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Chapter 811: 811
Chapter 811: The Problems After Becoming Famous

Under Ye Xiwen’s absolute strength, the four of them had no way of retaliating . Although they were all in the Transcendent Realm, the Star Beast Avatar was much stronger than an average human .

Without a doubt, talent plays a massive role in martial arts cultivation . To a certain extent, the “Tyrant Body Scripture” was created solely for changing the disparity in talents .

It was unimaginable what kind of people could create such a martial art, and how exceptional he was .

Ye Xiwen had previously killed many Transcendent Realm experts . After all of their blood essence was absorbed by the Tianyuan Mirror, the Tianyuan Mirror’s might had reached its highest value .

After killing everyone, a total amount of seventy Red Spider Lilies collected by them were all taken away by Ye Xiwen . He had up to a hundred Red Spider Lilies in his possession with the thirty he originally possessed . It was all the essence of the zombies since they were all gathered within this Red Spider Lily .

Ye Xiwen was overjoyed . If his original body could utilize all of these Red Spider Lilies, filled with the Transcendent Realm’s essence, breaking through to the Transcendent Realm wouldn’t be a problem at all .

If his original body also entered the Transcendent Realm, he wouldn’t be afraid of anything anymore .

There were still the roars of zombies from far away . Numerous ferocious gazes locked onto Ye Xiwen . They were filled with hate, vengeance, and violence . However, Ye Xiwen didn’t mind it at all .

To prevent more troubles from occurring, he decided to leave this area instantly .

Very quickly, Ye Xiwen’s act of killing all the remaining experts from the overlord forces was spread throughout the Ancient Battlefield and caused an uproar .

Although Ye Xiwen was famous, he was still an expert who had just ascended to the Transcendent Realm .

It was considered something minor . After all, he had just joined the group of Transcendent Realms under the starry skies . However, his name was currently being mentioned throughout an entire area . Although the White Sun Sect’s experts had left and only ten Transcendent Realm experts remained, there were still some top-notch people, like the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder . And yet, Ye Xiwen had managed to dispose of all of them .

How strong is he?

No one was able to fathom it .

Very soon, the higher-ups of the Meteor Sect, the Heavenly Martial Sect, and the Eight Stars School gave their response . Of course, they were all enraged . Although the ones that died by the hands of Ye Xiwen weren’t more than ten, more than thirty people died, including the ones that perished by the hands of the zombies . Even if it was the overlord forces, they had still experienced a heartache . Even when they were besieging the True Martial Domain’s local forces, they had never suffered from such huge losses before .

And now, they were all blaming Ye Xiwen . They had even released a wanted order on Ye Xiwen .

“Whoever’s able to acquire Ye Xiwen’s head shall receive huge rewards . If you’re interested in joining the Eight Stars School, an elder position would be awaiting you!”

“Whoever manages to kill Ye Xiwen, our Heavenly Martial Sect shall reward you with a million spirit crystals!”

“Whoever has any information regarding Ye Xiwen’s whereabouts, our Meteor Sect shall reward you with ten million elixirs upon confirmation!”

The three overlord forces had worked together and released their wanted order . The moment the wanted orders came out, it caught the attention of many people from the Ancient Battlefield, and many people were prepared to take action . No matter which condition was listed by the three overlord forces, it was sufficient to allure them into it .

This was especially true to those stray individual cultivators . It was already tough for them to cultivate . No matter if it was resources or martial arts, they lacked in it . Even if they were lucky enough to attain the Transcendent Realm, they were considered mightily bless .

Upon hearing the conditions of the three overlords, they were undoubtedly lured in by the offer .

Although Ye Xiwen had a record of killing close to ten Transcendent Realm experts, based on what the White Sun Sect had said, all of the experts had just escaped a bloodbath with many zombies . As such, Ye Xiwen was able to take advantage of the situation . In all actuality, Ye Xiwen wasn’t that powerful .

Many people had the same thoughts . The True Martial School had also released their statement . Whoever that went to receive their bounty would be the enemies of the True Martial School .

Although the True Martial School couldn’t defeat the overlords, they could still defeat these stray individual cultivators . However, the demeanor of the True Martial School wasn’t as strong as the overlords . With the overlords backing them up, they didn’t care about the True Martial School’s threats . If they managed to slay Ye Xiwen and chose to enter the Eight Stars School, the True Martial School wouldn’t be able to do anything .

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Under such circumstances, numerous people from the Ancient Battlefield decided to take action . They were all motivated to locate Ye Xiwen .

Due to the efforts of numerous experts, Ye Xiwen’s trace was quickly located . There was no way to hide it from these people .

Ye Xiwen had just killed a bunch of vile entities that were causing havoc in the mountain range . Just as he came out, ten silhouettes appeared in front of him . Ten of them were clad in black clothings, and the aura they released was overbearing and horrifying .

“So, you’re Ye Xiwen?” A man with a fifty-year-old appearance asked coldly . His gaze was locked onto Ye Xiwen as if he wasn’t looking at a living being, but a bunch of treasures .

