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Chapter 808: 808
Chapter 808: Intense Battle

“Your good luck ends here!” Just as they felt happy from escaping the previous calamity, a clear voice resounded by their ears .

Ye Xiwen’s silhouette appeared in front of them .

The Wolf Cub behind Ye Xiwen yelled, “Beat them to a pulp! Don’t worry about offending me!”

“Ye Xiwen, I never expected it to be you . You’re not dead!” Seeing how Ye Xiwen was still alive and in good condition, the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder was instantly enraged . From his perspective, Ye Xiwen had caused all of these matters to occur .

If Ye Xiwen didn’t lead them here, they wouldn’t have come in contact with the Red Spider Lilies and wouldn’t suffer from such a significant loss . Initially, they had more than ten people within their team . Now, only three remain . Other than Wei Mingyang and him, there was only another Transcendent Realm elder .

The loss he suffered was huge . Even if it was a grand battle, even when they invaded the True Martial Domain, they didn’t lose many Transcendent Realm experts .

Although it wasn’t a loss that would hurt their foundations, the number of people they lost was hefty . Ye Xiwen caused everything . If it weren’t for Ye Xiwen, things wouldn’t have ended up this way .

Of course, he would never relate it with him being too greedy, which was able to prevent him from succumbing to such a state .

They could only think of Ye Xiwen being the one that caused their loss .

“Of course . Since all of you are still alive, how can I be dead!” said Ye Xiwen with a smile as he shrugged .

“You won’t be laughing after this!” said the Eight Stars Sect’s elder coldly . From his perspective, Ye Xiwen’s smiling face looked extremely annoying . “Coincidentally, you have quite an amount of Red Spider Lilies with you . It’s sufficient in compensating for our losses!”

“Are you talking about these?” Ye Xiwen waved his hand, and thirty Red Spider Lilies lined up linearly in front of him . He originally had thirty-five Red Spider Lilies to begin with . Previously the Star Beast Avatar had consumed five of it, which leaves thirty remaining .

Seeing the Red Spider Lilies, the remaining few Transcendent Realm experts had a flicker in their eyes, and greed was written on their faces . Although they had suffered a considerable amount of loss, they would have the opportunity to nurture another batch of Transcendent Realm experts as long as they could get their hands on the Red Spider Lilies possessed by Ye Xiwen .

After all, compared to the extremely scarce Transcendent Realm experts, there were many Half-step Transcendent Realm experts, which amounted to at least ten times the number of Transcendent Realm experts .

If they managed to acquire the Red Spider Lilies, everything wouldn’t be in vain .

“Ye Xiwen, you better hand it over to us obediently . We might even spare your life!” said the Meteor Sect’s elder with a righteous tone . Hints of greed were flickering in his eyes as well .

Thirty Red Spider Lilies was a vast amount of wealth . No one was willing to let it go .

“Spare my life? Ridiculous . You’re all in such a sorry state now, and yet you’re all still making advancements on me!” Ye Xiwen snorted coldly . All of you are truly too daring . As a result, even though all of you knew that the zombies were awakening, you still didn’t choose to give up .

Benefits indeed blind one’s eyes .

“Sorry, our White Sun Sect is uninterested . We shall take our leave first!” blurted Fu Buping .

Everyone else looked at Fu Buping in disbelief . No one knew what he was thinking, and they didn’t understand why he would retreat now .

Very soon, all of them turned joyous . Without Fu Buping joining in, they didn’t need to share the loot with him anymore . Instead, they would be able to distribute more among themselves .

Fu Buping’s way of doing things was exact . After making his decision, he did not remain any longer . He instantly led the White Sun Sect’s experts away without any delay .

Up above the sky, a White Sun Sect expert asked, “Why did we just let Ye Xiwen go just like that? That’s thirty Red Spider Lilies!”

“So what if it’s thirty? So what if it’s three hundred, or even three thousand?” Fu Buping laughed coldly, “Ultimately, you need to be alive to enjoy them!”

“That’s impossible, right? We have so many people on our side, and Ye Xiwen is just one person . No matter how strong he is, he’s still alone!” said the man in disbelief .

“Then, do you think that Ye Xiwen had gone insane? Or crazy? Why would he hinder us under such a situation?” said Fu Buping coldly .

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That man became speechless . Although he might not like Ye Xiwen, he didn’t think that Ye Xiwen had gone crazy, nor insane . He must have his reasons for doing so . In other words, he had something backing him up . No wonder why he was acting so arrogant .

He instantly broke into a cold sweat . Indeed, Ye Xiwen isn’t an idiot . He must have some form of backup for him to do so .

