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Chapter 813: 813
Chapter 813: Turning The Tables

Those rewards were already alluring enough, to begin with . They only stopped after realizing how strong Ye Xiwen was and dared not to make rash actions anymore .

After all, everyone among the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities was massacred, and none remained alive .

Compared to someone as strong as the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities, they were practically nothing .

However, the situation was now different . The bounty rewards had increased by threefolds . It wasn’t as simple as one plus one plus one equals three . Instead, the rewards had practically been increased tenfold .

Many people felt that they were decent enough, and some thought that they were worthy assassins . All of them were now aiming for Ye Xiwen .

In only the short span of a month, Ye Xiwen had been ambushed thirteen times . There were more than thirty-seven Transcendent Realm experts in total . All of them were stray individual cultivators . In fact, some people were as strong as the sect masters from the overlord factions . They were already considered top-notch even among the stray cultivators, and Ye Xiwen couldn’t deal with them easily . After causing the skies and earth to rupture, only did he manage to kill them .

Due to the battles, Ye Xiwen’s name had truly shaken throughout the Ancient Battlefield . Initially, many people only assumed that he was as strong as a sect master . After all, his performance had proved such assumptions .

Although they weren’t aware of what kind of methods or encounters Ye Xiwen had faced for such an alarming increase in his combat prowess, he was undoubtedly among one of the most prominent experts beneath the starry skies .

However, things weren’t over just like that . The three overlords hated Ye Xiwen to the core and wouldn’t let him go at all . They then doubled the bounty rewards once more, which caused the entire Ancient Battlefield to be in a ruckus . Aren’t they just trying to make him dead?

In a field of wilderness, miasma filled the entire area . After killing another batch of experts, Ye Xiwen finally realized that things shouldn’t go on like this anymore .

“Ye Xiwen, this can’t keep going on . Otherwise, it’ll be endless . Don’t forget why you came to this Ancient Battlefield,” said Ye Mo as a reminder .

Ye Xiwen nodded . Indeed, his intentions for coming here was the same as others, which was locating the pathway that leads to the Ancient Barrens Continent . The only exception he had from others was, he could advance to the Ancient Barrens Continent through the Demon Domain . However, that would require many twists and turns that nobody was aware of . Besides, the danger within was of no joke .

If he weren’t forced to, he definitely wouldn’t walk through that path . He had previously chosen to do so because he had no other methods of accessing that continent . Now that there was new hope, he didn’t want to be adventurous anymore .

However, if he were to be continuously trapped by the outer area, his loss would be much more significant than his gains .

The reason why the three overlord factions didn’t choose to take action themselves was that a large batch of their troops was venturing deep within the Ancient Battlefield . According to the rumors, they had acquired some hints and located some clues of the pathway . Ye Xiwen didn’t want to fall behind the others .

He had to change the situation around .

“If that’s the case, go ahead and kill them . Since they don’t want you to be at peace, you don’t have to let go of them as well!” said Ye Mo in a sinister tone, as he narrowed his eyes .

“Do you mean, kill them at the place where they’re stationed at?” said Ye Xiwen .

“That’s right . No rule implies that they’re only allowed to kill you, and you aren’t allowed to refute!” Ye Mo chuckled . If an outsider heard it, they might have been frightened to death . Ordinary people would choose to avoid the overlord forces no matter what, and dare not provoke them at all . However, Ye Mo was a different kind of person . If he were at his prime, he wouldn’t even put them in his eyes . Even stepping across them to death would be a waste of time .

He had been by the Demon King’s side for billions of years and already had the demeanor of being afraid of nothing in the world . There were only things where he couldn’t think of, and nothing he couldn’t do .

Upon hearing Ye Mo’s suggestion, Ye Xiwen was a little convinced . Ye Mo was someone that wasn’t afraid of anything . As Ye Xiwen remained together with Ye Mo for a long time, he was gradually influenced, and his bravery had increased by a large margin .

He had previously thought of killing the enemies at their base . However, they had too many experts, and it would be troublesome to fight against experts that rival the strength of a sect master . The experts with the strength comparable to a sect master were already considered the peak experts beneath the starry skies .

He had only managed to ascend to such a realm through various methods .

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Beneath the starry skies, everyone’s strength was limited to the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak . No one was able to break through it . After all, the laws of this area had limited their cultivation . However, there was a disparity in strength even among the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak experts .

The strong could kill the weak in an instant . In this case, the Star Beast Avatar held a massive advantage over others . Its bloodline had already indicated that it would be the natural monarch among those in the same realm as it . No matter if it was qi, physical body, magical power, martial arts, and other factors, it was more potent than others . Together with the Demon Wings, Phoenix Regeneration Technique, and many other martial arts, along with the Tianyuan Mirror’s complement, it would easily acquire a sect master level expert’s combat prowess .