“I am!” Ye Xiwen let out a sigh of relief . He was naturally aware of the uproar caused by the three overlords in the outside world . After all, the matter had caused a considerable commotion . As long as one wasn’t deaf, they would be aware of it .

In truth, he didn’t plan on hiding from others as well . Ever since the White Sun Sect people had left, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to conceal it anymore .

Of course, things would be different if he killed everyone from the White Sun Sect . However, even though Ye Xiwen wasn’t someone benevolent, he wouldn’t kill someone he didn’t hold a grudge against .

It didn’t matter even if they found him . Whoever dares to come to him will all be killed .

“You’re also here for the bounty?” Ye Xiwen seemed to be laughing with a few sadistic intentions within .

“You aren’t stupid, huh!” said the man with a fifty-year-old appearance, with a cold smile, “It’s such a pity . Although we hold no grudge against each other, it’s your fault for having such a valuable head!”

“Say your name!” said Ye Xiwen .

“Sure . At the very least, you deserve to know the name of your killer!” The man with a fifty-year-old appearance laughed loudly as if everything was already determined . “I’m the head of the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities . These are all my underlings!”

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Maybe it was because he felt that the outcome of the battle had already been decided, the head of the Ten Extremities introduced all of his underlings to Ye Xiwen and didn’t hold Ye Xiwen in high regard at all .

“You’re wrong . I don’t kill people with no name!” Ye Xiwen smiled, showing off his row of white teeth . His smile was very bright and very cheerful .

The head of the Ten Extremities was surprised . He never expected Ye Xiwen to say this . His face instantly turned sour, “You’re truly as arrogant as how the information describes you to be . Who do you think you are? Even in the face of death, do you not know what kind of situation you’re in?”

“Exactly . This kid thinks that he’s invincible, just because he killed those Transcendent Realm experts . However, our Dim Shadow Ten Extremities are different from that group of mobs . Besides, they had been fighting against so many zombies . You’ve merely took advantage of the situation!” said the vice-head of the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities in an angry manner .

After the matters of Ye Xiwen killing off the remaining disciples of the three overlords were spread around, the Yellow Spring became a place where numerous experts would frequently visit .

Although there were quite an amount of zombies, it wasn’t enough to fend off the greedy martial art warriors . They couldn’t resist the temptation of the Red Spider Lilies . Every overlord had dispatched a group of people to the Yellow Spring . Other stray individual cultivators were doing so as well . As a result, more than two hundred Transcendent Realm experts would be searching for the zombies in the Yellow River every year, solely for the Red Spider Lilies .

In fact, according to the rumors, most of the zombies had already been slain .

The zombies weren’t considered scary . What’s truly scary was human greed . In the face of human’s yearns, everything else pales in comparison in terms of terrifyingness .

Ye Xiwen had recently heard of the name of the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities as well . According to the rumors, they were ten sworn brothers . For so many years, they had done countless misdeeds and were extraordinarily evil . In fact, the martial art that they cultivated required the refinement of souls . As a result, whenever they massacred an area, the hundreds or even thousands of miles around the area wouldn’t have anyone alive . They were extremely famous for their evil deeds . However, even though they were stray cultivators, they had acquired an exceptional legacy . As a result, no one dared to underestimate them . Even the overlords wouldn’t want to provoke these people easily .

It was mainly because it wasn’t necessary . If these Ten Extremities were to meet up against some compelling experts, they would’ve fled long ago . If the experts dispatched by the overlords weren’t strong enough or weren’t enough in terms of numbers, they would instead be killed by the Ten Extremities .

As such, even though they went stray for so many years, no one was able to do anything to them . Upon entering the Ancient Battlefield, the Ten Extremities had continuously attacked others . Due to the martial art they cultivated, an Ancient Battlefield filled with numerous ghosts and evil spirits was like heaven . In a short amount of time, they had achieved an enormous breakthrough .

No wonder why they dared to come here . They had their confidence to back them up .

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“Big brother, second brother, stop talking nonsense to someone that’s going to die soon . Let’s kill him . After we got the bounty rewards from the three overlord factions, the Ancient Battlefield would be like a heaven for us . With just a few years, all of us might even ascend to the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak . When the time comes, we’ll be able to go anywhere we want to . No one can do anything against us, ten brothers, anymore . If we found the path leading to the Ancient Barrens Continent, we might even make a reputation for ourselves in the Ancient Barrens Continent!” The youngest brother among the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities couldn’t hold himself back any further and was overly impatient .

“That’s true . Everyone, let’s go, kill him!” Hints of killing intent and greed flashed across the eyes of the head of the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities .

“Why are you so busybody? You’re causing troubles for yourself!” said Ye Xiwen as he let out a sigh, “Fine, fine . Leaving the bunch of you alive is bad for the world . I’ll just dispose of all of you here, for the sake of the innocent ghosts that died by your hands!”


“Such boastfulness!”

“You’re so arrogant, even when you’re about to die . After today, you won’t be alive anymore . I want to tear you into pieces!”

Everyone in the Dim Shadow Ten Extremities was scolding Ye Xiwen . They were all angered by him .

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