“Although I don’t know what his trump card was, he must have made his preparations, seeing how he rushed in front of us so confidently . Previously, we had already lost many old friends because of our greed . Have you not learned the lesson yet?” said Fu Buping . These Transcendent Realm experts had become his friends for thousands of years . Their bond with each other was quite close . In fact, since they were all assigned to one team, their relationship with each other would be the best . Yet, more than half of them were now dead, with a few remaining because of their greed . Such a lesson was already sufficient for them .

As for those from the Eight Stars School, Meteor Sect, and the Heavenly Martial Sect, he wasn’t interested in reminding them . He decided just to let them bite the dust . Besides, they were all each other’s competitors . Their relationship with each other was inferior .

On the other side, after seeing Fu Buping slowly going further and further away, the three overlord forces were all joyous deep within their hearts, especially after confirming that Fu Buping would not be returning . He’s such a benevolent person . He even gave the opportunity of acquiring the Red Spider Lilies away .

If they weren’t able to compensate for their losses, they would be disciplined upon returning . No one would blame a dead person . As a result, someone alive would have to take responsibility for everything that had happened . However, if there were the Red Spider Lilies, everything would be different . With the Red Spider Lilies, they would be able to compensate for their losses .

“If that’s the case, die!” The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder smiled coldly . A long saber instantly appeared in his hand, and he unleashed a ray of shocking brilliance . The long saber trembled and sliced through the skies . Such horrifying saber intent seemed like it was capable of tearing the skies and earth apart .

At the same time, he was the first to take action . He had already brought his attack in front of Ye Xiwen . His method was extremely experienced, and he was swift as well . He didn’t intend to let Ye Xiwen survive .

The long saber split itself into eight different silhouettes within the sky . They all blocked Ye Xiwen’s retreating path and were all diving towards Ye Xiwen, just like the rains’ speed being boosted by the winds .

As the saber’s shadow got closer and closer and grew larger in Ye Xiwen’s eyes, he suddenly clenched his fist and went up against the shadows . The Grand Shattering Fist was instantly blasted out .

“Boom!” The fist shadow and the saber shadow clashed against each other in the void, as if two clumps of metals had just fought against each other .

There was a clunking sound within the massive explosion . It was the clashing of the two’s intense battle .

“Boom!” A loud explosion resounded . The fist shadow dispersed the initially sharp saber shadows on the spot .

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When the numerous saber shadows were broken apart, Ye Xiwen’s Divinity instantly shot forward . As the tip of his feet touched the ground, he had already reached the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder .

“How is this possible?”

The eyes of the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder instantly expanded . He was still in disbelief . Was this always the same Ye Xiwen? The one that could only run away from my attack previously .

How did he reach such a state in such a short amount of time? From Ye Xiwen’s previous attack, he could tell that Ye Xiwen had already entered the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak . With such speed in cultivation, he instantly thought of a possibility .

That was, Ye Xiwen must have consumed the Red Spider Lily and absorbed the powers of it . This was the only explanation as to how he could become so strong in such a short amount of time .


A light flickered across his eyes . The Red Spider Lilies belong to us . How dare this Ye Xiwen consume it!

At the same time, it affirmed his resolution of snatching the Red Spider Lilies away . Ye Xiwen had merely consumed it not long ago and was already able to display such combat prowess . If they could grab them, it would be sufficient to compensate for the losses this time .

“What’s impossible? Old man, today’s the day of your death!” Ye Xiwen snorted coldly . He still hadn’t forgotten about the Great Elder chasing after him all over the place . There was anger within him, which he had yet to vent out . The best way to deal with such an enemy would be by disposing of him .




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Ye Xiwen’s attacks were continuous, just like a too ruthless flood . Without the dam blocking its advancements, it started pouring down all at once . Ye Xiwen had just ascended the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak and didn’t have a place to vent his powers yet . Now was a perfect chance for him to do so .

Every time he unleashed his fist, the qi within his body would condense by a little, and he would become a bit more robust as well . The more he fought, the stronger he became .

Their silhouettes were like phantoms that were traversing through the skies . Everyone stared at the skies dumbfoundedly . Only so little time had passed, and yet Ye Xiwen had already become this powerful . They couldn’t even see the battle that was happening very clearly .

Only the Heavenly Martial Sect’s elder and the Meteor Sect’s elder, who were both in the Transcendent Realm First Level Peak, were able to look at it .

“How can Ye Xiwen be so powerful? With just his physical body alone, he could go against the Great Elder that possesses a Transcendent Tool?”

“What kind of opportunity had he encountered? How did he become so powerful all of a sudden?”

“The truly horrifying aspect is his physical body . He could go against a Transcendent Tool bare-handedly . He is truly heaven-defying!”

Everyone, especially Wei Mingyang and Ran Chengtian’s gazes were locked on the Great Elder, as well as Ye Xiwen . The two stared at Ye Xiwen with a complicated expression, and vengeance flickered across their eyes .

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