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Chapter 812: 812
Chapter 812: Waves After Waves

“Some people won’t give up until they’re in the face of death. Do you truly think that I’m such an easy bullying target?” Ye Xiwen’s expression turned ice cold. As long as the three overlord forces didn’t retract their warrant, problems like these would continuously sprout. The three overlords might even take action themselves.

To prevent problems like these, there was only one solution. That was to kill; kill them until they’re afraid. Despite being the top-notch experts under the starry skies, they were still fearful of offending the strong, while they deliberately enjoyed bullying the weak. Only by killing them continuously would he be able to inflict fear upon them, which would stop them from approaching him.

Every time Ye Xiwen uttered a word, his aura would surge by a little amount. Very quickly, his aura had surged to a horrifying state.

The Dim Shadow Ten Extremities finally realized that something was off.

“Hurry, let’s attack him together. Let’s kill this brat!” yelled the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities head.

Before he finished speaking, Ye Xiwen had already initiated the attack. A meter long green sword was materialized through his sword intent, and a buzzing sound resounded. Ye Xiwen had concentrated all his qi within the sword.

The Dim Shadow Ten Extremities head was the strongest and was the first to react to the situation. He took out a jet-black demonic blade, and jet-black lights were spewing out from his blade. The tragic cries of innocent ghosts filled with vengeance resounded and would make one’s hair stand on its end.

His movement was swift, and his demonic blade was the first to be slashed downwards. His movements were extremely agile, albeit having such a tremendous amount of force. It generated boundless demonic winds, and seemed like it was about to blow everything apart. The tragic screams of the innocent ghosts became louder and louder.

With such a reputation, he was naturally not weak either.

The other nine people among the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities behind him also started to make their move. They were also wielding a demonic blade. It looked the same as the blade the head was using. Precisely because they were all the same, it caused their demeanor to skyrocket.

Facing the ten demonic blades slashing towards him, Ye Xiwen’s expression did not change. He attacked with lightning speed using his sword. As if he had traversed through spaced, he instantly appeared in front of the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities head.

He did not major in the cultivation of the way of the sword. In fact, he only knew a little about the way of the sword. He was merely intimidating the sword intent in the demon lord’s tomb.

However, it was nothing for him. The path he was walking was the path of oppressing everything through brute force. As long as his strength was overbearing enough, every kind of martial art he used would be indestructible, and the force contained within would be boundless. Even if it was some basic sword techniques, it was sufficient in destroying anything in its pathway.

Surprise was written in the eyes of the head of the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities. He never expected Ye Xiwen’s speed to be so quick to this extent. In the report that he initially received, it mentioned that Ye Xiwen’s speed was rapid. In fact, it mentioned how his explosive speed within a small area was absurdly quick. However, he never paid it any attention. No matter how fast Ye Xiwen was, there should be a limit to his speed. There was nothing to be afraid about.

However, after seeing Ye Xiwen attacking for the first time, he realized how wrong he was. He had made a grave mistake. Ye Xiwen’s explosive speed within a small area was tremendously horrifying.

This speed made even his eyes go dizzy. He even thought that Ye Xiwen had teleported. The information is faulty!

He didn’t know that Ye Xiwen’s strength was much different compared to when he was challenging the retribution. When Ye Xiwen had just ascended the Transcendent Realm, the head of the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities would quickly kill him. In fact, he would be able to deal with multiple Ye Xiwen at the same time.

Now, he could only retract his blade and use it to block his front.

“Clank!” A crisp, clear sound of metal clashing resounded. Ye Xiwen’s longsword broke through space and touched the demonic blade.

“Boom!” The head of the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities could only feel the vast amount of majestic qi being released from Ye Xiwen. The qi caused his hands to tremble with tremendous speed.

“Bang!” Veins popped up from his arm, and it started vibrating fanatically. The hegu acupoint [1] on his hand burst apart and shattered by the vast qi. His blood splattered everywhere.

He tried his best to suppress his arm that was trembling non-stop. However, it was to no avail. The strength was too horrifying. He never expected one’s strength to be so horrifying to this extent.

This is a beast in human’s clothing!

Could he really be a beast?

Most importantly, he fathomed both the path where people breakthrough everything with brute force and the path where people breakthrough everything with speed alone. However, he had never heard of someone with extreme brute force that was extremely quick and agile as well. In his mind, this was something unachievable.

If Ye Xiwen knew what he was thinking, Ye Xiwen would sneer at him. The two might seem unrelated at all and even seemed like conflicting aspects of martial arts theory.

However, they complemented each other. Anyone that studied middle school would know the theory of gravity accelerating the speed of an object. Even if one wanted to break through everything with brute force, they wouldn’t hit anyone without sufficient speed. As a result, their strength would be worthless.

