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Chapter 809: 809
Chapter 809: Killing the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder

Both of them had suffered a great loss from the hands of Ye Xiwen previously . In fact, the losses that they suffered could even be described as “horrendous . ” As prideful prodigies, the pride that they had never lost before, had all been dispersed in Ye Xiwen’s hands .

Ye Xiwen’s overbearing power rendered them unable to retaliate, which caused them to feel frustrated . They had tried working hard and putting in all their efforts . However, no matter what, Ye Xiwen would always be in front of them .

Especially Wei Mingyang, which had lost continuously to Ye Xiwen .

And now, Ye Xiwen was blocking their path . In the past, they thought that Ye Xiwen was merely seeking death . However, from the looks of it now, Ye Xiwen had his trump cards . After all, he was able to go against the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder and was even fighting on equal footing . Such strength alone was already enough to classify him as one of the strongest experts beneath the starry skies .

The two’s attacks were beyond everyone’s imagination .

Under Ye Xiwen’s continuous waves of attacks, the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder felt like he was going out of breath . Every time he attacked, blocked, or counter-attacked, he would have to consume a large amount of vital energy and qi . Under normal circumstances, this would never be a problem . However, when facing a top-notch expert like Ye Xiwen, the problems would become apparent .

His stamina was decreasing very quickly, and he didn’t have the time to replenish it at all .




The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder’s breathing was getting heavier and heavier . He was feeling more and more fatigued . Contrary to youth like Ye Xiwen, he had already been living for seven to eight thousand years . Usually, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to maintain his vigorous stamina . However, under such an intense battle, it truly represented the advantage of youth over old people .

The old man meeting a vigorous youth like Ye Xiwen, was just like meeting his nemesis .

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen’s fist landed on the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder’s saber, and a horrifying power leaked out from Ye Xiwen’s body . The power exploded and crashed against the saber . Even if the long saber was a Transcendent Tool, it couldn’t withstand the horrifying energy force . The huge force almost rendered the Great Elder unable to hold the saber properly .

The long saber was a Transcendent Tool, and Ye Xiwen had no way of breaking it apart . However, with his strength, he was able to oppress the opponent with his continuous attacks thoroughly .

The power of the Five Elements within his body was also boiling . Every time the saber-light and the fist shadow clashed against each other, the power of Five Elements would always appear first, which would block the saber’s attacks . Otherwise, Ye Xiwen wouldn’t even dare to clash against his opponent’s saber-light .

“You want to kill me? Old man, give up on your delusions!” Ye Xiwen chuckled .

The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder finally started looking at Ye Xiwen seriously . Previously, he had never held Ye Xiwen in high regard and would never do so . However, he couldn’t belitter Ye Xiwen anymore . He was aware that if he continued, he would be beaten to death here .

“You arrogant kid . Do you think you can act so arrogantly, just because you have some accomplishments?” The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder caught his breath and said with a cold smile, “You’re seeking death, brat . Originally, we might even spare your life . Now, I won’t let you survive!”

“Spare my life? What a joke . Will all of you truly spare my life? Just like how I won’t spare all of your life today!” Killing intent radiated in Ye Xiwen’s eyes, and he did not attempt to mask it at all .

“You’re seeking death!” The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder was enraged . He had never been forced into such a situation by someone younger than him . He instantly strode forward, and his silhouette flickered . He instantly rushed in front of Ye Xiwen, and his majestic waves of qi accompanied him . With such a horrifying momentum, it was extremely imposing .

“One move . One more move, and you’ll be dead!”

Ye Xiwen did not hesitate any further and made his move first . The layer of golden divinity clothing was instantly clad on his body . When looking from afar, he even seemed like a golden deity . The pressure of his fist was like hell itself . It was incredibly majestic and was exceptionally horrifying, carrying about a massive momentum along with it . What was contained within was the intent of oppressing one through brute force alone, with no other impurities contained within . His attack came crashing down upon the Great Elder .

“One move? You’re truly very arrogant right now!” The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder’s rage escalated to the sky . One move . You want to defeat me in one move . And you even plan on killing me? So delusional .

Dazzling lights radiated from the long saber, and numerous spiritual energy instantly gathered by the long saber . Waves of horrifying explosions continuously resounded from the sky .

The long saber crashed downwards and clashed against the vast fist pressure .

The two boundless energies clashed against each other intensely . The fabrics of space seemed to be about to be torn apart, from the point where the two energies were clashing against each other . However, a mysterious force seemed to have held the fabrics of space firmly .

