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Chapter 816: 816
Chapter 816: Everyone Becoming Speechless

Everyone was startled . Does he want to stir up a commotion again?

The Eight Stars School’s old Sect Master was butchered in front of everyone . There wasn’t any battle that lasted for a few days, like how they imagined . Instead, Ye Xiwen had gained the upper hand since its start and killed the Eight Stars School’s old School Leader in the end .

During their fight, the advantage of youth over an old man was in full display . After all, the old Sect Master was already old to begin with, and his vigor wasn’t comparable to Ye Xiwen at all .

The battle was exceptionally intense, which resulted in the consumption of vigor a hundred times higher than usual . At such a rate, it allowed Ye Xiwen to take the opportunity to land a killing blow .

Ultimately, Ye Xiwen killed the old Sect Master . In the path of martial warriors, most youth would have a higher chance of improving themselves . The older they got, the lesser the possibility of improvement . Compared to this Eight Stars School’s old School Leader who had lived for thousands of years, Ye Xiwen, who was only more than a hundred years old, was considered too young .

Even among the Sage Realm and Great Sage Realm experts, he was considered to be young . The Transcendent Realm slightly older than him, like Huang Wuji, were also at least a thousand years old .

Ye Xiwen excels in seizing his opponent’s weakness and unleashing a barrage of attacks through that particular weakness . No one was able to handle such an impact, which was why Ye Xiwen was able to wipe out everyone obstructing his path .

“Old Sect Master! Curses! You infidel!” Seeing Ye Xiwen killing the old Sect Master, all the Eight Stars School experts had their eyes reddened . The desire to tear Ye Xiwen apart surged strongly within them .

Ye Xiwen’s expression remained unfazed as if he had merely done something insignificant . Ever since the Eight Stars School had been continuously dispatching people to kill him, they were destined to fight to the death .

If he didn’t make them cower by continuously killing them, the hunting for Ye Xiwen would never stop!

At this moment, more than ten Transcendent Realm experts within the city appeared and unleashed their attacks . They were all Eight Stars School experts that remained to guard their base .

Currently, they were all lunging themselves towards Ye Xiwen . Although they were all experts within the Transcendent Realm first level, they weren’t even comparable to the old Sect Master, let alone Ye Xiwen .

“Ye Xiwen, die!” The Eight Stars School’s Transcendent Realm experts had their eyes covered in bloody veins, and their all-encompassing saber-lights came slashing down at Ye Xiwen . Every single saber-light could easily slash a Half-step Transcendent Realm expert in half, not to mention the saber-lights that enveloped the entire sky that was pouring down on him like rain .

Everyone spectating felt a chill down their spine as if they had seen something unbelievable .

The spectators were all taking shelter in the Eight Stars School’s base . In fact, none of them were Transcendent Realm experts . The first time they witnessed the Transcendent Realm experts’ attacks, they were baffled by the Transcendent Realm experts’ horrifying might . With such attacks, even Ye Xiwen wouldn’t be able to withstand it, no matter how strong he is, right? After all, it’s only him alone!


With a clear resonance of the sword, a sword-light that soared through the sky gushed out from Ye Xiwen’s body . Every single pore of his was releasing sword qi, which ultimately condensed into a terrifying massive sword in the air . With the terrifying sword-radiance emitting from its body, it instantly came slashing horizontally .

It came crashing towards the all-encompassing sword-lights .




Sounds of huge explosions resounded from the clash of the sword-light and the saber-light . The two of them seemed to be brawling against each other, refusing to compromise with each other .

A large light sphere formed in mid-air, which transformed into countless terrifying energy spheres . Bringing along all the sand particles in its path, numerous energy spheres expanded outwards . This was the result of the oppression between the two extremely horrifying attacks .

Within the light sphere, Ye Xiwen’s sword was dyed with a layer of gold radiance, which increased its might . By crushing it horizontally, the all-encompassing sword-lights started to crack inches by inches .

With a “boom!” all the sword-lights were instantly shattered apart . Those Transcendent Realm experts couldn’t withstand the horrifying pressure of the sword any longer . The pressure felt like a mountain that was crushing them . Before the attack even landed, they had the urge to spit their blood out .




The sword might split itself into dozens of sword-lights and went into pursuit .



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All the Transcendent Realm experts immediately exploded and turned into a pool of blood . All of their defense was laughable in the face of Ye Xiwen’s sword-light .

Blood-colored radiance started flickering from Ye Xiwen’s body, and the pools of blood were all absorbed by him . These were the blood essence of Transcendent Realm experts, which were extremely scarce .

Ye Xiwen retracted his focus and realized that the Wolf Cub was running towards him . However, Wolf Cub’s expression wasn’t carefree anymore . Instead, he looked extremely messy . On its black fur, bloody fleshes could be seen . There were even wounds so deep that its bones were visible . The pain was so great that Wolf Cub gritted its teeth .

It seemed like a Half-step Transcendent Late Realm expert wasn’t someone it could defeat easily .