On the contrary, if there was sufficient speed, it could even increase the force contained within this attack. It would even increase the power of the attack by twenty percent.

If one only had speed and wasn’t strong enough, he wouldn’t even break through one’s defense even if he reached his target. He could forget about killing his enemy.

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If one wanted to take one of these two paths to the extreme, they would have to use both simultaneously. Otherwise, they would reach a bottleneck and wouldn’t be able to move forward.

Coincidentally, no matter if it was strength or speed, Ye Xiwen’s physical body could utilize both to the maximum. This was the truly terrifying part about him.

Before the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities head could stop his hands from trembling, the demonic sword was knocked away.

Without waiting for him to be surprised, Ye Xiwen’s next attack had already reached his neck.

“Splat!” Blood was flowing everywhere. Ye Xiwen’s sword intent had already passed through his throat.

The Dim Shadow Ten Extremities head had his eyes wide open. Even until death, he never understood how he died and how he died so quickly. He didn’t even manage to block two attacks from Ye Xiwen.

“Big brother!” The other nine members of the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities cried out tragically. Their eyes were crimson red, “Little brat, how dare you kill our big brother!”

The demonic blades in their hands waved around much more quickly, and their blades seemed to have covered the entire area up. It was unknown how many innocent people had died by their blades. In fact, some of the residues of their spirits were still lingering by the blades.

When the blades covered the entire area, the whole area seemed to have turned into hell itself. Numerous innocent souls were crying in agony.

“Don’t worry. I’ll let all of you meet him soon!” Ye Xiwen’s expression became colder and colder. The Dim Shadow Ten Extremities had done numerous misdeeds and should be put to death. He wouldn’t even hesitate to kill all of them.

Among the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities, their head was the strongest. He was already in the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak. However, without a Transcendent Tool, he pales in comparison to the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder and the others.

Even if the others among the group had experienced significant improvement in their cultivations, they were merely above average. They were still much more different compared to Ye Xiwen.



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Every time Ye Xiwen attacked, blood would be splattered. Ye Xiwen just killed their spirit off very precisely without any hesitation or delays.

This was Ye Xiwen’s current strength.

Very quickly, the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities had all perished by Ye Xiwen’s hands.

Ye Xiwen dispersed the sword intent in his hand. To him, this wasn’t a challenging matter at all.

Using his sword was much different compared to using his fist. His fist bears an overbearing amount of power, and it was very mighty. It was able to break through the skies and the earth and caused numerous phenomena to appear simultaneously. Every time he punched with his fist, a part of the space would collapse.

His sword was being developed to a more simplified state. Every time he attacked with his sword, his speed would be rapid.

Ye Xiwen harbored both the attributes of breaking through everything with brute force and breaking through everything with speed. His fist art and his sword art represented the two extremities.

None of them could be classified as being more potent than the other. After all, they were all used to complement each other. If necessary, his sword art could also achieve an overbearing amount of strength, and could even cause the world to crumble.

Martial arts’ fundamental was the will. In his current condition, he didn’t have to dwell too much on that principle anymore.

The news of Ye Xiwen killing off everyone from the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities was spread around very quickly and caused another uproar within the Ancient Battlefield. Although the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities weren’t considered considerable force within the Ancient Battlefield, they were much more robust than some regular forces.

In fact, other than the overlord factions, even a huge faction like the True Martial School might not be able to deal with them. After all, not every single expert from the True Martial School came here.

Even so, it was apparent how horrifying the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities was.

However, such a tyrant among the stray cultivators had all perished by Ye Xiwen’s hands. They didn’t even have the chance to retaliate. Someone had gone ahead to inspect the location where the battle occurred.

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They didn’t find any traces of an intense battle happening. The victory was just decided in an instant. After this was deducted, it made Ye Xiwen shine even more.

Many stray individual cultivators that were inferior to the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities in terms of strength had already decided to retreat. If someone so strong like the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities had perished under the hands of Ye Xiwen, they would never stand a chance. Upon having this thought, they could only give up.

“How is Ye Xiwen so strong? What kind of martial arts had he cultivated? He’s so strong that he’s horrifying!”

“Such combat prowess is already comparable to those sect masters already, right!”

“That should be impossible. I heard that he had just ascended the Transcendent Realm a few years ago. How can he be an expert comparable to a sect master!?”

“If that’s not the case, there’s no way of explaining how he’s so strong. In fact, he fought ten of them alone. Other than having the strength of a sect master, there are no other explanations to it!”

Just as the outside world was discussing, the three overlords had increased the bounty rewards once more. They had increased the rewards by threefolds.

When the news about it came out, many people who were planning on retreating felt like challenging Ye Xiwen once more.


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