Within such a chaotic ancient battlefield, even laws were distorted by the vast feeling of vengeance . Everything that seemed reasonable in the outside world became an uncertainty here .

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At the same time, the vengeance was like numerous chains, locking the surrounding space tightly . Even the power sufficient in tearing the fabrics of space apart in the outside world was being suppressed .

The two sides had entered a stalemate state . Suddenly, blood-colored energy rushed out from the boundless fist pressure and dyed the skies red . The blood-colored energy engulfed the fist shadow and quietly crashed onto the saber-light .

“Crack!” A crisp sound resounded . Under the overbearing attacks of the fist pressure, small cracks started appearing on the saber-light .

Just like dominos, after a little crack appeared, cracks started appearing throughout the saber light . The others shattered in an instant and started collapsing . It filled the sky full of glittering spots, and the entire space around them was warped .


The intense sound of metal clashing resounded . A vast force knocked away the long saber .

The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder was unable to control his hands that were trembling non-stop . His long saber flew out, and after spinning in the air for more than a hundred times, it landed on a nearby mountain, which instantly caused the mountain to be laid flat . It was apparent how strong this Transcendent Tool was .

The vast light spots faded, and the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder’s entire body was filled with blood . He placed his hands on the ground to support himself and was kneeling on the floor .

The previous collision had thoroughly destroyed his attacking momentum . He was incapable of fighting Ye Xiwen anymore . In the previous battles, Ye Xiwen had always been exhausting his strength little by little . And now, Ye Xiwen decided to break through his attack in one go .

It caused this great expert, who had been classified as a top-notch expert for thousands of years, to lose horrendously .

Disbelief appeared in his eyes . He couldn’t believe that even with such a strong attack, he still lost to Ye Xiwen . In fact, he was thoroughly defeated . He wasn’t barely defeated .

Instead, he was truly defeated . With just one attack, the victor had already been decided .

He even felt powerless . Maybe, this isn’t our era anymore . It’s the era of the youth . The era of people like Ye Xiwen .

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It might not be that obvious under normal circumstances . However, when he was fighting against a youth, he could feel the youths’ vigorous power radiating .

Everyone else was also in disbelief . From their perspective, it should have been a simple act for the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder to defeat Ye Xiwen .

In fact, there shouldn’t even be any difficulty involved . And yet, the results had thoroughly gone beyond their imaginations . The Eight Stars School’s Great Elder, the authoritative figure within the Eight Stars Schools for thousands of years, had lost tragically .

They couldn’t come back to their senses, and their minds blanked out for a while .

However, before they could even react, Ye Xiwen continued his attacks . He clenched his fist and launched it towards the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder’s head, intending to kill the Great Elder .

He didn’t intend to hold back at all . Just like what he said earlier, he came here solely to kill . He didn’t plan on leaving anyone here alive .

“You dare!”

Wei Mingyang and another Eight Stars School’s expert yelled angrily . Their horrifying attacks, imbued with unstoppable momentum, turned into light pillars and rushing towards Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen did not stop his actions . He suddenly extended his left hand and grabbed the air . A blood-colored barrier appeared by his side, and the light pillars came crashing on the barrier . However, the barrier merely trembled . They weren’t able to indeed bypass this blood-colored barrier .

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen’s fist landed on the Eight Stars School’s Great Elder’s body . It instantly caused his body to burst apart .

“You, you dare to kill our Great Elder?” Wei Mingyang couldn’t accept it . Even under such a situation, Ye Xiwen still dared to take action . “You’re too daring . Our Eight Stars School will not forgive you!”

No one has ever dared to treat their Eight Stars School’s experts like this . Is this truly someone from the True Martial Domain’s local force?

His techniques are so cruel .

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Although Wei Mingyang had killed some of his enemies in the same manner, it happened to other people . Since it had never happened to him before, he naturally wouldn’t feel anything .

However, when Ye Xiwen had gone on a killing spree, he only returned to his senses . He wasn’t a hunter anymore, and Ye Xiwen wasn’t a prey anymore .

The table was turned completely . He was now a feeble prey, while Ye Xiwen was the hunter that decided on their fate .

“You’re so forgetful . Have you forgotten what I said previously? Today, none of you shall leave!” Ye Xiwen smiled . He didn’t even care about the Eight Stars School’s revenge . After all, even if he let them go, they would continue to hunt him down .

He wouldn’t be so naive .

Since they already had a grudge against each other, he had to dispose of the source of his problems . He wouldn’t leave anyone to cause him future troubles .

“Such arrogance . Do you think that you can defeat all of us, even if you had killed him?” said the Meteor Sect’s elder with a cold smile .

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