However, Ye Xiwen could feel the vague transformation in the wolf’s aura . It was a sign of evolution . Although the battle was tough, after tending to its wounds and entering closed cultivation once more, it might become a Half-step Transcendent Late Realm expert . When the time comes, it wouldn’t even be far from ascending the Transcendent Realm .

Ye Xiwen instantly felt speechless . Such speed of cultivation was already much faster than his main body .

Looking at Ye Xiwen noticing its wounds, the Wolf Cub gritted its teeth and said, “What are you looking at? I merely suffered from a negligible wound . That bastard was torn apart by me!”


Ye Xiwen was speechless against the Wolf Cub that was acting tough .

Ye Xiwen quickly shifted his state of mind, and his eyes became ice-cold . He said, “Everyone from the Eight Stars School, don’t even think about leaving here alive today!”

On that day, blood flowed in the Eight Stars School’s base like a river, with corpses littered everywhere . Everyone in the Eight Stars School was slain by Ye Xiwen, with no one able to escape .

However, other than the Eight Stars School’s experts, Ye Xiwen did not kill anyone else . Ye Xiwen did not kill the stray cultivators that were being dependent on the Eight Stars School .

They could only watch Ye Xiwen leave . The corpses of the Eight Stars School’s experts were all over the place and looked incredibly tragic .

Everyone could only say one sentence in shock, “He startled everyone in the Heaven and Earth!”

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Not long after Ye Xiwen left, the news of Ye Xiwen wiping out the Eight Stars School’s base was quickly spread around the Ancient Battlefield and caused an uproar .

Previously, Ye Xiwen was already considered famous . No matter if it was his act of killing everyone from the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities, or even slaying a Sect Master level expert, it already made his name renowned .

However, most people didn’t pay it much attention . After all, no matter how strong Ye Xiwen was, he was still hiding from the oppression of the three overlord factions, cowering in fear .

Ye Xiwen could only use attrition tactics against them . He had never fought against them head-on at all . And yet, this time, he had killed everyone in the Eight Stars School’s base .

The thought of one person killing everyone within an overlord force’s base was enough to make one go crazy and cause their blood to boil .

When news about Ye Xiwen’s feat was spread around, it truly shocked everyone in the Ancient Battlefield .

It swept out, just like a windstorm .

Over the past few years, these overlords were all extremely ferocious, with no one that dared offend them . Now, such a person appeared . He instantly dealt a deathblow to the Eight Stars School with his appearance, killing everyone presents within their base .

“Have you heard of it? Someone wiped out the entire Eight Stars School’s base . Such a miraculous feat!”

“I have! One of my friends was coincidentally spectating the match . Upon seeing that scene, he was almost shocked to death . Ye Xiwen even killed such a horrifying person like the Eight Stars School’s old Sect Master . In fact, Ye Xiwen had gained the upper-hand since the start of the battle . Afterward, even the dozens of Transcendent Realm experts had perished by his hands!”

“What a ruthless killer . In such a short amount of time, more than thirty Transcendent Realm experts had already perished by his hands!”

“Who cares? As long as he doesn’t kill us, it doesn’t matter who he kills!”

“That’s right . According to the rumors, he doesn’t kill others without reason . As long as we don’t offend him, he wouldn’t even bother touching us!”

“I’m interested in the reaction of the Eight Stars School’s experts that are currently venturing outside . I wonder how mad they would be!”

“So what if they’re mad? Currently, they only have more than ten Transcendent Realm experts left . It might be too difficult for them to take Ye Xiwen down!”

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“That’s true . Even an expert like the old Sect Master wasn’t able to defeat Ye Xiwen . No one might be able to harm him at all!”

The entire Ancient Battlefield was in a state of surprise and panic . Those people who accepted the mission to assassinate Ye Xiwen felt fortunate, as they didn’t have the chance to take action yet . Otherwise, them assaulting Ye Xiwen would result in their death . There was no exception to it .

Even a force with the foundations as dense as the Eight Stars School was annihilated . They would merely be seeking death if they were to go up against Ye Xiwen .

For a while, everyone became speechless . Even the experts from the Meteor Sect and the Heavenly Martial Sect became speechless . In the face of Ye Xiwen’s domineering ferocious might, they remained silent .

They wouldn’t be so ignorant to think that Ye Xiwen wouldn’t dare to touch them at all . If this fanatic could even kill everyone within the Eight Stars School’s base, what else does he not dare to do?

Initially, they were brazenly underestimating Ye Xiwen . Now, they didn’t dare to do so any longer . After all, Ye Xiwen had killed everyone within an overlord force’s base, with a Sect Master level expert included within . Even their current Sect Master couldn’t do so, as they didn’t possess such combat prowess .

Ye Xiwen was just like a nuclear bomb . Wherever he passed by, destruction would occur . He had already become a deterrence in the eyes of others . If there weren’t any need, no one would be willing to offend such a fanatic .

They had already witnessed the outcome of provoking him through the Eight Stars Sect . Solely because of Ye Xiwen, they had already lost more than twenty Transcendent Realm experts, which significantly damaged their foundations . No one was willing to end up in such a sorry state .

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