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Chapter 814: 814
Chapter 814: Wipe Out the Base

The Wolf Cub was following Ye Xiwen by his side . Currently, it was running faster than anything .

Ye Xiwen’s shout surprised the Eight Stars School’s experts by the city . All of them took out their martial instruments and stared at Ye Xiwen coldly . More than ten Great Sage Realm experts had appeared . This was also because there was no much time for preparation . Otherwise, more experts would emerge sooner or later . The Eight Stars School was one of the extraterrestrial overlord forces, and it was apparent how sturdy their foundations were .

“Let’s go! He’s Ye Xiwen, let’s kill him!” Those experts instantly formed a formation . They were all aware that they were still considered weak despite being an almighty Great Sage when facing a Transcendent Realm expert . They were just as vulnerable as an infant . The only way to handle this matter was to form a formation to hold Ye Xiwen back and await the Transcendent Realm experts to dispose of Ye Xiwen .

These experts were stepping on a profound formation, and their aura transformed . It didn’t feel like they were humans, but instead the entire world . The best thing about this formation was this ability to utilize the world’s power to its biggest extent .

Ye Xiwen didn’t even bother turning back and barged into their formation . He just let the formation circulate by his side and didn’t even bother moving .

“Die!” A Great Sage couldn’t hold it in anymore, and took action first . His long saber pierced through the air and unleashed Eight Stars Royalty Severing Saber . Although the Eight Stars School’s lost technique wasn’t just this technique alone, the Eight Stars Royalty Severing Saber was the most learned lost technique within the school .

He unleashed eight saber shadows to the sky full of starlights; they transformed into eight stars to hunt Ye Xiwen down .

At this moment, the longsword in Ye Xiwen’s hand moved . The longsword materialized through his sword intent instantly moved, and rays of brilliance shone . All the saber-lights that enveloped the sky shattered in an instant .

The sword-light of the longsword didn’t come to a stop . Instead, with its unstoppable momentum, it struck towards the Great Sage .

“Halt!” Seeing how Ye Xiwen was about to start a massacre, the other Great Sages yelled in panic . The power of the entire formation circulated, and the saber-lights that was about to be shattered by the sword-light was reinforced . In almost an instant, those Great Sages gathered their power on the Great Sage that was attacking .

However, because of the disparity in strength, they weren’t able to kill Ye Xiwen off, especially when he had the combat prowess on par with a sect master . The difference between the Great Sage Realm and the Transcendent Realm was huge, even if regular Transcendent Realm experts were considered .

Ye Xiwen’s second attack instantly arrived . His speed was rapid . He seemed to have unleashed his second attack the moment he unleashed his first .

However, that wasn’t the case . Ye Xiwen’s first attack had merely been blocked, which was why he launched another attack . However, the speed of his second attack was rapid . He didn’t even use more than thirty percent of his full force when executing the first attack . As a result, the second attack seemed like it came right after the first attack, and the illusion where two sword attacks were unleashed at the same time had occurred .

Although it seemed simple, only people as strong as Ye Xiwen would be able to pull it out .

The longsword seemed to have pierced through space and appeared in front of the Great Sage, who was attacking . With a “splash,” the longsword pierced through his throat, and blood splattered everywhere . Even his spirit was shattered in an instant .

He instantly stopped breathing .

He was too weak to be fighting against Ye Xiwen . He wouldn’t even be able to harm Ye Xiwen .

“Attack! We must hold him back and not let him flee! As long as we manage to hold him back, it would be considered a grand accomplishment!” yelled a Great Sage Realm elder . He was an elder within the Eight Stars Sect . Of course, his position wasn’t comparable to those Transcendent Realm elders .

“Flee? If that’s the case, all of you don’t have to worry . Without killing everyone here, I won’t be leaving!” said Ye Xiwen with a sneer .


“Such arrogance!”

All of the Great Sage Realm experts berated Ye Xiwen .

Their long sabers cut through the skies and formed eight constellations . Every single constellation was surging with starlights . Numerous spiritual energies were instantly absorbed within and swooshed downwards towards Ye Xiwen .

These people were experienced in battle . They had fought together for numerous years . Although they attacked very rashly, they still worked together flawlessly . In almost an instant, they had blocked away all of Ye Xiwen’s path of retreat . They wanted to prevent Ye Xiwen from escaping .

Ye Xiwen sneered . He had never intended to escape . These were all unnecessary .

The battle formation laid down by these Great Sage Realm experts was quite impressive . Even Ye Xiwen felt a little pressured .

However, he was merely feeling a little pressure . He immediately swung the longsword in his hand, and numerous intense sword-lights exploded . They covered the entire sky and went against the descending saber shadows .

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The intense sound released by the sword-light and the saber-lights clashing against each other resounded continuously . A stalemate happened for a little while before the sword-lights wiped out all of the saber-lights with its destructive force .

An even more ferocious sword-light radiated from Ye Xiwen’s longsword . He unleashed his attack indifferently .