There definitely wouldn’t be just one or two sect master level experts within the overlord forces . If he were surrounded by more than one of them, he would be in deep trouble . Of course, if his original body were to ascend to the same realm as well, he would be able to neglect these people .

Compared to the Star Beast Avatar that relied on its talents and bloodline, Ye Xiwen’s original body was much more robust and fearsome . Fighting someone above his cultivation realm was as easy as eating or drinking for him . Of course, the experience and hardships he would have to go through far surpass what ordinary people have to go through .

However, it was now different . A large batch of their experts had already ventured deep into the Ancient Battlefield and wasn’t at the outer areas . He could use this chance to ambush them .

The other worry he had was the overlords involving the True Martial School with their wrath . It would be fine if it were only Ye Xiwen alone . He could go wherever he wanted to . However, the True Martial School couldn’t do so .

“Hehe, you don’t have to worry . Every overlord forces had brought along thirty to forty Transcendent Realm experts . Previously, more than ten of them had already perished, and you killed another batch of them . There are only twenty plus of them remaining now . At most, they would be as strong as the True Martial School . They wouldn’t risk themselves to attack the True Martial School . They can’t dispatch experts from their main camp since their main camp is considered their foundations . They definitely wouldn’t let go of it!” explained Ye Mo, as if he already knew of Ye Xiwen’s worries .

Ye Xiwen thought for a while and found it to be entirely truthful . If he could destroy the overlords’ base, it would deal a tremendous blow to their arrogance .

The strength of a sect depends on how many Transcendent Realm experts they had . If the overlord faction’s Transcendent Realm experts hold no advantage over the True Martial School, they wouldn’t display their advantages in other factors . This also implied that they would be restricted .

Destroy one of them, and let the other two factions be wary . After all, it’s impossible for him to cause havoc in all three of their bases . An overlord faction that hurt its foundations might not pose a huge threat to the True Martial School, but three factions working together would destroy the True Martial School .

“You’re right! Aren’t they searching for my whereabouts? Then let me go up to them personally!” said Ye Xiwen with a sneer .

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The Eight Stars School base was built on a flat land, and they had built a small-sized city here . Many experts from the Eight Stars School were inside here, and almost all of them were in the Great Sage Realm . Those that were beneath the Great Sage Realm dare not even enter . Otherwise, they would be dissolved by the miasma present here .

Its outer areas had also become the gathering spots for numerous individual cultivators or martial warriors from some small factions . They built their camps there while being dependent on the Eight Stars School . Although the Eight Stars School might exploit them, they would receive the Eight Stars School’s protection in crucial moments . The advantages and disadvantages were all mixed here . It just depended on what people prefer .

Martial warriors were going in and out near the gathering spots . In fact, Transcendent Realm experts would also be occasionally seen going in and out .

Overall, this place was considered tranquil . If the martial warriors weren’t cultivating, they would be preparing to go out .

“Old dogs of the Eight Stars School, come out and die!” A loud yell resounded from afar and gradually came closer . In almost an instant, it reached one of the land’s areas .

At the end of the road, a green silhouette wielding a sword could slowly be seen . A teenager with a twenty years old appearance was slowly striding forward .

He inexplicably drew everyone’s curiosity . Every time he took a step forward, everyone’s hearts would tremble .

“Who’s this? How does he dare to act so arrogantly in front of the Eight Stars School’s city?”

Someone asked, confused . It should be known that this wasn’t the base of some small factions . This was the base of the Eight Stars School – one of the overlord factions . There were quite an amount of supreme experts, as well as Transcendent Realm experts here .

To a majority of them, this person was entering a lion’s den . He must be ignorant of fear, to have the bravery to rush into here .

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“Right, he still dares to act so arrogantly . Does he want to die?”

“Could he be Ye Xiwen? That’s right, that is Ye Xiwen . My eyes won’t be mistaken!”

“That’s impossible . The three overlords are causing him troubles everywhere, and yet he dares to appear? He’s truly not afraid of death . Although the other overlords never said anything, they were still willing to watch the situation unfold . According to the rumors, during the True Martial School’s Supreme School Master’s ascension ceremony, Ye Xiwen had shamed these overlord factions once . Many wish to see True Martial School suffer . If I were him, I would have hidden in a place where no one could find me . After the commotion had passed, only would I come out!”

“Which is why you would never ascend the Transcendent Realm . We, martial art warriors, are already defying the heavens by cultivating . If we didn’t have the heart to move forward, how can we reach the supreme realm of cultivation?”

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