both of their fists clashed against each other fiercely once more . The all-encompassing darkness and starlights clashed and devoured each other in the air as if two surges of horrifying power capable of annihilating the world had fought against each other .

The Eight Stars School’s old School Leader’s face turned even paler . However, Ye Xiwen didn’t have any intention of stopping . Without giving the old Sect Master any chance to recover, he immediately rushed forward, raised his fist, and unleashed another barrage of attack .

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The two instantly traded hundreds of blows .

“Crack!” A crisp sound of bone cracking resounded as the Eight Stars School’s old Sect Master’s right arm was forcefully broken apart by Ye Xiwen, and his arm started limping . At this moment, his expression was already ashen, and his entire body was in a sorry state . All of his hair had turned pale white, and wrinkles appeared throughout his body, with age spots accompanying it . Through the previous exchange of blows, the old Sect Master’s remaining few vigors were consumed thoroughly .

“Let’s end this!” Ye Xiwen yelled as his fist traversed through the sky and fiercely landed on the Eight Star School’s old Sect Master’s chest .

“Bang!” The Eight Stars School’s old Sect Master spat out a mouthful of blood . His chest caved inwards, and he immediately lost his life .

Everyone spectating the fight let out a gasp of surprise . Does he want to stir up another commotion again?

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