The sound of a longsword cutting through flesh was at every corner . With only one sword, a Great Sage would perish by the blade after encountering it . Even their spirits were shattered into half . For the Star Beast Avatar, Great Sages were already considered nothing .

Even if these Great Sages were the elites among the Great Sages .

After a short while, all of the Great Sages were dead . They weren’t even able to contend against Ye Xiwen .

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“Hey, didn’t I tell you to leave two of them to me!” said the Wolf Cub in a frustrated manner . Its actions made it seem unsatisfied . He wasn’t able to keep up with Ye Xiwen . Whenever Ye Xiwen attacked, he would kill his enemy in an instant . The Wolf Club couldn’t even catch up at all .

Maybe, it could still catch up to Ye Xiwen’s main body . However, it definitely wouldn’t be able to do so with the Star Beast Avatar, which had already ascended the Transcendent Realm .

“Why are you so anxious? We’re here to kill everyone in the Eight Stars School . There will be enough people for you to kill!”

Ye Xiwen said indifferently . He then entered the city with the Wolf Club closely following after him . It was afraid that Ye Xiwen would kill everyone here and leave no one to it .

“This Ye Xiwen intends to kill everyone in the Eight Stars School? How is that possible? He’s too arrogant!”

Many people heard Ye Xiwen’s words, but dare not come close to him . They were whispering among themselves .

“What’s so strange about it? For top-notch experts, the number of enemies present wouldn’t matter at all . He, alone, can kill all of them!”

“However, even if many of the Eight Stars School had left, there’s still a huge amount of Transcendent Realm experts remaining here . Isn’t he just being too arrogant?”

Ye Xiwen was a hot topic . Everyone looked at him like they were looking at an ancient god of killing . Although they were aware of Ye Xiwen’s origins, their impression towards him still remained when the extraterrestrial overlords forces were still hunting him down . As such, many people from the Ancient Battlefield were scornful towards him .

They never expected such a scene to happen, when he indeed appeared in front of them . The Great Sage experts of the Eight Stars School were already considered elites to them, and yet Ye Xiwen tore through them like it was nothing .

It should be known that the Great Sages allowed to enter the Ancient Battlefield were elites even among the Great Sages . In the previous battle, even the weakest one was in the Great Sage Late Realm, and there were even a few in the Great Sage Great Perfection Realm . And yet, such experts were all butchered cleanly like Ye Xiwen . It happened so quickly that no one was able to react to what had happened .

Everyone felt a chill down their spine . They now understood what Ye Xiwen wanted to do . Although they were shocked by his madness, they were slightly excited to watch it as well . They wanted to see if Ye Xiwen could create a miracle and do something even they couldn’t do .

Ye Xiwen and the Wolf Cub entered the city . Many experts of the Eight Stars School had received the alerting news and were rushing towards his location .

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“Ye Xiwen, how dare you show up again! You’re truly not afraid of death . Then, today shall mark the day of your death!”

A Half-step Transcendent Realm expert suddenly yelled in anger and lunged himself towards Ye Xiwen . His long saber that was as brilliant as the galaxy came crashing down towards Ye Xiwen, with the intention to kill .

Ye Xiwen didn’t even bother looking at the saber . He raised his longsword and shot a sword aura outwards, which instantly caused the saber-light to shatter .

That Eight Stars School’s expert in the Half-step Transcendent Realm suddenly broke out in cold sweat . He suddenly remembered that Ye Xiwen was a Transcendent Realm expert, and he was merely just in the Half-step Transcendent Realm . Even an average Transcendent Realm expert was able to kill him off casually . In fact, Ye Xiwen was an extremely ruthless person, capable of killing experts on par with the sect master .

“Weren’t you complaining that I didn’t leave anyone for you? How about this one?” said Ye Xiwen plainly to the Wolf Cub . He didn’t even pay any attention to the Half-step Transcendent Realm expert and wasn’t even afraid of him hearing the conversation .

The previous martial art warriors were all in the Great Sage Realm, and the Wolf Cub holds no interest in them . However, the situation is different now . An expert in the Half-step Transcendent Late Realm was extremely beneficial to the Wolf Cub . For the Wolf Cub, who was currently in the Half-step Transcendent intermediate Peak Realm, and could improve with just a little push, its target was appropriate .

“Haha, leave it to me!” The Wolf Cub growled excitedly and lunged itself towards the Half-step Transcendent Late Realm expert .

The Half-step Transcendent Late Realm expert’s face turned pale . Ye Xiwen’s words made it seem like he was just some kind of trash discarded to the Wolf Cub .

“Go die, you animal!” The Half-step Transcendent late Realm expert felt like he had just survived from a calamity . After understanding why Ye Xiwen had let him go, he instantly felt like he was being ridiculed . Do they think that a Half-step Transcendent intermediate Realm animal could win me? He was instantly enraged after learning about it .

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